Reports and briefing papers

The below publications were authored by members of the research team and draw from AWSD statistics.

Humanitarian Accesss SCORE Report: Northeast Nigeria 2020

Aid Worker Security Report 2019: Speakable - Addressing sexual violence and gender-based risk in humanitarian aid

Aid Worker Security Database Infographic

Aid Worker Security Report 2018: Figures at a glance

Aid Worker Security Report 2017: Behind the attacks - A look at perpetrators of violence against aid workers

Aid Worker Security Report 2016: Figures at a glance

Aid Worker Security Report 2014: Unsafe Passage: Road attacks and their impact on humanitarian operations

Aid Worker Security Report 2013: The New Normal: Coping with the kidnapping threat

Aid Worker Security Report 2012: Host states and their impact on security for humanitarian operations

Aid Worker Security Report: Spotlight on security for national aid workers: Issues and perspectives (August 2011)

Once Removed: Lessons and challenges in remote management of humanitarian operations for insecure areas (June 2010)

Supporting Security for Humanitarian Action: A review of critical issues for the humanitarian community (March 2010)

Providing Aid in Insecure Environments 2009 Update: Trends in violence against aid workers and the operational response

The Use of Private Security Providers and Services in Humanitarian Operations (Overseas Development Institute, October 2008)

Providing Aid in Insecure Environments: Trends in Policy and Operations (ODI/CIC, September 2006) BRIEFING PAPER