Security incident data

Last updated: May 23, 2019

Data verified up to: January 31, 2017

The numbers below refer to the number of people affected. Click on a column heading to order incidents according to that column.

IDMonthDayYearsort iconCountryUNINGOLNGO and NRCSICRCIFRCOtherNationals killedNationals woundedNationals kidnappedTotal national staffInternationals killedInternationals woundedInternationals kidnappedTotal international staffTotal victimsGender MaleGender FemaleGender UnknownMeans of attackAttack contextLocationLatitudeLongitudeDetails

1 ICRC international staff wounded and 1 natl staff killed, sometime in 1997


2 INGO international staff (of two different organizations) kidnapped. One victim was fatally wounded when her abductors set off a grenade to kill themselves and their hostage. The other victim was rescued, unharmed.


3 UN national staff, 1 UN international (Nigerian) staff, 1 ICRC international staff and 1 ICRC national staff kidnapped along with other (not included) UN staff, journalist and Tajik govt rep; released 48 hours later.

24Sep1997South Sudan100000100100001100SIAU4.82487131.607858

1 UN national staff shot and killed in Juba.


2 INGO international staff (1 male 1 female, Italian) and 1 male national staff were kidnapped after 1-hour armed attack on base in Deganlei on Nov 26. Organized by Mogadishu businessman who had a trade dispute with the then Vice Governor of Balad, Mohamed Abshir.


3 UN national staff (from two agencies) and 1 from another UN body abducted by gunmen on Nov 22 and released the next day. Involved a charcoal trade dispute.


1 UN national staff kidnapped in Mogadishu over FFW project dispute.


2 INGO national nurses running a health clinic killed in apparent clan-related revenge killing in Kismayo.


1 donor agency international staff official kidnapped by his security guards at Teyeglow. Escaped two days later.


1 INGO driver killed by Al Ittihad militia in Kismayo on June 19.


1 INGO international staffer (Portuguese) shot in Baidoa hospital apparently in revenge for shooter's brother who died in his care.


1 UN national staff beheaded by Al-Ittihad militia after ambush near Tulo-Burago village in Gedo region. Another 3 UN national staff (not included) bound, questioned and later released. The victim, a senior SNF Commander, was the apparent target of the Al-Ittihad militia.


1 INGO international staff killed by Al ittihad militia in Kismayo.

6May71997Sierra Leone300000120300003102UAmU8.6400349-11.8400269

1 UN national staff driver killed and 2 UN national staff wounded when UN assessment team ambushed May 7.


1 UN national staff driver killed in ambush.


1 INGO national staff killed when he was among a group of villagers attacked by insurgents near Ruhengeri on June 8.


1 UN national staff driver was shot and killed in Ruhengeri along with his wife, their son aged 7 and their daughter aged 6. They were shot through the windows of their house in Kigombe.


1 UN national staff shot and killed in Ruhengeri June 17. Arrested by soldiers on 9 June 1997. The mutilated body was found in the bush near Ruhengeri town, on 13 June and had been tortured and shot through the head.


1 UN national staff shot and killed in Ruhengeri June 14. The staffer, his wife, young child and another relative were killed at night in their home in Rubange secteur.


1 UN national staff shot and killed in Kigali Feb 14.


3 INGO international (Spanish) staff killed, 1 INGO international (US) staff gravely wounded during armed raid on INGO compound in Ruhengeri, Rwanda.


2 UN national staffers shot dead in apparent robbery attempt in Ogaden region Sept 24.

7May1997DR Congo00100001000100000100010UCU-2.981434423.8222636

10 NRCS staff first aid workers killed in fighting between Zairean troops and rebels from the Alliance of Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Congo-Zaire (ADFL).


1 ICRC natl staff killed and 2 wounded in ambush.


5 INGO international (Polish) staff kidnapped by 15 armed men on Dec 17.


2 INGO international (Hungarian) staff kidnapped in Grozny on Oct 23 and held for 9 months. Severe abuse (multilations). Ransom paid by Hungarian govt.


4 INGO international staff (French) kidnapped in Dagestan and held 3.5 months. Ransom negotiated by French govt.


1 INGO international staff kidnapped in Nazran and held 3.6 months before escaping.


2 INGO international (British) staff kidnapped. Released 15 months later after ransom paid.


1 INGO local staffer killed in home attack.


1 ICRC national staff killed while working in Banteay Meanchey province.


1 UN natl staff shot and killed in Siddhirganj, July 17.


2 INGO international (German and Zimbabwean) staff killed in ambush.


1 UN national staff driver killed in ambush.


1 ICRC national staff killed by stray bullet when three ICRC cars caught in crossfire Anchoy-Shibirgan road 200 kilometres west of Mazar-i-Sharif on Oct 18.


1 ICRC international and 3 national staff killed, and 2 nationals wounded, sometime during year.


1 UN national staff killed in ambush by guerrillas from the Uganda National Rescue Front II on July 8. Vehicle also robbed and blown up.


1 UN national staff killed March 6.


2 UN national staff killed along with 1 national RC worker were killed when gunmen fired on UN vehicle in South Kordofan June 9 (3 other RC workers wounded).


1 INGO national staff killed in hospital bombing.

37Jan1998Sri Lanka000100100100001100URU8.759343980.4999646

1 ICRC national staff murdered when working as a night watchman at the ICRC sub-delegation in Vavuniya, when the sub-delegation


1 INGO international (Italian) staff working at an INGO run hosiptal kidnapped and held for several days.


2 UN national staff killed and 5 wounded when convoy attacked.


9 internationals and 1 national working for ICRC/IFRC kidnapped as their aircraft landed in Mogadishu (5 ICRC internationals, 2 IFRC delegates, 1 national RC worker kidnapped along with 2 pilots (labelled here as ICRC)). The victims were a Somali, an American, a South African.

39Mar221998Sierra Leone000100100100001100SCU7.9967363-10.9495705

1 ICRC national staff member (and his son) killed during killed in an exchange of fire between ECOMOG and the AFRC/RUF near Segbwema.


3 INGO staff killed in armed assault on camp (presumed here to be natl staff).


1 ICRC male national staff killed and 3 ICRC (1 international New Zealand, 2 nationals) staff wounded when ICRC car hit landmine.


3 NGO national staff killed while delivering INGO parcels.


6 ICRC international staff (1 Swiss, 5 Somali) abducted when travelling from Gode to Degeh Bur in three marked vehicles on June 25. On July 3 the Islamic group al-Ittihad al-Islami claimed responsibility, stating that the hostages were under investigation for

38Jan1998DR Congo000100100100001100UAmU-2.981434423.8222636

1 ICRC national staff driver killed in ambush.


1 UN international (French) staff kidnapped and 1 UN national staff driver beaten at gunpoint in N. Ossetia on Jan 29.


1 INGO national staff killed in armed robbery on a team house. Month unknown.


2 INGO national staff killed in ambush on RN 9 in Bubanza's Gihanga commune July 11.


1 UN international staffer killed in Bujumbura on July 24.


1 INGO international (Danish) staff killed by car thieves in Bujumbura.


1 INGO international staff ambushed and killed by bandits in Bujumbura, April 22.


1 INGO national female staff killed.


2 UN natlional staff killed and 1 wounded in convoy ambush.


1 UN national staff shot and killed while guarding warehouse in Kuito on Nov 14.


1 UN national staff killed while fleeing advancing Taliban forces. Discovered Nov 27.


2 UN national staff from different agencies kidnapped in or near Jalalabad on July 13 and later found dead.


1 ICRC international staff wounded and 1 national wounded sometime during year.


4 INGO international (2 British, 2 Dutch) staff kidnapped by armed tribesmen and later released.


1 INGO international staffer killed Oct 7.


1 UN national staff killed and 2 wounded when relief barge on Nile in Sudan was attacked.


2 ICRC international (Swiss) staff and 4 national RC workers kidnapped. Swiss released in March, Sudanese killed April.


1 INGO national killed outside hospital in Jowhar. Gunman killed later.


1 INGO national staff killed in attack in Somalia Sept 14. Victim was among 10 people killed when rival factions fought for the control of the southern town Garbaharey.


1 UN national staff killed in road shooting Sept 15-16.


2 UN national staff kidnapped by militia in Baki, released after intervention by UN and authorities.


1 INGO international (Italian) staff kidnapped for ransom and released with ransom unpaid.


1 INGO international staff killed in Ras Kambooni, lower Juba, while meeting with elders. Suspected to be carried out by Al-Ittihad militia.


1 NGO international (Kenyan) staff shot dead in Gede region. Incident possibly stemmed from a labour dispute.


2 INGO national staff killed in ambush in south Mogadishu, Lenin Road. Not clear if the attack aimed at the organization

81Aug41999Sierra Leone200000000000222002KUU8.6400349-11.8400269

2 UN international staff among 33 from UN group kidnapped by AFRC faction Aug 4 and released Aug 11.

65Jan1999Sierra Leone010000100100001001UIA8.6400349-11.8400269

1 INGO national staff killed in house attack.


6 INGO international (4 British, 1 Norwegian, 1 Italian) staff kidnapped in Kolahun Aug 11. Released unharmed 2 days later.


1 UN national staff security officer killed in his home in Nairobi.


6 NGO national staff arrested and tortured in Aceh.


1 INGO national staff found murdered in E. Timor.


1 INGO international (French) staff kidnapped and later released


1 ICRC international (British) staff kidnapped Nov 10 and released unharmed Nov 14.


2 RC national staff killed and 1 wounded in aerial bombardment of humanitarian convoy.


1 ICRC international staff kidnapped in Kabardino-Balkaria May 15. Released July 19.


1 UN national staff wounded, 2 internationals killed (1 Chilean, 1 Dutch) and others escaped unharmed during ambush of joint UN assessment team.


1 UN international (Italian) staff killed in Bujumbura July 24.


1 UN national staff injured when vehicle shot at by suspected Hutu rebels.


1 UN national staf killed when convoy attacked Sept 16.


2 INGO national staff killed when 80-truck convoy was ambushed in the north Angolan province of Uije including some aid vehicles June 16. Approx 60 dead or missing including 54 civilians.


2 INGO national staff killed and 2 wounded when ambushed by armed men wearking UNITA uniforms during polio eradication campaign in Barraca, Bengo Province.


5 INGO and NGOs national staff killed in ambush April 14.


1 UN national staff killed when MONUA chartered plane shot down Jan 2.


1 ICRC national staff killed in air raid.


1 ICRC international and 3 national staff wounded.


2 national staff, one from an INGO and one from a national NGO, killed in ambush on Dec 20.


1 ICRC national staff killed in aerial bombing.


1 UN national staff killed.


1 INGO national staff killed in ambush.


8 INGO staff (7 national, 1 international) killed killed in attack on vehicle.


2 INGO national staff killed in ambush in Al Wahdah State on Jan 8.


2 INGO international staff kidnapped and held for two months by Osman Atto's militia.


UN natl staff, Dr. Salad Osoble, shot and wounded on road to Mogadishu by bandits.


1 international agency international (German) staff stabbed to death in car reportedly by deranged man.


1 INGO national staff shot and killed in Mogadishu, May 3.


1 INGO national staff killed and 1 wounded in ambush in Brava-Merka Roa on April 15.


2 INGO national staff killed in attack on office in Sablale.


5 INGO national staff killed in attack on aid convoy on Jan 28.


1 INGO national staff killed during an ambush north of Mogadishu.


1 ICRC national staff shot and wounded when returning from a relief distribution.

113May2000Sierra Leone010000000000111100KUU7.5272741-12.5019545

I INGO international (British) staff kidnapped and released six weeks later.


1 UN international (Liberian) staff shot and killed by unknown assailant while sitting in their car in Kigali, March 4.


1 UN national staff shot and killed in Maputo on Jan 10.


1 UN national staff shot and killed in Pristina March 8. 


1 IFI international (Netherlands) staff shot and killed in Nairobi, Feb 22.


1 UN international staff killed, 1 national killed, and 6 nationals wounded by a gunman in two-hour standoff at UN Baghdad HQ.


