Major attacks on aid workers: Summary statistics (2008-2018)

Last updated: June 29, 2020

Data verified up to: December 31, 2019

More current data is available by accessing the database.

Number of incidents165155130152170265192149163158228
Total aid worker victims278295250311277475332289295313408
Total killed127108738671160123111108139131
Total injured9194841271151798810999102146
Total kidnapped*6093939891136121698872131
International victims5174412949603229432829
National victims227221209282228415300260252285379
UN staff651024491571066643714869
International NGO staff1581281491359714215217315998183
LNGO and RCS staff4447477793167744948115138
ICRC staff617105320236114213

* Victim survived, or unknown outcome (kidnappings where victims were killed are counted in the 'killed' totals)

Key for organisation type

  • UN: United Nations
  • INGO: International non-governmental organisation
  • LNGO and NRCS: Local non-governmental organisation or National Red Cross / Red Crescent Society
  • ICRC: International Committee of the Red Cross
  • IFRC: International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies