Security incident data

Last updated: March 19, 2019

Data verified up to: January 31, 2017

The numbers below refer to the number of people affected. Click on a column heading to order incidents according to that column.

IDMonthDayYearsort iconCountryUNINGOLNGO and NRCSICRCIFRCOtherNationals killedNationals woundedNationals kidnappedTotal national staffInternationals killedInternationals woundedInternationals kidnappedTotal international staffTotal victimsGender MaleGender FemaleGender UnknownMeans of attackAttack contextLocationLatitudeLongitudeDetails
2342Jan72018Syrian Arab Republic001000100100001100ABCP33.55066036.395842

One male volunteer was killed during an airstrike in Mesraba town in eastern Damascus. He was killed while helping to rescue a family from an airstrike.

2552Jan202018Syrian Arab Republic001000100100001100ABAmP33.5717536.4027

One male NGO volunteer providing aid after an attack, was killed around 11:30am in Douma, Eastern Ghouta, Damascus, by supposed Syrian Regime artillery shelling.

2349Feb62018Syrian Arab Republic001000100100001100ABCP34.65065936.854628

One volunteer was killed while working to rescue civilians affected by Russian aerial bombing in Al Gharafa. The area was struck again shortly after the first bombing and the volunteer was killed. 

2350Feb62018Syrian Arab Republic001000100100001100ABCP34.65065936.854628

One volunteer was killed while working to rescue civilians affected by Russian aerial bombing in Al Gharafa. The area was struck again shortly after the first bombing and the volunteer was killed. 

2355Feb82018Syrian Arab Republic003000300300003300ABCOC35.44037836.65721

Three volunteers were killed in two airstrikes when their operational center was hit during aerial bombardments by the state. Four other volunteers were hurt but they are not counted here since that information could not be verified. 

2359Feb82018Syrian Arab Republic001000010100001100ABCU35.64798736.679543

One volunteer for a Syrian NGO was wounded during the shelling of Ma'arat al-Nu'man town in Idlib governorate. 

2356Feb152018Syrian Arab Republic001000100100001100ABCP

One volunteer was killed and one wounded (not countered at this time because the information could not be verified) during aerial airstrikes. 

2358Feb192018Syrian Arab Republic030000300300003003ABCP33.52908336.527018

Three INGO staff members were killed by aerial bombing in Eastern Ghouta during the continued Syrian government-led siege.  

2380Feb212018Syrian Arab Republic002000200200002200ABCPS33.55833736.460617

Two national NGO volunteers were killed by artillery shelling while they were helping civilians that were affected by an earlier attack in Douma. 

2363Feb282018Syrian Arab Republic001000100100001100ABCP33.54599736.406492

One volunteer was killed in Rif Dimashq, Eastern Ghouta when he was caught in an air raid while helping civilians affected by earlier aerial bombardment. 

2561Mar2018Syrian Arab Republic001000100100001010ABCH35.91475936.614433

One female NGO staff member died when her house, located in the Kafar Sgana suburb south of Idlib, was hit during a reported goverment airstrike targetting rebels in the area. The strike also killed members of her family staying in the house (not counted here). 

2366Mar22018Syrian Arab Republic001000100100001100SIAP32.62643436.103306

One volunteer was killed when he was hit by a stray bullet in Daraa, Syria. 

2392Mar22018Syrian Arab Republic001000100100001100SCP32.62643436.103306

One volunteer in Daraa was killed by a stray bullet. 

2385Mar62018Syrian Arab Republic001000100100001100ABCU33.51374236.347101

One national male volunteer was killed during air strikes in Ein Tarma, Eastern Ghouta. 

2449Mar62018Syrian Arab Republic002000200200002200ABCH33.51672936.954107

Two national aid workers were killed when an aerial attack by Syrian forces hit their homes in Eastern Ghouta. 

2386Mar72018Syrian Arab Republic003000300300003300ABCP

Three volunteers died during emergency response operations in Eastern Ghouta during an aerial bombing. One of the volunteers who was critically injured died the following day (March 8th) in the hospital. 

