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The Aid Worker Security Database (AWSD) records major incidents of violence against aid workers, with incident reports from 1997 through the present. Initiated in 2005, to date the AWSD remains the sole comprehensive global source of this data, providing the evidence base for analysis of the changing security environment for civilian aid operations. For more detail on the AWSD click here.

Statistics provided by the AWSD have formed the basis of major international studies, as well as briefing papers and trend analyses produced every year by the AWSD Research Team of Humanitarian Outcomes. For a list of all publications click here.

AWSD figures and related analyses have been extensively cited in reports and official statements by the United Nations, non-governmental organisations, governments, and a wide range of media outlets. 

AWSD data is intended for research purposes and non-commercial use only. It is provided free of charge and in the spirit of open data. For information on our API contact monica.czwarno@humanitarianoutcomes.org

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Please note that any use of AWSD data and analysis should include a full reference as follows: "Humanitarian Outcomes (year), Aid Worker Security Databasehttps://aidworkersecurity.org/