3 NGO national staff executed by police Dec 9.


1 NGO natrional staff beaten/tortured when detained by members of Brimob in Meukek Sub-district.


3 UN internationals killed by mob in W. Timor.


3 INGO national staff working in South Aceh were hospitalised after being tortured by Brimob officers, Aug 27.


1 INGO national staff killed (along with wife); bodies found in organization's guest house.


1 UN national staff kidnapped and released Jan 22, 2001.


1 UN international (Togolese) staff killed and 1 international staff (Ivorian) kidnapped.


2 ICRC international staff (Italian, French) and 1 national staff kidnapped in Pankisi. All released unharmed.


1 INGO national staff killed and 1 international staff wounded when vehicle ambushed.

123Aug2000DR Congo100000000010011001UIAU0.518402125.2057292

1 UN international staff found dead in Kisangani; undetermined motivation.

119Jul92000DR Congo020000010101012101UAmU-2.981434423.8222636

1 INGO national and 1 international (Kenyan) wounded along with 3 other health workers (not counted here) in July 9 ambush that killed local health center director (also not counted here).

109Apr2000DR Congo020000002200002002KAmR1.56666730.25

2 INGO national staff hijacked in Bunia, Ituri by militia and forced to transport weapons. Led to organization's withdrawal from province.

108Apr42000DR Congo010000100100001100SAmU-3.405586629.1375509

1 INGO national staff shot and killed in Uvira, April 4.


1 INGO international (French)staff kidnapped, July 27.


1 INGO international (British) staff killed in bus attack.


1 UN national staff killed in Angola, June 10.


1 UN national staff killed when convoy attacked.


3 INGO national staff killed and 2 wounded in ambush near the town of Quilengues.


7 UN-contracted national staff killed and 1 wounded in ambush near Herat.


1 UN national staff killed in bombardment


2 ICRC international staff wounded, 2 national staff wounded sometime during year.


6 INGO international staff (4 Germans, 1 US, 1 Russian) and 9 national staff held hostage by militants and later released.


1 INGO national staff killed in ambush.


1 ICRC international (Danish) staff killed when plane downed by projectile fired from unknown origin.


2 INGO international (Kenyan) and 2 national staff kidnapped when armed rebels attacked village, March 8.


1 INGO national staff kidnapped on his way to work.


2 UN national staff wounded and 6 killed when UN relief convoy ambushed by militiamen loyal to warlord Osman Atto near Mogadishu, July 14.


7 UN (6 international, 1 national) staff and 3 INGO international staff held hostage when gunmen stormed and ransacked the INGO's compound in Mogadishu, March 27. Five of the internationals were released within a few days. 2 more international staff (2 UN agencies) were released a few days later.


1 INGO national staff stoned and beaten in dispute over filling a water bladder at Rhogani Camp.


1 UN national staff shot and killed, May 8


1 INGO national staff killed, 1 wounded when hit by cluster bomb.


1 IFRC national staff killed with signs of torture in Aceh.


1 national RC worker killed at home.

156Aug2001DR Congo030000002200113000KUU-3.1666728.25

1 INGO international (French) staff and 2 nationals kidnapped by Mai-Mai groups on the Ruzizi Plain in eastern DRC in late August, and held for almost one week, prompting the INGO to temporarily suspend their operations in the Eastern DRC (OFDA rpt).

142Apr262001DR Congo000600400420026420UAmR1.562530.2484167

2 ICRC international (Swiss, Colombian) and 4 national staff ambushed and killed near Bunia.

138Mar272001DR Congo100000100100001100SAmR-5.7815612.63389

1 UN national staff shot and killed by gunmen in ambush and stole victim's vehicle in Kimpese, March 27.


1 NGO national staff killed and 1 national staff wounded after being shot in a car and later died.


1 INGO international staff kidnapped, Jan 9 and released Feb 4. 1 INGO international staff of another organization wounded when the kidnappers fired on convoy.

152Jul52001Central African Republic100000000010011100UUU4.36169718.555978

1 UN international (French) staff killed in C.A.R., July 5.


1 IFRC international (French) staff killed afrter being attacked and stabbed in the chest on her way to a pharmacy to get medicine for her baby.


1 UN international (Ivoirian) staff killed.


1 INGO national staff killed, 3 kidnapped.


6 INGO national staff kidnapped when operating mobile clinic, May 11, later released unharmed.


4 UN national staff wounded when UN vehicles attacked, April 3.


One INGO national staff wounded by landmine while fixing hand pump. Resulted in amputation.


1 INGO national staff shot and wounded on his home compound when visiting latrine. Civil Defence responsible and arrested.


1 UN national staff killed in convoy ambush near Huambo, July 5.


1 INGO national staff killed.


3 UN national staff beaten/wounded; 1 UN (different agency) national staff shot dead, and 1 NGO national staff wounded (broken arm).


3 INGO international (US) staff killed in Yemen.


1 INGO national staff killed.


1 UN national staff killed in attack on UN convoy.


5 INGO national staff kidnapped after LRA raids refugee camp, later released.


1 INGO staff member held and beaten by SPLA, Oct 21.

181Jul2002South Sudan040000101200224004KKUU7.265386130.05489

1 INGO national staff killed and 2 internationals and 1 national kidnapped in South.


1 INGO national staffer killed by aerial bomb.

184Aug2002South Africa100000100100001001SIAU-28.816623624.991639

1 UN national staff shot and killed in armed robbery.


1 INGO international staff injured during armed robbery of compound in Burao.


1 UN national staff kidnapped en route to work in Mogadishu, held for 6 days.


Two INGO national staff were killed in compound in Luuq, apparently related to a clan dispute.


1 UN national staff killed in fighting between Muse Sudi and Omar Finish militia groups in Medina.


1 UN national staff kidnapped for ransom in Mogadishu and held for 27 days.


One INGO international (Swiss) shot and killed in residence in Merca, Feb 23. Related to employment dispute.


1 UN national staff kidnapped and held for 6 days in suspected contractual dispute.

207Dec62002Occupied Palestinian Territories200000200200002002UCPS31.477287134.3215106

2 UN national staff in Bureij Camp, Gaza Strip by IDF operations .

198Nov222002Occupied Palestinian Territories100000000010011100SCPS32.025468835.2888075

1 UN international staff shot and killed at the Jenin refugee camp by Israeli army gunfire, Nov 22.

193Sep2002Occupied Palestinian Territories010000010100001001SIAPS31.64974135.162072

1 INGO national staff received minor wounds when settlers shot at a team repairing a deliberately vandalized water source.

175Mar2002Occupied Palestinian Territories050000140500005005UCU31.64974135.162072

1 IFRC national staff killed and 4 wounded by Israeli army.

174Mar72002Occupied Palestinian Territories100000100100001100SUU32.3103735.02863

1 UN national staff shot and killed in Tulkarem, West Bank, March 7.


1 INGO national staff ambushed and killed.


1 INGO international (US) staff missionary aiding Palestinian refugees shot and killed.


1 donor agency international (US) staff shot and killed entering their car to drive to work. On Dec. 14, the Government of Jordan arrested two men who confessed to the killing and to be members of the al Qaeda terrorist cell.


1 UN national staff shot and killed in Baghdad, April 8.

205Nov192002DR Congo010000001100001001KUU-2.981434423.8222636

1 INGO national staff kidnapped Nov 19, released a day later.

167Jan252002DR Congo030000003300003003KAmR-2.9166725.91667

3 INGO national staff kidnapped when vehicle ambushed on Kindu-Kalima road on Jan 25- later released.


1 ICRC international staff and 1 national staff kidnapped by members of Ninja group in the Bouenza region on Dec 4 and released Dec 29.


4 NGO national staff murdered.


1 INGO national staff killed by gunfire from passing military convoy.


1 INGO national staff shot and wounded from passing helicopter at a crossroad.


1 INGO international staff kidnapped in Nazran and held for 9 days. Ransomed by family.


2 ICRC international staff and 2 ICRC national kidnapped Nov 13, released Nov 17.


1 INGO international staff kidnapped in Dagestan, eventually released on ransom from Dutch govt.


1 INGO international staff kidnapped in July and released Jan 7, 2003.


2 INGO national staff seriously injured when vehicle hit by roadside IED.


1 ICRC national staff shot and killed during a break-in at ICRC office in Gitega.


1 NGO national staff found murdered.


1 UN national staff wounded in ambush.


Seven INGO national staff were killed and five wounded when their car hit a landmine near the southeastern Angolan city of Mavinga.


2 INGO national staff beaten by mob after their car hit and killed a child.


1 INGO international (Japanese) staff killed in Chaharbolak district of Balkh, reported Nov 24, no other details.


1 INGO national staff shot dead on community visit.


2 UN national staff beaten.


1 UN national staff shot dead in his house.


1 UN national staff shot and wounded after four armed men raided his house in Mazar-e Sharif.


2 UN national staff beaten in ambush in Aibak.


1 ICRC international staff wounded.


1 INGO national staff killed when armed group ambushed and fired on the vehicle carrying the victim and others which was reportedly returning from a peace mission to reconcile the cattle rustling pastoralist comm


1 INGO national staff wounded by glass when vehicle stopped, driver robbed, and gunmen fired at car while driving off.


8 INGO national staff killed, 2 national staff wounded when their vehicle hit a mine on the road from Kauda to Karkar, Oct 3.

230May2003South Sudan010000100100001100ABAmU7.265386130.05489

1 INGO national staff killed by rocket grenade aimed at car.


1 UN national staff beaten with rifle butt and kicked when the agency's and an INGO's vehicles ambushed in Darfur, March 10.

228Apr202003South Africa010000010100001100SAmR-25.7448628.18783

1 INGO national staff wounded when vehicle carjacked in Pretoria, 20 April. Victim escaped under fire.


1 INGO national staff killed and 1 national staff kidnapped and escaped when they were caught up in armed attack/robbery of Somali organization AFREC in Marere, Dec 27.


1 INGO international (Italian) staff killed when shot at workplace.


2 INGO international (British) staff shot dead in their home.


1 INGO international (Kenyan) staff shot and killed while driving in revenge attack stemming from cattle rustling.


1 INGO national staff shot in leg when the office/house attacked in dispute over the compound.


1 UN national staff killed in ambush in Kismayo.


2 INGO national staff physically assaulted in robbery by men with machetes outside restaurant in Dakar.


1 INGO national staff wounded when caught in cross fire between police and robbery suspects, Nov 20. Husband also wounded.

2742003Occupied Palestinian Territories002000020200002002SCU31.477287134.3215106

2 RC national staff wounded by Israeli fire in Gaza.

215Feb2003Occupied Palestinian Territories100000100100001001UUPS31.4166734.33333

1 UN national staff killed in Younis Refugee Camp.


1 INGO national staff robbed and assualted by passing LURD patrol.


1 INGO national staff killed by mortar fire.


1 INGO international and 1 national staff abducted and released, one on the first day and one after several days.


2 INGO national staff and 1 international killed on road, March 9.


1 INGO 1nternational staff killed, Feb 11.


1 INGO national staff killed.


1 INGO international staff wounded when shot three times at their residence, Dec 4.


10 NGO national staff injured by glass when NGO office in Nassriyah damaged in explosion aimed at Italian base.


1 NGO national staff wounded when vehicle fired on between Basra and Safwan, Nov 9.


1 NGO national staff injured by landmine en route to airport in Baghdad, Nov 4.


1 INGO national staff injured by explosive in office, Oct 28. Victim's son also injured.

259Oct2003Iraq000200200200002002VBIED-S UOC33.302424844.3787992

2 ICRC national staff killed when ICRC office bombed in Baghdad (10 civilians also killed but not counted here).


1 INGO international (British) staff killed and 1 national staff wounded in ambush in Mosul.


1 UN national staff killed in convoy attacked Sept 21 (non-UN vehicles with UN shipment) on road between Erbil and Mosul.


One UN national staff killed by suicide bomber.


1 UN national staff wounded by small arms fire in Erbil, Aug 27.

244Aug192003Iraq19100008008120012201370VBIED-S IAOC33.302424844.3787992

19 UN (11 internationals, 8 nationals) staff killed and 1 NGO staff killed in Canal Hotel bombing.


1 ICRC international staff killed and 1 national staff wounded in ambush.


1 UN national staff killed and 1 national staff member wounded when convoy attacked, July 15.


2 INGO international (Malaysian) staff wounded and 1 national killed in ambush.


1 ICRC international staff killed during crossfire in Baghdad on April 8.


2 INGO national staff killed and 1 national wounded in ambush when assailants opened fire on the vehicle near Adobha, Aug 10.