2387Mar82018Syrian Arab Republic001000100100001100ABCP35.14088836.755199

One volunteer was killed during air raids on Hama while fulfilling emergency response duties.

2388Mar82018Syrian Arab Republic001000100100001100ABCP33.54066836.432750

One volunteer was killed during air raids in Eastern Ghouta. Reportedly, two additional volunteers were also killed in the attack but are not counted here because the requisite information could not be sufficiently verified at the present time. 

2448Mar82018Syrian Arab Republic001000100100001100ABCH33.51672936.954107

One national aid worker was killed when an aerial attack hit his home in Eastern Ghouta. 

2389Mar132018Syrian Arab Republic001000100100001100ABCOC33.52648836.352518

One volunteer was killed during an airstrike that hit the organization's office in Zamalka. The organization reports that the attack was deliberate. 

2390Mar142018Syrian Arab Republic001000100100001100ABCP33.52091836.364792

One volunteer was killed by a secondary airstrike in Haza (Hazeh), Eastern Ghouta when he was helping civilians affected by an earlier aerial attack. The organization's service center and an ambulance were also destroyed in the incident. 

2391Mar212018Syrian Arab Republic003000300300003300ABCP33.57277236.409376

One volunteer died after sustaining life-threatening injuries while helping affected civilians after an attack in Douma, Eastern Ghouta. Two other volunteers were also killed in the same area by artillery shelling while supporting civilians affected by earlier attacks. 

2393Mar262018Syrian Arab Republic001000010100001100ABCP33.57277236.409376

One volunteer was injured in Douma by an artillery shell during a rescue mission to evacuate wounded civilians from the area. 

2413May192018Syrian Arab Republic001000100100001100ABUP33.22325235.830723

One male NGO volunteer was killed by artillery shelling while providing emergency rescue services in Jubata Alkashad city in Quneitra. 

2422May262018Syrian Arab Republic006000600600006600SROC35.99083736.937984

Five volunteers from a national NGO were shot and killed when armed assailants raided their compound in Al-Hader, Aleppo. The volunteers were blindfolded before being shot. Four died immediately and one died later in the hospital. Two additional volunteers were wounded (not currently counted here because the information cannot be confirmed) and two more were able to escape the attack. The assailants also stole equipment.  Although the motive for the attack and perpetrators are unknown, a few reports pointed to and loosely insinuated that Hayat Tahrir al-Sham may have been involved because they currently control the area. These reports are currently unsubstantiated. On June 3rd, one volunteer that was hurt in the attack the previous week succumbed to his wounds bringing up the total amount of aid workers killed to six. 

2500Jun62018Syrian Arab Republic001000100100001100ABCP35.01607840.446540

One national volunteer was killed in Umm Al Mayadin, Daraa, during aerial bombing while he was conducting search and rescue operations after an earlier bombing.

2501Jun62018Syrian Arab Republic000000100100001100ABCP36.04497036.756362

One volunteer was killed while conducting search and rescue operations due to earlier bombing activity. The second wave of attacks by Syrian allied forced, reportedly Russia, killed him in Zardana city.

2509Jun192018Syrian Arab Republic001000100100001100ABCP32.62643436.103306

One national male volunteer in Nahta city was killed during search and rescue operations after the area was hit by artillery fire. 

2505Jun212018Syrian Arab Republic001000100100001100ABCP35.93102736.641778

One national volunteer was killed while conducting a search and rescue mission. He was killed when the second aerial attack hit Idlib, Syria. 

2503Jun222018Syrian Arab Republic001000010100001100ABCU35.931027641778

One volunteer was injured during aerial bombing in Idlib. 

2502Jun252018Syrian Arab Republic001000100100001100ABCP32.75102736.301039

One national male volunteer was killed while conducting rescue operations after an artillery shelling took place on Alhrak city. Another bombing took place while the rescue operations were underway. 

2504Jun262018Syrian Arab Republic001000100100001100ABCP32.83440436.344392

One male national volunteer was killed during an aerial bombing attack in Busra al Harir, Daraa. He was conducting a search and rescue mission after earlier bombardment impacted the area.