251Aug72003DR Congo010000100100001100UUU-3.285076228.18012996

1 INGO national staff killed in South Kivu, Aug 7.

234Jun62003DR Congo100000100100001001SIAU-2.981434423.8222636

1 UN national staff killed by gunshot, June 6.

229May112003DR Congo002000200200002002UUU-2.981434423.8222636

2 RC national staff killed May 11.

224Mar132003DR Congo010000001100001001KUU1.6660727.00836

1 INGO national staff member kidnapped in Badiya, Ituri, along with 3 civilians on March 13 and released 4 days later.

213Jan2003DR Congo005000050500005005SAmR-3.285076228.18012996

5 RC national staff wounded when car was fired upon near Uvira.

222Mar2003Cote D'Ivoire005000500500005005UUU7.9897371-5.5679458

5 RC national staff killed.


1 ICRC national staff abducted from their home, has never been found (presumed killed).


1 INGO national staff shot dead in home by unknown assailants dressed in civilian clothes. Interviewees made reference to reports that three men had called for victim's brother at their home and victim went out to speak to them.


1 INGO national staff shot and killed.


1 NGO national staff kidnapped, fate unknown (presumed killed).


One UN national staff shot and killed in his home, Nov 7.


2 INGO national staff kidnapped in Makamba and later released.


1 INGO national staff kidnapped in Makamb, later released.


6 INGO national staff killed and 1 national staff wounded by landmine, Dec 18.


1 UN national staff wounded and 1 international staff shot and killed in car in Ghazni.


1 INGO national staff robbed and beaten by armed group at home.


2 NGO national staff ambushed and shot dead in Helmand, Sept 24.


4 INGO national staff killed and 1 national staff wounded when ambushed in Ghazni, Sept 8.


1 INGO national staff killed in ambush in Helmand, Aug 7.


2 INGO national staff wounded in vehicle ambush.


2 RC national staff killed, 4 national staff wounded when ambushed in Ghazni, Aug 13.


1 INGO national staff killed in Farah, Afghanistan, July 22.


1 INGO national staff killed in Wardak, May 3.


1 ICRC international (Swiss and El Salvador) staff shot and killed in ambush north of Kandahar City, March 27.


1 INGO national staff shot and wounded in Kitgum national bar.


2 INGO national staff killed when food convoy to South Sudan ambushed by LRA about 15 km north of Kitgum town, June 19.


1 INGO national staff wounded when police fired on a wedding celebration in the camp.


3 INGO national staff kidnapped at gunpoint in rebel-held Labado, South Darfur, Dec 16.


1 INGO national staff shot and killed in attack on Labado center.


2 INGO national staff shot and killed during an attack on a convoy of humanitarian vehicles in South Darfur, Dec 12.


1 INGO national staff detained and beaten by police, who took away his INGO ID and materials.


1 INGO national staff shot in foot during fighting in Kalma camp, Nov 14.


1 INGO international staff, 1 national staff killed and 1 national staff injured by landmine between Muzbat and Um Baru in Darfur.


1 INGO national staff shot and wounded.


1 INGO national staff killed and 1 national staff wounded in attack on IDPs in Kalma camp, Aug 12. Victim killed was alleged by the IDPs to be a major leader of Janjaweed.


3 UN national staff and 5 national RC staff kidnapped.


One UN national staff abducted outside mosque in Baidoa, released next day. The motive appeared to be a project-related dispute involving a disgruntled contractor.


1 INGO international staff member kidnapped by Marehan from Kismayo in Jamaame. The staff member was taken to Kismayo. Motive appeared to be contractual.


One INGO national staff seriously wounded when vehicle ambushed by clan militia near Belet-Hawa. Appeared to be revenge for theft by a rival clan.


2 INGO (1 international [Kenyan], 1 national) staff killed and 1 international (German) staff wounded in ambush in Somaliland at a roadblock outside the capital Hargeisa.


1 UN international staff abducted North of Kismayo on the way to Jamaame in Lower Juba Region; released after 9 days.


2 NGO national staff seriously injured when five unidentified armed men opened fire on their vehicel near Maryan, June 16.

333Dec2004Occupied Palestinian Territories100000100100001010BAUU31.64974135.162072

1 UN national staff stabbed to death.

325Oct102004Occupied Palestinian Territories100000100100001100UUU31.64974135.162072

1 UN national staff killed in explosion.


3 INGO national staff suffered minor injuries when they were ambushed, robbed and carjacked (in trunk) then abandoned.


1 INGO national staff killed in ambush by bandits in North Korea, Dec 18.


1 INGO international staff wounded and local NGO national staff wounded in vehicle carjacking and robbery.


1 INGO international staff kidnapped in Iraq and later killed.


1 INGO national staff shot and killed in Mosul cafe.


Two INGO international (Italian) staff and two national staff were kidnapped from their office.  All four were released three weeks later, on 28 September 2004.


4 RC national staff wounded when convoy attacked on road from Baghdad to Najaf, Aug 30.


1 UN national staff shot and killed in Najaf, Aug 26.


4 NGO national staff tortured and killed by army of Al Mahdi in Najaf, July 30.


2 NGO national staff killed, 1 national staff wounded in NGO office attack, June 24.


1 INGO national staff wounded when vehicle fired upon while on road to Nasiriyah.


1 NGO international staff kidnapped near Fallujah on April 14; released next day.


2 INGO international (Japanese) stafff kidnapped on road near Ramadi by Saraya al Mujahideen, April 8.


1 donor agency international staff kidnapped and 1 INGO international (Israeli) staff , later released.


1 RC national staff assassinated in Mosul, April 10 (wife also killed).


1 INGO national staff killed in bombing in Karbala office.


1 NGO national staff shot and wounded when vehicle ambushed in attempted hijacking between Basrah and Safwan, Feb 9.


1 INGO international staff shot and wounded outside Baghdad compound after speaking to a man for an hour.


2 NGO national staff wounded when vehicle hit by roadside bomb in Basra.


1 INGO national staff shot and wounded when victim happened upon an armed robbery of a bus, Sept 14.

3412004DR Congo000100000001011001SIAH-1.666589329.2256875

1 ICRC international shot and wounded when attacked at home in Goma.

330Nov2004DR Congo010000010100001001SAmU1.5594130.25224

1 NGO national staff shot and wounded when four colleagues attacked by unidentified gunmen south of Bunia, Nov 15.

324Oct32004DR Congo100000100100001100SUU1.65850129.220455

1 UN national staff shot and killed in Goma, Oct 3.

305Jun182004DR Congo010000010100001001BADC-4.426902426.6661699

1 INGO national staff detained and severely beaten by a police commander in Kasongo, June 18.

298May2004DR Congo020000000002022011RSARC-2.981434423.8222636

2 INGO international staff wounded (1 raped, 1 shot) in armed attack by unidentified soldiers.

328Nov2004Cote D'Ivoire010000000010011100ABCU7.9897371-5.5679458

1 NGO international staff killed along with nine French soldiers in an attack by Cote D


2 NGO national staff shot and killed.


1 INGO international staff kidnapped in Ossetiaand and held for 6 months.


1 UN national staff shot and killed in Nazran, June 22.


1 INGO international (Japanese) staff killed in Kabul, Dec 5.


3 INGO national staff killed by rocket propelled grenade attack on compound, Nov 28.


1 UN national staff wounded when hit in shootout.


10 INGO national staff (of two different organizations) beaten and stoned by mob after false rumors spread regarding their activities.


2 INGO national staff shot and killed in Paktia.


1 INGO national staff stabbed and wounded in robbery, later received death threats from perpetrator.


1 NGO national staff injured by bomb outside gate.


3 INGO international and 2 national staff killed when vehicle ambushed in Badghis, June 2. The organization said it was suspending all activity across the country.


2 NGO national staff killed, 1 national staff injured when vehicle hit landmine in Samangan, May 23.


1 NGO national staff murdered in Balkh, May 18.


2 NGO national staff killed in armed raid on office.


1 RC national staff shot dead in ambush, March 7.


5 NGO national staff killed in ambush northeast of Kabul, Feb 25.


4 NGO national staff staff killed in Farah ambush, Feb 14.


1 UN international (Anglo-Swiss) staff stabbed in roadside assault in Harare, Jan 10.


2 INGO national staff killed, 2 national staff wounded (victims from two INGOs) in ambushes by LRA rebels, Oct 26.


2 INGO national staff wounded in ambush by LRA rebels, Oct 25.


2 INGO national staff wounded in ambush by LRA.


7 INGO national staff and three vehicles abducted during a food distribution. The incident lasted slightly more than 24 hours. Head of INGO office managed to negotiate their release with no injuries or ransom.

412Dec192005South Sudan100000010100001001UCU6.7530

1 UN national staff injured during a clash between two families in Rumbek in Southern Sudan, Dec 19.


1 UN nationals staff struck by a bullet and later died when five UN trucks attacked between Solong and Golo in South Darfur after having already delivered food, Dec 11.

406Nov2005South Sudan020000100110012101UAmU7.265386130.05489

1 INGO international (British) staff and 1 national staff killed when ambushed by LRA.


1 NGO international (Iraqi) staff and 1 national staff killed from demining group in another LRA ambush, Oct 31.


2 UN national staff and 6 INGO national staff beaten when convoy ambushed in Darfur, Oct 28.


1 INGO national staff assaulted and wounded by military men outside victim's residence, Oct 26.


1 UN national staff shot in his left hand and 80 bags of sugar was looted when truck travelling from El Obein to Nyala was attacked by 15 armed men on camel, Oct 19.


3 NGO national staff hijacked and kidnapped by armed men.


15 INGO national staff and 2 international staff when convoy of seven vehicles stopped when travelling from Beida to Geneina in West Darfur.


1 UN national staff severely assaulted when two commercial trucks contracted by the UN were ambushed and looted at Amar Gadeed village, north of Manawashi, Sept 9.


2 INGO national staffkilled when two trucks of an were ambushed and looted 10 km north of Sania Fandu, July 23.


1 NGO nationals staff abducted in Zam Zam camp in North Darfur, July 11; later released, July 15.


15 INGO national staff injured during camp riots targeting intl organizations participating in the first day of the WFP food registration program.


1 INGO national staff assaulted during armed robbery at victim's house.


One INGO national staff shot and wounded by group who invaded victim's house, June 23. Motive was ethnic rivalry (victim's wife is an Arab).


2 RC national staff killed, 1 national staff wounded and 1 national staff kidnapped when their vehicle was attacked near the eastern town of Kassala, May 1.


1 locally contracted truck driver for the UN was ambushed and shot dead in South Darfur, May 12.


1 INGO national staff shot and killed in Golo, in the Jebel Marra region of West Darfur, April 15. Likely a personal issue, unrelated to work of INGO.


2 INGO national staff seriously assaulted and injured during NFI distribution in Krenik, West Darfur, April 14. Possibly linked to the agency


1 donor agency international staff shot and seriously wounded when convoy attacked in South Darfur, May 22. First such incident for this organization's personnel.


1 INGO national staff beaten when vehicle ambushed and robbed, March 10.


1 INGO national staff killed when a large group of armed tribesman attacked Seleia in West Darfur, Jan 21. A violent confrontation ensued in which civilians were killed, including the guard.


1 staff contracted by the UN was killed when unidentified gunman attacked an empty, 6-vehicle convoy contracted by UN returning from Mornei to Geneina in West Darfur, Jan 6.


1 UN national staff killed when vehicle hit landmine southwest of Burao, Nov 16.


1 UN national staff shot dead outside residence in by masked men, Oct 3. Unknown motive.


1 UN national staff killed by local gang allegedly of youths from the Gambol Secondary School. The incident caused the relocation of both national and international staff of UN agency from Garowe to Gardo.


2 INGO national staff received minor wounds when unidentified assailant threw grenade into the organiation's hospital.


1 INGO national staffer killed, 1 international staff and 1 national staff wounded in armed attack, April 18.


2 UN national staff wounded when they were attacked in Bossaso town, Bari region, by some anti-vaccination individuals.


1 INGO national staff attacked in home by 3 armed men. This appears to be an assassination attempt. Previous similar attacks have been attributed to extremist groups.


1 UN contracted driver killed in convoy ambush.

496Oct12005Occupied Palestinian Territories100000100100001100SUU31.64974135.162072

1 UN national staff killed by gunshot wounds in the West Bank, Oct 1.


1 UN national staff and 1 NGO national staff beaten by Maoist rebels.


3 INGO national staff injured when protestors, angry over US deportation of terror suspects stormed compound.


1 UN national staff killed by stab wounds in Antananarivo.


1 UN international staff (Somali) killed from head injuries (unspecified malicious act) in Kenya, Dec 1.


1 UN national staff shot and killed, July 15.


1 UN national staff shot and killed in Nairobi.


1 INGO international (French) staff kidnapped, Dec 5; later released.


1 INGO international (German) staff and 1 national staff kidnapped


1 INGO national staff killed and 1 national staff wounded in attack by armed group.

357Apr2005Iraq020000100110012110VBIED-S AmR33.095579344.1749775

2 INGO staffers - international director and national director - both killed by suicide car bomber apparently targeting US military convoy.


1 INGO national staff died at bus station when car bomb exploded.


1 ICRC national staff kidnapped, Jan 13; later found dead.


1 INGO national staff stopped and beaten by TNI - angry victim had not delivered to army camp.


1 INGO national staff beaten and attempted stabbing in Nabire, likely stemming from dissatisfaction with INGO project.


1 RC national staff found shot and killed after being kidnapped.


1 INGO national staff assaulted during armed robbery on home by armed group.

413Dec2005DR Congo000200020200002002BAAmC-2.981434423.8222636

2 ICRC national staff beat up when vehicle ambushed by military police who also stole vehicle.

409Dec2005DR Congo100000001100001001KUU-2.981434423.8222636

One UN national staff held hostage in protest of demobilized soldiers not being paid.

380Jun2005DR Congo020000000000222002KUU2.1341099529.05000311

1 INGO international (French) staff and 1 national staff kidnapped in Ituri; released 10 days later.

377Jun142005DR Congo020000002200002002KAmR-2.981434423.8222636

2 INGO national staff kidnapped with vehicle, June 1; released the next day.


2 INGO national staff detained and held by FARC overnight.


1 NGO national staff arrested and presumed killed during an FSB raid on the building victim was in. Several FSB officers were killed during the raid. It was then claimed that victim resisted arrest.


5 UN national staff and 2 NGO national staff injured when they were beaten with sticks during protest at refugee camp, May 10.


1 NGO national staff killed and 3 national staff wounded in Faryab by suspected Taliban guerrillas, Oct 20.


5 NGO national staff killed and 3 national staff wounded when shot by Taliban insurgents while driving towards Kandahar.


1 INGO international staff wounded and 1 national staff killed when ambushed on motorbike in Parwan.


2 NGO national staff kidnapped in July 2005; found dead on Dec 4. They were working on a health project.


1 NGO national staff shot and killed by unknown assailants in Ghazni, June 7. According to report, killing was to set an example and deter others from working with NGOs.


1 NGO national staff killed in Uruzgan, June 4.


2 1NGO national staff killed and 5 national staff injured from the by insurgent bomb attack on bridge on the Kandahar-Herat highway, June 1.


1 INGO international (Italian) staff kidnapped in Kabul, later released.


1 INGO national staff killed by hanging in an incident involving three Afghan women who were found hanged in Baghlan as warning to female aid workers (one of the others was a national civil servant; one was unidentified).


1 NGO national staff killed in Baghlan, April 13.


1 IFI international staff seconded to Afghan govt ambushed and killed in Kabul.


2 NGO national staff killed in attack in Farah, March 8.


2 NGO national staff murdered in Helmand, Feb 23.


2 INGO national staff tied up and wounded in armed robbery of INGO office/house by armed gang.


2 INGO national staff beaten by armed men when vehicle ambushed between Um Ker and Garsila 80 kn sw of Zalingei. Robbed cash, camera and drivers license.


1 INGO national staff killed in a carjacking that also resulted in 2 policemen being killed (not included here).


7 INGO (6 national, 1 international) staff were held hostage by a group of over 40 former INGO IDP casual workers in INGO compound in Kalma camp while conducting a meeting. The staff were released only after making written promises to meet the demands of the ex-workers and to return to Kalma on Monday, 31 July 2006.


1 INGO national staff driver abducted by gunpoint en route to a food nutrition center, Wed Nov 23; victim alked back to Sanidadi 48 hours later, unharmed.


1 INGO national staff shot and wounded when an ambulance escorted by Govt police was ambushed by 7-10 armed men in Khorbomba (Habila Kanari area, 23 km west from El Geneina), Dec 18. One policeman was also killed (not counted here) and three AK-47s


3 INGO national staff kidnapped when a commercial truck hired by an INGO to transport items for its water and sanitation programme was hijacked at Kaura (on the El Fasher-Kabkabiya road) by three armed men, 14 March.


1 UN national staff contracted driver shot and injured in ambush of two commercial trucks carrying UN agency food in Habila Kanari. Ten armed attackers, believed to be Janjaweed militia, shot at the vehicles that drove through the ambush, hitting one driver.


2 UN national staff drivers in hired commercial vehicles with food commodities were ambushed by armed men on the Tawilla-Kabkabiye road from El Fasher to Kabkabiye, were beaten, then allowed to proceed. Ambushed and beaten again after 2 kilometers


2 INGO international staff wounded (1 raped and 1 sexually assaulted) and 1 INGO national staff guard of another organization wounded in coordinated violent attack on Gereida compound. Staff from the latter INGO were among 71 aid workers evacuated from the town as a result. Since then they maintained some basic public health services through local staff in the town, but most operations have been suspended.


1 INGO national staff kidnapped: A vehicle belonging to an INGO operating within the area of Azerni was carjacked , Dec 9. The location of the natl staff driver and vehicle is unknown.


8 NGO national staff violently beaten in Khor Abeche, South Darfur, Dec 7. Three vehicles also stolen.


One UN national staff officer was physically assaulted and sustained back injuries in an incident where two MONUC helicopters landed in Rumbek for refuelling, Nov 10.


Seven UN national staff and 1 INGO national staff members detained, severely beaten and caned by local soliders in Rumbek, southern Sudan, Nov 9. The INGO member was sent to Nairobi for medical treatment.


2 UN national staff drivers abducted by armed men after ambush while traveling from El Fasher through Kutum to Abdel Shakour.


One INGO international staff working on demining was beaten up in a market in Kadugli due to labor dispute with national workers. UNMIS national guard intervened to get mob to release him. Vehicle confiscated by national authorities.


1 UN national staff driver injured when beaten with a stick on the head when three UN-contracted trucks were stopped by 12 armed men when on their way from Nyala to Kass, Oct 30. All drivers were robbed of their money and mobile phones.


1 UN national staff driver suffered minor gunshot wounds when a UN convoy bringing humanitarian assistance was fired upon in South Darfur, 30 Oct. (Two passengers also suffered wounds, but not counted here.)


1 ICRC national staff driver disappeared during a hijacking incident in North Darfur and is presumed dead.


3 INGO national staff flogged with the whip and sustained injuries when their vehicle was ambushed while travelling to El Geneina between Kerenek and Azerni (25 km East of El Geneina) by three men, Sept 13.


4 INGO (3 national, 1 international) staff attacked, beaten and given death threats by around a dozen masked, armed men on a road between Zalingei and Nertiti near central Jabel Marra region in Darfur, Sept. 11.


1 INGO national staff health worker killed in Hashaba, North Darfur during fighting, Sept 1.


1 ICRC national staff watchman at a food depot in Graida, Darfur, was shot and later robbed of his money, Aug 26.


1 UN national staff driver shot and wounded when 3 commercial trucks carrying food aid were ambushed by armed men in Um Duraba, east of Nyala, Aug 4.


1 ICRC national staff abducted in Darfur by armed group in mid-August; found dead two weeks later. No details of the death.


1 INGO national staff severely beaten by four National Security officers in Geneina, July 1. (also 3 intl staff harassed, not counted). The NS officers abducted the vicitm to the security office and beat him unconscious with an iron bar and with their fists.


1 INGO national staff abducted in North Darfur during the hijacking of an INGO vehicle, 3 May. Victim believed to have been held in Chad and was making way back to Saraf Omra in North Darfur when caught up and killed in fighting in Helelat village near Kulb.


1 INGO national staff driver killed by a man on the road in South Darfur.


1 INGO national staff driver beaten to death and 1 national staff injured in Dereig IDP camp in West Darfur, 27 July. Org says the team "was caught up in civil unrest while collecting seedlings, as part of a tree planting programme ... [and] was attacked..."


One international agency staff (Kenyan) missing after ambush in southern Sudan on aid agency vehicle, 3 July. Gunmen believed to be Uganda LRA. Six others killed and 11 wounded.


1 INGO national staff killed when their vehicle, on a routine field mission in North Darfur, was stopped by armed robbers, 13 July.


One UN national staff assaulted and killed by 3 unknown persons while at a market in Rumbek, southern Sudan. Vicitm was travelling from the UN agency to the airport on official duty. One attacker was arrested; thought to be a personal matter.


One international agency national staff contractor killed by unknown assailants while working on a road in southern Sudan, June 8. At first thought to be LRA, now thought to be Murle and Didinga militias.


1 INGO national staff watchman killed by unknown gunmen inside Kalma IDP camp, June 30, 2 am. Victim seems to have been sleeping while on duty at the agency's water pump station.


1 UN international staff and 5 national staff detained by SLA Abdul Wahid faction while travelling from Kutum to Irgie, June 13. SLA claimed they were stopped b/c they were not notified of the team's mission and on allegations that the natl staff were govt spies.


1 UN national staff security guard wounded when he was shot in the leg while off-duty in a marketplace near the agancy's international guesthouse in Geneina, 13 June. Unconfirmed information suggests it was personal issue.


One UN national staff wounded when about 22 civilians, some with firearms, invaded the agency's compound in Bor, southern Sudan. They dragged and beat the victim with sticks, and other staff members who tried rescuing him were threatened with a rifle.


One NGO international staff program manager was attacked in Rumbek, southern Sudan, May 23, and was medically evacuated to Nairobi.


2 INGO (1 national, 1 international) staff beaten with a stick when two men broke into an INGO compound in El Geneina, West Darfur, April 28. Victims locked into a bathroom for a few hours.


3 INGO national staff guards were beaten when a group of unidentified armed men forcefully entered an INGO compound in El Geneina, March 28. The attackers left with a Land Cruiser pick-up, a Thuraya phone and a mobile phone.


One INGO national staff was abducted during an attack on Yambio in southern Sudan, March 19; released on March 22. Victim claimed that the attacking group belonged to the LRA and that its main motive was to loot food.


Three INGO national staff were injured when their vehicle was fired upon by police officers described as belonging to the Shilluk King police (an org not known to UN Police), north of Malakal, southern Sudan, March 19. Two other INGO staff in the same vehicle were unharmed.


1 UN international staff and 1 national staff guard shot and killed and 1 national staff guard wounded in attack on agency's compound in Yei, southern Sudan, March 15. No info on motives, but agency was preparing repatriation of Sudanese to that area. The international staff died on March 28 after having been airlifted to Nairobi.

477Sep112006Sri Lanka010000100100001100SAmR8.571181.2335

1 INGO national staff killed in Trincolamee District. Shot when returning to the office on INGO's motorcycle. No known motive.

466Aug42006Sri Lanka01700001700170000170017SROC8.571181.2335

17 INGO national staffers shot execution-style in Muttur in their offices, August 4.

465Aug202006Sri Lanka001000100100001010SIAH8.751480.4971

A staff member of the Sri Lanka Red Cross Society was shot and killed by two unknown men outside home.

464Aug232006Sri Lanka001000100100001001SIAOC7.2975481.68202

1 NGO nationals staff shot outside their office in the eastern Ampara district.

438May152006Sri Lanka010000100100001100SAmR8.759343980.4999646

1 INGO national staff driver shot and killed returning from work near Vavuniya, May 16.

431Apr102006Sri Lanka030000210300003102LMAmR9.664925580.0091719

2 INGO national staff killed and 1 national staff driver wounded in Jaffna peninsula, where an anti-personnel mine exploded, striking both a Sri Lankan army vehicle and the workers' vehicle.

427Apr132006South Africa100000000010011100SUU-28.816623624.991639

1 UN international (Mozambique) staff killed by gunshot wounds, April 13.


3 UN national staff killed and 4 national staff wounded when gunmen attacked UN-contracted trucks delivering food aid in southern Somalia, July 4. Local militia refused the convoy entry into Dhobley near border with Kenya.


2 UN national staff guard/escorts killed and 4 national staff guard/escorts wounded during an attempted robbery and ambush of UN convoy near Baidoa, April 12.