2565Nov112018Syrian Arab Republic000001000000111100KUU35.92783136.635302

One male international aid worker was kidnapped in November 2018 (exact date unknown) by a group of militants. The independent aid worker was believed to be held in the countryside outside of Idlib, while his captures demanded a ransom of 3 million GBP. He was freed on January 11, 2019 after a reported offensive of the Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) militant group. 

2557Nov152018Syrian Arab Republic001000100100001100SCP36.1136.50

One male NGO staff was shot and killed by incidental crossfire after a weapon was fired at a wedding in Suhara town, in Western Aleppo governate. 

2544Nov292018Syrian Arab Republic001000010100001100SAmR36.66298239.069734

One local driver of an NGO was wounded in a drive-by-shooting Incident in Deir Ezzor when the multi-agency convoy that he was part of was targeted by unknown armed men. Three motorcycles were driven by the assailants, who opened fire as the convoy was travelling through Thiban. The wounded driver was taken to the hospital.

2545Dec42018Syrian Arab Republic001000100100001100RIEDCP36.394650, 36.68940036.394650, 36.689400

One male national NGO staff member was killed in an IED explosion in Jendeires town while he was on duty. 

2569Jan12019Syrian Arab Republic000001100100001001KKUU35.81035736.612625

One aid worker was abducted and killed during the week of January 1-6 (exact date unknown) in the Idleb region of Syria. Gender/organization/exact location unknown at this time. Information recieved from a public UN press briefing.

2575Feb12019Syrian Arab Republic001000100100001100SUU36.20210637.134258

One national male NGO volunteer was shot in Aleppo during the week of January 27 - February 2 (exact date unknown). He was taken to the hospital, but died from his injuries on February 4, 2019.

2584Feb182019Syrian Arab Republic001000010100001100UUU35.82569136.682449

One male national NGO volunteer was critically wounded while carrying out humanitarian duties. The volunteer is reportedly in a coma due to these injuries. 

2587Mar32019Syrian Arab Republic010000000010011100BBIEDCP35.81078836.609862

One male international INGO employee was killed during a suicide bombing attack on a restaurant in Idlib. The restaurant reportedly provides food for orphans, widows, and others in need. 

2590Mar102019Syrian Arab Republic001000100100001100ABCOC35.2235.41

One male NGO volunteer was killed after the organization's center in Murek, Hama was reportedly targeted by regime artillery. 


Note: 2013 figures are not yet complete and verified.

Key for means of attack

  • AB: Aerial bombardment/missile/mortar/RPG/lobbed grenade
  • BA: Bodily assault/beating/stabbing with non-fire weapons or no weapons
  • B: Bombing (set explosives with a stationary target: building, facility, home)
  • BBIED: Body-borne IED
  • CX: Complex attack (explosives in conjunction with small arms)
  • RIED: Roadside IED
  • VBIED: Vehicle-born IED (unknown whether remote control or suicide)
  • VBIED-RC: Vehicle-borne IED (remote control detonation)
  • VBIED-S : Vehicle-borne IED (suicide)
  • K: Kidnapping (not killed)
  • KK: Kidnap-killing
  • RSA: Rape or serious sexual assault
  • LM: Landmine or UXO detonation
  • S: Shooting (small arms / light weapons, e.g. pistols, rifles, machine guns)
  • U: Unknown

Key for attack context

  • Am: Ambush/attack on road
  • C: Combat (or police operations) / Crossfire
  • IA: Individual attack or assassination
  • MV: Mob violence, rioting
  • R: Raid (armed incursion by group on home, office, or project site)
  • D: Detention (by official government forces or police, where abuse takes place)
  • U: Unknown

Key for location

  • H: Home (private home, not compound)
  • OC: Office or organization compound/residence
  • PS: Project site (village, camp, distribution point, hospital, etc.)
  • P: Other public location (street, market, restaurant, etc.)
  • R: Road (in transit)
  • C: Custody (official forces/police)
  • U: Unknown