1 UN international (US) staff abducted in Afmadow, 260 miles southwest of Mogadishu, Wed March 1; released next day.


1 ICRC international (Swiss-American) staff killed, 3 (2 national, 1 international) staff wounded when their vehicle struck a mine or unexploded ammunition in Senegal's southern Casamance region. Villagers allied with rebels are accused of planting the mine to target gov

522Aug142006Occupied Palestinian Territories100000100100001100ABCPS31.6666735.25

1 UN national staff member killed in a residential area by a missile fired by Israeli forces against an alleged Palestinian faction in the Ein el-Hilweh refugee camp in Saida, 14 August.

503Dec192006Occupied Palestinian Territories100000010100001001UCP31.477287134.3215106

1 UN national staff teacher injured in crossfire during armed dashes that took place in the vicinity of UN schools in Gaza, Dec 19. A 13-year-old school girl was also injured (not counted here).

485Nov32006Occupied Palestinian Territories002000200200002002UCU31.477287134.3215106

2 RC national staff killed in Gaza Strip, Nov 3. The two paramedics had left their ambulance to evacuate a dead body when IDF munitions hit the area. Anounced by ICRC, who said they were marked with clear emblems and wearing florescent j

442May302006Occupied Palestinian Territories100000100100001001SUU32.025468835.2888075

1 UN national staff killed in West Bank by gunshot wounds, May 30.

423Mar2006Occupied Palestinian Territories000100000000111100KROC31.345761234.3025277

1 ICRC international (Swiss) staff was abducted by unknown armed men at the ICRC office in Khan Younis, Gaza Strip.


1 INGO national staff hospitalized as a result of carjacking.


1 IO international (Dutch) staff shot dead outside the house of Lesotho's trade and industry minister, where the victim was staying. Motive unknown, but attack came shortly after Parliament was dissolved to pave the way for elections


1 INGO national staff volunteer killed.


1 INGO national staff volunteer killed.


14 RC national staff held hostage after gunmen attack their downtown office in Baghdad (30 staff and visitors initially held - 16 released unharmed the same day).


1 NGO national staff killed at a checkpoint run by a sectarian militia in Baghdad, Oct 7.


1 UN national staff killed by gunshot wounds, April 25.


1 INGO national staff killed in Mumbai train bombings (terrorism), July 11.


1 INGO national staff kidnapped for ransom.


1 INGO international (US) staff kidnapped for ransom.


2 INGO national staff seriously wounded when their car was hijacked.


1 INGO international staff member attacked and sexually assaulted in Solola while walking home, Jan 16.


2 ICRC (1 international [Irish], 1 national) staff kidnapped, Sept 18; released unharmed on Sept 23.


Two UN international staff seriously injured when their car hit a landmine in the middle of the main road from Tsorena to Forto, inside the Temporary Security Zone (TSZ), Nov. 8.

750Sep172006El Salvador010000010100001010BAAmR13.69294-89.218191

1 INGO national staff Country Director was driving into Quezaltepeque to Santa Tecla railroad when an armed man attempted to stop the car. Victim decided to accelarate the vehicle and in order to avoid any shot she lowered her head. The car crashed into a barrier and rolled over. The CD was injured but recovered well.

679Dec142006DR Congo010000010100001001BAIAH1.458333330.4333333

1 INGO national staff member was brutally attacked and robbed in their home. Needed hospitalization

5922006DR Congo001000010100001010RSAUU-2.981434423.8222636

1 national staff of an NGO (a partner organization of an INGO) raped

468Aug272006DR Congo010000100100001100SIAP1.65850129.220455

1 INGO national staff shot twice in the head in a grocery store in Goma while wearing a t-shirt with the INGO's logo.

418Jan2006DR Congo030000003300003102KAmR-0.841180229.3884586

3 INGO national staff kidnapped: vehicles hijacked with their drivers for 7 days (1 for 7 days, 2 for 3 days) in Rutshuru. By FARDC to transport troops & materials.

416Jan2006DR Congo100000100100001100UAmU1.65850129.220455

1 UN national staff driver killed during robbery by military in Goma.


2 INGO international (1 British, 1 Dutch) staff kidnapped by ELN in the Norte de Santander, with demands that the govt turn over the body of leader Wildemar Castro. Treated well and released unharmed.


1 INGO national staff wounded when rebels took the town of Biltine and forced the INGO staff member to hand over a car, after which victim was severely beaten. They returned a few days later and took another vehicle from the compound the INGO staff were sheltering in.


1 INGO national staff killed and 1 national staff wounded by armed men on horseback in southeast Chad, Nov 15/16. 7 employees and 3,200 displaced people remain missing as of Nov 20. Attack occurred near Koloy


1 INGO international staff assaulted and hospitalized after their compound in Guereda was robbed by armed men, Aug. 4. Two other intl staff were assaulted but not hospitalized (not counted here).


1 UN international (Spanish) staff shot and seriously wounded by gunman in military fatigues during hijacking of vehicle in Abeche, May 7.

428Apr92006Central African Republic300000210300003102SAmR5.2516917.64362

2 UN national staff doctors were killed and 1 national staff driver wounded by unknown armed men who fired on their vehicle between Bossembele and Yaloke, northwest of Bangui, April 9.


1 NGO national staff killed: Initial reports state that an NGO employee was allegedly taken out from his residence by a group of assailants in the area. Later on he was found killed in the nearby village. No further information available at this stage.


1 INGO national staff member killed by small arms fire at their residence. According to the report, the victim was shot after returning from a party. The murdered staff member was a district program manager/ head of sub-office in Baghlan-e-Jadid district. Four suspected men (who accompanied the victim from the party to his home) were arrested by the police. A police investigation is ongoing


1 NGO national staff shot dead by two unknown perpetrators in front of home. The victim was working as a teacher of the NGO's educational project. The motive behind of this killing is still unclear and it is possible that this was some kind of personal / family enmity, not a political act.


2 NGO national staff were snatched by unidentified armed men in Paktia's Zurmat district on, Wednesday Dec 6. The men were visiting a hospital that the aid group runs in the area.


5 NGO national staff kidnapped in Paktya province, Nov 5. No parties have claimed responsibility.


1 NGO national staff kidnapped when armed men attempted to kidnap eight national staff members at an IDP camp basic health care clinic in Kandahar province, Nov 2. Seven of the eight managed to escape. No parties have claimed responsibility.


4 UN national staff kidnapped in Zormat district of the eastern Paktia province while on their way to visit a new school. No word on whether have been released.


3 NGO national staff killed and 1 national staff injured when a remote-controlled bomb exploded under their car just south of the capital, Sept 16.


3 INGO (1 international [Colombian], 2 national) staff kidnapped ,Sept 9; released Sept 29.


2 INGO national staff guards found dead after two armed men climbed over the wall into an INGO office compound in the in Badghis Province, Bala Murghab District, Aug 27. Reportedly the perpetrators damaged (did not steal) office equipment, broke the wind


1 INGO national staff in Logar province wounded by an IED at their house. The bomb was rigged to the entry gate. Unclear if targeted for INGO work or if it was personal.


2 INGO national staff killed when their vehicle in Ghor province was ambushed by gunmen firing AK-47s. No known motive.


1 NGO national staff wounded when health clinic was attached in Farah Province, Bakwa District, July 10. Unknown perpetrators hit the guard and burnt a flying coach vehicle (used as ambulance), a motorbike and broke the doors and the windows of the c


3 INGO national staff kidnapped while driving in eastern Nuristan province, June 22; released after 4 days.


1 INGO national staff driver killed and 2 national staff injured when militants attacked their car in Charbolak district of Balkh province.


3 donor agency national staff killed in remote control bomb attack on bridge in Badakshan, May 30.


4 INGO national staff shot and killed inside their car while traveling between Abas and Chapa Chi Ariq villages in Jawzjan, May 30. 4 men were later arrested. No motive established.


4 NGO national staff killed when their car hit a landmine, May 22. One doctor, two nurses and their driver.

436May172006Afghanistan100000010100001100VBIED-S UU33.9391167.709953

I UN national staff driver wounded when UN vehicle hit by suicide bomber in Kandahar, May 17.


1 UN national staff killed, 1 NGO national staff doctor killed, and 1 UN national staff program manager wounded (lost leg) when the vehicle came under rocket fire in Heart, May 12.


5 NGO national staff medical workers, in Darrah-i-Bohm, Badghis tied up and killed in clinic attack.


1 NGO national staff killed in Lashkargah, Helmand. 1 or 2 shot at mosque.

1329Nov232006Sri Lanka010000100100001100SIAH7.2975481.68202

An INGO national staffer was shot dead in front of his home by armed men thought to be representatives of or associated with the Sri Lankan counter-insurgency Special Task Force 


2 national RC workers injured in an attack on an aid convoy in northern Yemen in Saada province, close to the Saudi border, May 2. Saada is the site of a Shiite rebellion against Yemen's Sunni-dominated govt. No word on motive.


1 INGO national staff hospitalized after major assault during robbery


1 INGO national staff guard was shot dead when returning from town in the evening. The police believe it was a robbery.


2 INGO national staff killed and 1 national staff wounded, who escaped, by gunmen in Amuru district on Wednesday. Banditry is rife across northern Uganda, scarred by two decades of insurgency by the LRA and widespread cattle rustling by AK-47-toting Karamojong warriors. Both have a habit of ambushing then looting civilian vehicles."We suspect these were just armed thugs who targeted the cash," an army spokesman for northern Uganda, told Reuters. "It doesn't look like an LRA attack and there are no Karamojong warriors in Amuru."The LRA normally burn vehicles after attacks, but Magezi said the attackers merely robbed cash and escaped.


1 UN national staff driver killed in an ambush by gunmen, after which the UN agency temporarily suspended aid to half a million people in Uganda's drought-prone Karamoja region.


4 INGO national staff injured and 1 INGO national staff killed when a terrorist bomb exploded at a local shop in Pattani province, December 4 . One national staff and their 9yr son died at the hospital that night, while other staff were injured.


1 INGO national staff was arrested and hospitalized after beaten by police.


1 UN national staff contractor killed.


1 national staff contractor killed.


1 INGO national staff murdered. Motive unknown


1 INGO national staff killed during ethnic strife/ staff relocation.


One INGO national staff shot during armed robbery.


One INGO national staff member hospitalized after attack. Motive related to ethnic violence.


1 INGO national staff driver kidnapped and car stolen; driver was freed a few days later after intervention of the Sudanese authorities.


One INGO national staff (locally trained nurse) was killed by drunken soldier in dispute over nurse's cattle. The INGO claims the incident was not aid or organization-related.


1 INGO international staff beaten in an armed attack on Kulbus compound, one vehicle and two thurayas stolen.


1 INGO national staff detained and beaten severely by local security forces, a result of local Dinka-Acholi tensions over land.


1 INGO national staff shot and killed when fleeing the town of Muhajeria which was attacked, 8 October. 13 humanitarian workers were evacuated on the following day after heavy fighting and violence. Other staff members fled in an attempt to join and protect their families.


2 UN national staff contracted drivers contracted shot and killed by unidentified assailants in Darfur, 16 October. The incident occured in South Darfur on the road between the town of Ed Daien and the city of El Obeid. The men were returning to El Obeid after delivering supplies.


1 UN national staff trucking co partner was killed in South Darfur on the road between the state capital Nyala and the city of El Fasher, capital of North Darfur, 12 October.


1 INGO nationals staff driver was tied up and beaten and being treated at a UN clinic in Nyala.


3 INGO national staff wounded when armed men ambushed an aid convoy in Darfur, which included eight staff members. The convoy was attacked some 25 miles south of Nyala. The INGO has scaled back its operations in South Darfur after its staff suffered three attacks within a week.


2 INGO national staff abducted at gunpoint when two unknown armed men stopped an INGO vehicle returning from El Hamidiya IDP camp to Zalingei, 30 May. UNDSS informed the police and local commissioner about the incident, but the two staff members and vehicle are still missing.


1 INGO national staff guard/pump operator shot and killed on way home from work- a water point in Khamsa Degaig camp for internally displaced persons in Zalingei, West Darfur, 17 June. The victim was ordered to stop by three unidentified men in civilian clothes. After refusing to stop, one of the three men shot him three times at point blank range and died immediately.


1 UN national staff contractor and 1 IO national staff abducted at the market area in Kutum by Arab Militias base in Sheik Abu Da Bagi, 20 Jan.; later released on 21 January.


1 NGO national staff security guard was badly beaten up and is in a critical condition in Um Dukhun, Darfur.


One UN national staff (guard) underwent medical treatment after being shot when four armed men looted food items from a UN agency.


1 INGO national staff guard sustained injuries when two armed men in military uniform entered an INGO compound in Um Dukhum in W. Darfur early in the morning of 13 February in an attempt to loot money. They attacked the guard who sustained injuries before fleeing the scene. Two staff members of the INGO living nearby came to the rescue of their colleagues and while they were transporting the injured to the hospital, their house was robbed.


One UN national staff assaulted by a group of unidentified men while walking home in southern Sudan, 17 Feb. Victim was beaten with sticks and sustained injuries. The attackers took his money and other personal belongings.


2 INGO national staff severely beaten up when ten unknown armed men forced entrance into an INGO guesthouse in Saleah, 18 April. They severely beat up the INGO representative and his wife (not included here) as well the guard. They took the keys of the INGO vehicle at gun point and fled with the vehicle.


1 INGO national staff driver missing when three unknown armed men entered an INGO compound in Kalma IDP camp (15 km East of Nyala) with two AK-47s, one G3 and a hand grenade, 21 April. The perpetrators took the key to an INGO vehicle with one of the driver who drove them out of the camp. The driver is still missing.


2 INGO nationals staff injured when unknown armed men attacked an INGO vehicle near Marla (55 km South East of Nyala, South Darfur), 23 April. They shot at the vehicle.


1 INGO national staff driver was hijacked with an INGO vehicle, 19 April; released on 25 April near the Chad/Sudan border and returned to El Fasher. The vehicle is still missing.


1 INGO national staff guard sustained serious injuries when four unknown armed men raided the compound in Umm Dukhum in West Darfur, April 4.


1 INGO national staff driver briefly abducted and beaten in eastern Jebel Marra in Darfur.


One UN national staff killed and 1 national staff of an intl organization wounded in an ambush in southern Sudan, Jan 10. Travelling with an SPLA armed convoy.

680Apr212007Sri Lanka010000010100001100LMAmR8.459492481.2309621

1 INGO national staff injured by a IED/Claymore attack, as he happened to pass by on a motorbike.

587Dec142007Sri Lanka001000100100001100KKIAH9.664925580.0091719

1 national RC volunteer abducted and murdered in the island's army-held northern Jaffna peninsula. Victim was abducted by unidentified gunmen from his Jaffna home on Friday in front of his family, and his corpse was found on Sunday. Nordic truce monitors blame state security forces for the killings. "Definitely this (latest killing) must have been done by the LTTE to discredit the military and to show that we did it, so we deny that," said a military spokesman.

573Sep272007Sri Lanka010000100100001100RIEDAmR8.978018879.9148547

1 NGO national staff killed by roadside bomb. The victim was providing food for displaced people inside a rebel-held area in Mannar, Sri Lanka and was killed by a remotely launched mine attack.

563Aug202007Sri Lanka020000110200002200SAmR9.666980.0181

1 INGO national staff killed and 1 national staff injured by unidentified gunmen on motorcycles in Jaffna, as they traveled to work. The group, which has 300 staff in Jaffna, had suspended its work on the peninsula to determine how to improve staff security.

561Jul242007Sri Lanka010000100100001001SIAU9.2880.25490821

1 INGO national staff shot and killed by gunman in the island's army-held far northern Jaffna peninsula.

552Jun132007Sri Lanka010000000001011100SIAP7.747581.59545919

1 INGO international (Filipino) staff wounded after being shot Wednesday night in northeastern Sri Lanka. Victim was shot and wounded by navy troops after he strayed too close to a naval camp in eastern Sri Lanka where security forces are battling Tamil Tiger rebels, the military said Thursday.

547Jun42007Sri Lanka002000200200002200KKUU6.6804880.401919

2 national RC workers who had been abducted by gunmen claiming to be police in Colombo, have been shot dead. The bodies of the two men were found in Ratnapura district, about 100km (60 miles) south-east of Colombo. 

540Mar242007Sri Lanka004000130400004103LMAmR8.978018879.9148547

1 NGO national staff killed and 3 national staff injured when Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldiers exploded a claymore mine targeting a vehicle belonging to the aid agency in Mannar at around 12.30pm on Saturday.


2 NGO national staff wounded when driving their belonging to an INGO. The gunmen stopped the car and reportedly shot and wounded the two occupants before driving away with the vehicle.


1 NGO national staff security guard killed and 1 national staff driver seriously wounded when the NGO mission was ambushed between Dobley and the Kenyan border. 2 other staff lightly wounded (not counted here).


1 NGO national staff Chairman killed in Olympic district by unknown gunmen. Reports add that he had travelled from Kismayo to attend a workshop.


1 INGO national staff driver (daily hire) killed and 1 national staff injured when TFG forces starting shooting at unmarked vehicle passing a military convoy (the Prime Minister


2 INGO international (1 Spanish, 1 Argentine) staff (a doctor and nurse) kidnapped and freed, Jan 2. The police captured two of the kidnappers after a heavy exchange of gunfire. The abduction in Bosasso port came two days after gunmen in Puntland released a French journalist whom they kidnapped and held for eight days demanding $80,000 in ransom.


1 NGO national staff killed when was hit by a stray bullet while distributing food at camp for the displaced on the outskirts of Mogadishu, 15 November. Victim was seriously wounded in the accident and died the next day at the Medina hospital.


1 UN national staff kidnapped: 60 armed men had stormed the UN agency compound in the south of Mogadishu and marched away with the agency head at gunpoint. The UN halted food distribution in response. The Mayor of Mogadishu, said that the humanitarian organisations were fuelling the insurgency by feeding terrorists in the camps. Last month he cut off water supplies to several of the sprawling tent cities. Aid workers and diplomats suggested that he was the most likely figure behind yesterday


1 national RC driver seriously injured when three gunmen armed with pistols carjacked a vehicle at Bakara market in Hawil-wadag district in Mogadishu.


One UN national staff shot and killed by unidentified clan gunmen Tuesday afternoon in Abudwak, a town in the central Somali region of Galgadud. The victim was targeted for clan-related reasons, reliable sources in Abudwak said.


1 INGO national staff gunned down by an


2 INGO national staff a doctor and his driver killed by gunmen in southern Somalia. The doctor was slain late Wednesday in El-Berde, about 400 kilometres (250 miles) northwest of the capital Mogadishu. Orgnaization rep said he might have been a victim of an inter-clan feud in the region. Residents said the gunmen also shot the driver as he tried to protect the aid worker. "Three men armed with AK 47 rifles stopped the doctor in town and one of them shot him twice. His driver, Lel Idris, was also shot by another gunman while trying to protect the doctor," said Hassan Sheik Ali, a resident. It was not immediately clear whether the driver was an IMC employee


1 UN national staff guard was killed while helping repulse a new pirate attack on a ship that had just delivered UN food assistance to the Somali port of Merka. As a result, the agents of a UN-contracted vessel this morning refused to allow the ship loaded with food to sail for Somalia.


1 UN national staff guard wounded when gunmen wearing (government) uniforms attacked the UN office in Mogadishu. The UN security guards repelled them.


2 INGO international (1 British, 1 Kenyan) staff kidnapped by gunmen in northern Somalia's semi-autonomous Puntland region, May 9; released May 14. There have been suggestions the aid workers were seized for use as a bargaining chip in a dispute between fishermen and the national authorities over impounded fishing vessels.

754Nov222007Papua New Guinea020000020200002002BAAmR-5.6816069144.2489081

2 INGO national staff were beaten in ambush when a group of approx. 10 youth blocked the road in front of INGO vehicle and robbed the team of cash, but left vehicle.


4 INGO national staff killed and 6 national staff injured when an INGO vehicle was struck by a roadside IED in the Ushu Valley, near the tourist resort of Kalam in the Swat district.


8 NGO national staff injured, two critically, when an explosive device went off outside the office and residential compound of a national NGO running health and education projects. Staff were asleep inside. We have suspended our operations. Our staff has been evacuated," Michael McGrath, country director of Save the Children US in Pakistan's North West Frontier Province (NWFP) told IRIN, noting that all 95 staff members - international and national - had been moved out of Battagram and the nearby town of Bana


2 INGO national staff wounded when a bomb exploded in the residential compound in Pakistan's earthquake hit area.

545Jun132007Occupied Palestinian Territories100000100100001001SCU31.477287134.3215106

One UN national staff was shot in the head. The agency is temporarily suspending all but emergency medical and food programmes. The victim appears to have been caught in the crossfire and not targeted because of UN affiliation.

544Jun122007Occupied Palestinian Territories100000100100001001SCU31.477287134.3215106

One UN national staff was shot and died the following day.  The agency is temporarily suspending all but emergency medical and food programmes. The victim appears to have been caught in the crossfire and not targeted because of UN affiliation.

542May212007Occupied Palestinian Territories100000010100001001UCU31.64974135.162072

1 UN national staff wounded.

515Mar132007Occupied Palestinian Territories001000100100001001UUU31.64974135.162072

1 NGO national staff abducted in front of their son by unknown men and found dead the next day.


1 INGO national staff and 2 national staff of partner NGOs were abducted. Found after a 3-day search and released, the vehicle was stolen


1 UN national staff stabbed to death by robbers in what the agency called a non-work related incident.


1 INGO national staff hospitalized after 'major assault'. Motive unknown.


2 national RC workers killed Monday at a Palestinian refugee camp in northern Lebanon as Lebanese forces and Islamic militants battled. The two were killed when a militant group's mortar shell struck their vehicle


1 INGO international staff Regional Director killed in a carjacking attempt in Nairobi.


1 INGO national staff paralyzed after being shot.


1 INGO national staff of UN agency partner organization staff kidnapped and killed by armed militia members on Tuesday. The victim's body and that of a friend (not included here) were later located at a morgue. Initial reports indicate that the murder was an act of militia retaliation against sectarian minorities in southern Iraq, and not deliberate targeting of humanitarian workers.


1 INGO national staff doctor kidnapped early on Monday on his way home from work and killed in the southern city of Basra. The organisation has suspended its demining programme in the region until the circumstances of the murder have been clarified. His body was found two days later and the preliminary investigation does not indicate that this crime was an attack against the demining work" of the organisation.


1 NGO national staff killed while trying to deliver aid to a neighbourhood in Sadr City [a Shia-dominated area of Baghdad]. Militants stopped his car and asked for his documents. When they saw from his surname that he was a Sunni Muslim, they took him away. His body was found two days later near the capital.


1 INGO national staff volunteer killed.


1 IFI national staff driver seriously wounded in a shooting in Baghdad; was evacuated from the country.


1 UN national staff engineer shot while driving car in Baghdad at night. Perpetrators/motives unknown.


3 INGO national staff contracted guards hospitalized


1 INGO international staff kidnapped in Carrefour-feuilles, Port-au-Prince, July 21; released by kidnappers on July 23 at c. 20:30. Vehicle stolen during kidnapping but recovered by police.


Haitian national staff kidnapped for ransom


1 donor agency international staff former policeman was bashed on Sunday night after four thugs broke into his home and tied him up. Suva police said yesterday that the man needed 15 stitches.


2 donor agency international staff, believed to be former policemen, suffered minor injuries after they were caught up in the robbery of a Suva restaurant, April 17.


1 UN national staff contractor killed.


1 INGO national staff driver and car taken, driver held hostage for a few days before escaping. Assailants fled to Sudan.


3 INGO international staff beaten when four staff and a rental car driver were ambushed (only counted the the three). Two vehicles and their contents were stolen. Staff were considered missing for many hours as they made their way back to base.


1 UN national staff driver shot and killed working out of the agency's field office in Danamadji. The circumstances surrounding the shooting are still not clear.


2 INGO international staff (of two different INGOs) and 1 INGO national staff security guard injured when armed rebels and unidentified gunmen entered two towns in eastern Chad at the weekend after rebel factions abandoned a month-old ceasefire. The gunmen, whose identity is unclear, used the butt of a rifle to beat the two internationals and a security guard was hit in the leg by a bullet. Most aid workers there pulled back to the nearby town of Goz Beida, and aid sources said humanitarian agencies would decide on Monday whether to evacuate all their staff from the area.


1 NGO international staff kidnapped by rebels while he was in the northern part of the country, Oct. 10.

549May192007Central African Republic010000001100001001KUU6.3193316.37992

1 INGO national staff nurse abducted along with another health worker (not included) abducted by armed men in the bush 38km from Bozoum, 19 May; released on Sunday. The INGO decided not to resume activities in northwestern Central African Republic, despite the release of two kidnapped health workers because of insecurity

543Jun112007Central African Republic010000000010011010SAmR7.2426916.44059

1 INGO international (French) staff shot and killed Monday while traveling from the group's regional base in the African country as part of an ``exploratory mission'' checking on health conditions in the town of N'Gaoundal. Rebels control much of the area where the victim was killed, but it was unclear whether they were involved in the attack


1 INGO international (French) staff killed and 1 INGO international (French) one badly wounded and evacuated. Three INGO international staff were escorting two national colleagues to the INGO's regional headquarters in Ruyigi province, when a gunman opened fire late Monday. The agency also said it was temporarily suspending all its operations in the central African nation until more information was available about the incident, but had no immediate plans to evacuate its staff. Thge INGO said they didn't know if we were targeted as a humanitarian agency or if they were under fire by accident. There are several hypotheses with one reporter cited as saying,"They fled after that without trying to steal if the whole operation had been aimed to kill."


2 donor agency international staff in captivity by Myanmar militants since June 25 in forests managed to foil a rescue mission by Bangladesh security forces and escaped after an hour-long exchange of fire. Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) personnel closed in on the kidnappers in Thanchi forests in Chittagong Hill Tracts on Friday. Freed later.


3 UN international (1 Filipino, 1 Senegalese, 1 Danish) staff and 5 UN national staff killed, 1 UN international staff and 2 UN national staff injured in the blast at the UN compound. Al Qaeda claimed responsibility. 


1 INGO national staff engineer kidnapped when traveling from his workplace in Parwan town to his home in Kabul, 24 Jan. The victims vehicle was waved off the road by and approached by a man dressed in army fatigues and bearing weapons. The victim was not mistreated, tortured or threatened in any way. None of his possessions were taken. Released on 27 Jan.


1 INGO national staff killed when an INGO vehicle with 6 occupants was ambushed.


1 INGO national staff security guard found dead with 2 stab wounds to the stomach


2 NGO national staff (a doctor & his driver) were found dead in Chack District.


1 NGO national staff killed when two armed men entered the victim's home.


1 NGO national staff shot and killed by an armed group.


1 INGO national staff killed at their residence


1 INGO national staff killed at home in a target killing.


1 INGO national staff injured on his way to work by blast from suicide bomber attack on a police station.


2 INGO international (Banglasdeshi) staff kidnapped and 1 national staff wounded by unidentified gunmen Thursday. The two international staff were taken from their office in Moi Mobarok in the provincial capital.


1 UN national staff truck driver shot and killed and 1 UN national staff abducted and remains missing. The incident occured while delivering UN humanitarian assistance last Sunday. A truck carrying 14 tons of high energy biscuits for the UN agency was ambushed by armed men on the road from Kandahar to Helmand in southern Afghanistan.


2 INGO national staff (driver and a skilled staffer) were snatched from the Baraki Barak district while travelling to Kabul. The two workers had completed a water and sanitation project in Logar when kidnapped by an armed gang Sunday. That the kidnappers had not made very specific demands but the main motive behind the abduction was ransom. The aid group was holding talks with the kidnappers through local elders but it would not pay a ransom.


2 ICRC national staff and 2 international (1 Burmese, 1 Macedonian) kidnapped Wednesday in central Wardak province by Taliban militians; released Saturday. They were "Our mujahideen detained the Red Cross workers in Wardak province without knowing they were ICRC staff," said a Taliban spokesman who declined to be named. "We have nothing against the Red Cross and we are going to release them soon."


1 INGO international (Bangladeshi) staff kidnapped by six unknown men who entered the office and forcefully took him away in Logar province on Saturday; released December 8. Police arrested two (other report says three) men who said they were involved and were robbers but police said they had not stolen anything and may have been linked to a militant group.


1 INGO international (Bangladeshi) staff who was working for an agency providing small financial support for locals was shot dead by two unknown gunmen while he was traveling in on a motorbike northeastern Badakhshan province on Wednesday afternoon. Some locals said another Bengalese was injured, but the police did not confirm (not included). No one has claimed responsibility, and the motivation for the attack was not immediately known. But the police said one suspect was arrested. Local officials blamed the killing on highway robbers.


1 INGO international staff seized from a Kabul restaurant while having lunch with her husband on Saturday. A spokesman on a video said the abductors were not Taliban, but belonged to a "special network".He demanded the release of the group's men held by President Hamid Karzai's government


2 INGO national staff were shot and killed in an attack in Logar Province southeast of the capital Kabul by unidentified gunmen.


1 donor agency national staff killed and 2 national staff injured Friday after suspected Taliban ambushed their convoy


2 INGO national staff, a doctor and his chauffeur, were on a work visit and failed to return to the hospital where they are based, when they were kidnapped in eastern Afghanistan.


2 INGO international (Japanese) staff wounded passing through traffic circle in Kabul when Taliban bombed a police academy bus at Kabul


1 UN national staff driver was shot dead on the way to work in the southern province of Kandahar by unidentified men on a motorbike. Police are now looking for the assassins


1 INGO national staff driver killed when pulled from truck in Kunduz province on Sunday evening and shot. The vehicle was set on fire. 2 national staff other employees are missing.


2 INGO international (French) staff and 3 national staff (cook, driver and bodyguard) kidnapped by Taliban insurgents in Nimroz province, April 3; he two internationals released April 28 and May 11; 3 nationals released May 27.


Four UN contractors and 1 national staff driver were killed when a powerful remote-controlled bomb destroyed a UN vehicle in Kandahar, April 17.


1 INGO international (German) staff killed when vehicles of INGO came under fire in Shar-e-Pul Province, March 8. 3 Afghans were robbed (not included) but let go while the German was killed later.

1330Apr12007Sri Lanka090000630900009900SRPS8.459492481.2309621

Six national staffers working for an INGO on a post-tsunami construction project were killed and three seriously wounded, when unknown gunmen attacked at Mailampaaveli in Batticaloa district around 7:30PM on 1 April 2007. LTTE and government forces each blamed the other side.

1331Oct282007Sri Lanka010000100100001100SIAH9.666980.0181

A national staffer of an INGO was killed by an unknown gunman at his home.

1332Nov102007Sri Lanka001000100100001100KKRH8.9833379.9

A local NGO staffer was abducted from a private home by LTTE forces and later killed.

1333Nov162007Sri Lanka010000100100001100SAmR9.664925580.0091719

A local staffer of an INGO was ambushed and shot dead on his way home from a Temple service.


1 INGO international (German) staff and their visiting parents (not included) were kidnapped in Dhamar province, located about 65 miles south of the Yemeni capital, Sanaa, Dec. 15 ; released 19 December. Kidnappers, who belong to the powerful Bani Dhabian tribe, abducted the three as they drove their car outside the historic city of Rada'a, about 130 kilometers south of Sana'a. Tribal sources said five men armed with AK-47 rifles snatched the three Germans from their car as they left Rada'a on the way to Sana'a.


1 INGO international (Australian) staff charity worker been shot dead in Tanzania. Victim had been working in the town of Arusha in northern Tanzania for the past 18 months and was killed on Monday during a robbery.


1 INGO national staff wounded in armed robbery.


1 ICRC national staff killed when armed men entered the ICRC compound.


1 NGO national staff, a UN implementing partner staffer, was killed in Kaikuny, 3 August 2008.


1 UN national staff physically assaulted while travelling on private business in Nyala and sustained injuries.


1 UN international staff member was injured during a robbery attack in Khartoum.


One UN national staff injured while being attacked by a civilian in southern Sudan.


1 UN national staff seriously injured during an attempted carjacking in West Darfur, 12 January 2008


1 INGO national staff murdered while off duty. Motive unknown.


2 INGO national staff of the local partners killed in ambush. Motive deemed political.


1 INGO national staff hospitalized after shooting. Motive deemed as 'theft'.


1 INGO national staff killed in attempted robbery.


1 INGO national staff wounded in armed robbery.


1 UN national staff contracted driver aid shot and killed and 1 UN national staff guard injured delivering food on a main transport route between North and South Darfur.


Two UN national staff (contracted driver and assistant) were shot and killed by unknown assailants after delivering humanitarian food supplies to the town of Rumbek, southern Sudan.


1 INGO national staff (cleaner) was taken from his/her bed, beaten and stabbed in the hand. It appears to be a personal dispute.


1 INGO national staff guard shot dead while on personal business. It subsequently became known that the victim was involved in a rebel group and the killing may have been politically motivated.


1 INGO national staff injured when three armed men entered the compound, punched and kicked a member of staff to force him to hand over valuables and then locked him in his room.


2 INGO international (American) staff, a husband and wife, were attacked and beaten by a mob of students in a predominantly Christian in the town of Julud in southern Sudan. The reasons for the attack are still unclear, but the INGO said the two were targeted during a student protest against a local school rising tuition fees. The students attacked the victims and ransacked their office.


6 INGO national staff injured when masked men armed with an AK-47 and hand grenade abducted and beat up the victims on the road to a volatile camp Darfur. The aid workers had been in a convoy heading to Kalma camp in south Darfur. The six aid workers - all Sudanese - are employed by an international aid organisation, which asked not to be named. Three of them were taken to hospital after the attack.


1 INGO national stafff driver who was hired by a local NGO partner of the INGO in Darfur, to take staff home, was killed on Wednesday, July 19. Victim was stopped on the road from Mershing to Nyala and was shot and killed by a man carrying a weapon.


Three UN national staff beaten to death by a mob on Thursday in the region near the border with Chad in circumstances that are still unclear.


One UN international (Ugandan) staff truck driver ambushed and killed after delivering food supplies to the agency's warehouse in Juba. Assistant escaped after steering the truck to a stop 300 metres from the site of the attack.


1 UN national staff contracted driver was killed.


2 UN national staff contracted drivers on their way to the Abyei state were stabbed to death by six assailants.


4 UN national staff of state water corporation team partner program, hijacked and kidnapped.


1 donor agency international (American) staff and 1 national staff driver shot and killed in ambush during a New Years celebrations in Khartoum, January 1. The little-known froup Ansar Al Tawhid (Companions of Monotheism) soon claimed responsibility for the killings.

1222Oct102008Sri Lanka010000010100001001ABCU9.1666780.41667

1 INGO national staff injured when trying to come out from the fighting area on A9 Road and closer to Omanthai. The victim's left leg was injured in an artillery shelling.

865Jan162008Sri Lanka001000100100001010UUU6.871481.3487

1 national RC worker killed in Okkampitiya, Monaragala.

800Dec232008Sri Lanka000100100100001001SIAOC7.3333380.75

1 ICRC national staff shot outside office.

757Feb252008Sri Lanka010000001100001001KUU6.82879.93195613

1 INGO national staff abducted by unknown men; released 2 days later in Colombo.

1215Oct272008Sri Lanka100000010100001100ABAmU8.459492481.2309621

1 UN national staff in Sri Lanka was injured during a hand grenade attack at a police checkpoint in Batticaloa.

670May152008Sri Lanka010000001100001100KUU6.93428779.8532704

1 INGO national staff driver in Sri Lanka has been missing and assumed kidnapped. Victim was last seen when he dropped off some colleagues at the country office in Colombo on Thursday 15th May. He has now been missing for six months and there has been no contact with him, neither directly or by phone.

653Nov272008Sri Lanka010000100100001100SIAU8.459492481.2309621

1 INGO national staff shot and killed in Batticalao District.


1 UN national staff was injured during a shooting incident in Merka.


1 UN national staff shot and injured while travelling in a private vehicle in Merka, 30 August 2008.


1 NGO national staff, a UN implementing partner staffer, was killed.


1 UN national staff contracted driver was killed


1 INGO national staff driver and a bystander (not included) injured when two armed men attempted to kidnap a senior INGO officer.


1 NGO national staff and 1 INGO international staff killed. The victims were working in coastal villages of Kismayo and Badhadhe districts and abducted by Al-Shabab members, executed on 1 June 2008.


2 INGO national staff were kidnapped at Bakara market area by suspected AOGs.


1 INGO national staff was reportedly shot and killed by TFG soldiers.


1 ICRC national staff guard killed when unidentified man hurled a hand grenade to a house of international organization


1 INGO national staff killed and two women wounded (not included) in a crossfire that involved al-Shabaab militias and Wajid airstrip guards. The guards were reportedly asked to hand over their weapons to the al-Shabaab militias which they refused prompting a shootout.


1 NGO national staff shot and killed by unidentified armed gunmen. The motive of the killing remains unclear.


1 NGO national staff shot and killed by two unidentified young men armed with pistols in Beletweyn. The motive behind the killing is not yet established.


1 INGO international staff killed by unidentified men armed with pistols. Victim was a Ugandan teacher working with an INGO based in Merka. The deceased was an English teacher teaching language classes for the IDPs families at the above mentioned location. Motive of the killing is not yet established.


1 NGO national staff assassinated by unidentified gunmen in Guri


1 INGO national staff senior project officer working in Kismayo was assassinated. The motive of the killing is not clear.


1 INGO national staff guard killed- ICU supporters in a minibus were stopped by Awdhegle District TFG troops at a check point 1-2 Kms out of the town. The ICU and TFG District forces exchanged small arms fire prompting INGO security guards who thought they were under attacked to open fire. During the incident 2 other people were killed (1TFG and 1 ICU supporter).


1 INGO national staff shot and killed by armed man within Mogadishu city limits; the motive for the attack is believed to be a personal, family-oriented dispute.


1 NGO national staff driver shot and killed by two men armed with pistols. The motive for the incident has not yet been established.


1 NGO national staff machine operator killed and 1 INGO national staff guard wounded when compound attacked. Motive: robbery, several valuable items were stolen.


One UN-contracted driver died after being shot at a checkpoint in central Somalia. The incident occurred when a convoy of 12 UN contracted trucks, loaded with food, was stopped by militiamen demanding money at an illegal checkpoint, 30 kilometres north of Galkayo in Mudug region. A militiaman opened fire on the trucks, and shot one of the drivers who later died in hospital. The 275 metric tons of food aboard the trucks was not looted.


1 ICRC national staff armed guard escorting an ICRC vehicle in Mogadishu was shot at by TFG police and died on the spot. Both the ICRC officer and his driver were briefly detained and then released. The ICRC is in contact with the relevant authorities in order to shed light on the circumstances of the incident.


2 NGO national staff killed: Approximately 30 persons made up of INGO local staff, LNGO staff, teachers, cyber caf


1 INGO national staff fatally shot by two gunmen when walking out of a mosque in Jamame, about 275 miles from the capital of Mogadishu. It is unclear who is behind the killings.


Four INGO international (2 French, 1 Bulgarian and 1 Belgian) staff and 2 Kenyan pilots (not included) kidnapped when a group of 40-50 militiamen with 3 technicals and 3 cars stormed the airstrip, after EC Flight (D-228) landed and finished offloading, taken hostages who were waiting to board the plane destined to Nairobi the two pilots. The INGO guards apparently did not try to repel the attackers and there were suspicions of a possible INGO connection with the kidnappers. Preliminary information indicates that a non-highly ideological Al-Shabab group would be behind the kidnapping.

645Oct292008Somalia800000260800008200VBIED-S ROC9.56033544.069722

Two UN national staff security assistant and a driver killed and 6 UN national staff were critically injured in the blast from a suicide vehicle bombing at a UN agency coumpound. An unknown vehicle driven by an unknown male individual drove up to the compound main gate and requested permission to enter. The vehicle and the driver were denied access and the vehicle proceeded to ram the entrance gate.


1 UN national staff shot dead by unidentified gunmen in the southern town of Hudur on Sunday. The chairman of Hudur claimed Islamist insurgents from the al Shabaab group were controlling the town. 


1 UN national staff killed by unknown gunmen. Victim was shot three times when leaving a mosque Friday evening in the port town of Merka.


One UN international (Italian) staff and one UN national staff were wounded and one UN national staff driver was killed in a remote-controlled IED attack in southern Somalia. Those wounded were not in critical condition, but the driver died on the way to the hospital.


2 INGO international (1 female Japanese, 1 male Dutch) staff abducted from the Ogaden region that borders Somalia; released 7 January 2009.


1 UN national staff shot in the head when leaving his home by an unknown assailant on Thursday.


2 UN national staff including a driver were killed by gunmen in southern Somalia. The staffer was killed after being abducted, trying to escape. The incident happened when he was off duty, visiting his home in Dinsor.


1 NGO national staff killed by unknown gunmen Wednesday on the outskirts of the capital Mogadishu. Victim was at home not far from the organization's center when the gunmen shot him six times on the head. Victim was taken to hospital and later died.


One UN national staff severely wounded Sunday in the southern town of Dinsor by unknown gunmen. Victim's car was stopped on the way between Dinsor and Baidoa, and he was shot several times and left for dead. The gunmen also fled with the victim's car.


1 NGO national staff killed in Elasha, south of Mogadishu by gunmen who fled. Gunmen shot dead the senior local aid worker on Friday. The charity had suspended all its operations in the area.


1 UN national staff contracted driver was killed and three others wounded (not included) when 29 trucks carrying food aid to Bay and Bakol had been stopped by local police and militia at a checkpoint.


1 UN national staff contractor was gunned down in the southern Somali town of Buale.


1 UN national staff killed by gunmen in Mogadishu. Victim shot leaving a mosque in the Bulohube district, in the south of the city, and died later in hospital. Several witnesses said a second man, whose identity has yet to be established, was seriously wounded in the attack (not included), which appeared to be premeditated.


4 INGO national staff and 1 UN national staff kidnapped near Elasha Biha area by ARS armed wing.


1 NGO national staff of a UN partner organization kidnapped and later shot dead in Mogadishu. Not clear why targeted, but local sources said a deputy had survived a hand grenade attack over the weekend in Afgoye, a town 30km south of Mogadishu. There were unconfirmed reports that the killing might be linked to a financial dispute.


2 INGO national staff (staff member and a driver) killed by unknown gunmen in El-Berde, 420 km northwest of Mogadishu. The victims were killed while travelling in a vehicle, having just left work. The organization suspends operations.


1 UN national staff taken from their home near Mogadishu around 8 pm. A group of men forcibly took the victim from his house; released 27th August 2008. Information indicated that criminals after financial gain could be behind his kidnapping and ICU would have mediated for his release. Sources also indicate that a ransom of between 40-60,000 USD would have been paid.


1 INGO natonal staff abducted near El-Dheer town in Galgadud region- the second staff member of the INGO to be abducted in six weeks.


1 UN national staff driver shot and killed by Somali gunmen while driving in a convoy of trucks taking relief food from Mogadishu to the Bay and Bakool regions.


2 NGO national staff (a director and his driver) were shot and killed by four men driving Suzuki vehicle. The killers took the vehicle, laptop computer, one mobile phone and a guard. Unconfirmed reports indicating that the killers are from the TFG forces based at Fagah road junction in Yaqshid district. Motive of the killing is not yet clear.


1 UN national staff security guard killed.


4 INGO national staff and 1 UN national staff kidnapped by Somali gunmen.


1 national RC driver shot and killed by two unidentified men armed with pistols overnight Thursday. The driver, rented his personal car for the use of the organization's humanitarian operations in Dhusamareb, the capital of Galgadud region. There was no motive available for the fatal shooting of the driver, but local sources expressed their suspicion that anti-government groups are responsible for the killing.


2 INGO international (Italian) staff and 1 INGO national staff kidnapped by gunmen in the Lower Shabelle region. The gunmen blindfolded the guards, then abducted the aid workers at the offices in Awdigle town, 65 km south of Mogadishu. The Italians were a man and a woman - released Aug 5. Reportedly senior LNGO director was killed by the AOG at the above mentioned location after allegedly found with enough evidence to have spied for the Americans.


2 UN international (1 British, 1 Kenyan) staff contractors seized by unknown gunmen in southern Somalia on their way to Buale. Taken to Jilib town 280km south of Mogadishu.


1 INGO international (German) staff kidnapped and 1 INGO national staff driver injured by gunmen in northern Somalia- a region disputed by the breakaway states of Puntland and Somaliland; released the next day following an operation by the Somaliland forces. The national staff victim was wounded during the abduction when gunmen opened fire to intercept their vehicle.


2 INGO international staff (1 French logistics expert, 1 Kenyan doctor) and 1 INGO national staff driver killed and 1 INGO international (Kenyan) wounded when a roadside IED detonated in close proximity to two INGO vehicles near the town of Kismayo. The first vehicle was hit badly and all three people died. The second vehicle carrying staff and a security guard hit the land mine lightly and the staff sitting at the front seat was wounded. Three other civilians were injured (not included) and a local journalist killed (not included). No one claimed responsibility.

1213Sep282008Sierra Leone010000010100001001UIAR8.2770009-10.5739431

1 INGO national staff was violently attacked when returning to work base from a weekend with family.


1 UN national (Filipino) staff killed by unidentified gunmen who attacked a UN truck on Mindanao island. The truck had just delivered food to hundreds of families displaced by fighting between the government and the separatist Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) when it was ambushed near the town of Calanogas in Lanao del Sur Province on the evening of 21 December.


2 NGO national staff kidnapped and held for ransom September 15 in Tipo-tipo town; five total aid workers kidnapped, three released same day . The armed men holding the staff were demanding a P7-million ransom. One staff freed at dawn on Oct. 30 after family and the NGO paid


1 INGO national staff abducted and released after 6 days. Motive deemed 'personal'


1 INGO national staff abducted and held for 8 days. Motive deemed 'political'.


2 INGO national staff kidnaped in NWFP Pakistan during a road movement; released unharmed 3 weeks later.


1 INGO national staff abducted from Dalla camp, Hangu by unidentified elements, 8 January 2009; later released unharmed.


3 UN national staff (two staff and a guard) were abducted earlier on Monday as they were travelling through the Khyber region, towards the Afghan border; released unharmed after security forces attacked the kidnap gang.


2 NGO national staff kidnapped as they traveled in the org's marked vehicle during mission to Torkham; released with no ransom paid after 14 days.


1 donor agency international (American) staff assassinated in his car Wednesday morning. The staff member and his Pakistani driver were shot as their car approached the house in Peshawar where the victim ran a project to bring small-scale projects and jobs to the Federally Administered Tribal Area, a stronghold of the Taliban and Al Qaeda. Pakistani officials in Peshawar said they did not know who was responsible for the shooting at around 8 a.m. in a residential area of the city known as University Town.


1 INGO international (Turkish) staff killed and 2 INGO international staff injured when a bomb exploded in a restaurant in Pakistan's capital at dinner time. 11 others injured in the blast (not included)


5 INGO national staff killed 7 INGO national staff injured and 1 INGO staff missing when the office of the INGO was attacked by a group of six to twelve men carrying guns and grenades. The men entered the office in Mansehra, North West Frontier Province, before opening fire indiscriminately and then setting off three explosive devices. The office building has burned to the ground. The INGO was given no specific warning of a threat to its staff or offices at this time. The motive for the attack is still unknown.

970Sep222008Occupied Palestinian Territories010000010100001001SCU32.220498635.2568883

One INGO national staff wounded in when military firearms discharged.

720May82008Occupied Palestinian Territories100000100100001010UUH31.49118934.444111

1 UN national staff school teacher killed at home in Gaza in an operation conducted by the Israel Defense Forces.


1 INGO international staff abducted by 'disgruntled beneficiary' and held for two days.


1 INGO national staff junior engineer abducted from Harsar village of Dhanusa district on January, 18, 2008 Friday at around 4:30 PM. He was abducted during the distribution of wage payment to the laborers at building construction site. Chairperson of building construction committee was also abducted (not included). Abductors came on motorbikes and forced 2 people to ride, got on the bikes and drove away. He was released on 20 Jan at 8 PM in the evening after the local partner NGO staff and community put pressure on abductors.


1 UN national staff in Mozambique was seriously injured during a robbery attack in front of his residence.


1 UN national staff in Mozambique injured during a armed robbery attack in Beira.


1 INGO national staff abducted by carjackers, forced to go with them, chased by the police who shot one of the car jackers forcing the car to crash.


1 INGO national staff severely injured in an armed robbery.


1 INGO national staff (driver) abducted after stopping by armed men who forced him to drive them. The driver saw a motorcyclist following them and the two men in his vehicle were phoning him giving each other instructions on how to attack the driver and get away with the vehicle. Upon hearing this, the driver decided to stop the vehicle removed the keys and ran away.In the process the robbers tore his shirt and cut him in the head with a knife.When the villagers came out for his rescue, the robbers fled without stealing anything from the vehicle.


1 INGO national staff nurse attacked and wounded by gunmen in a northern Kenya region which hosts camps for Somali refugees.


1 UN international (Zimbabwean) staff killed by unidentified gunmen in remote northwestern Kenya. Victim ambushed late on Wednesday while driving near a UN camp in Lokichoggio, the main humanitarian operations hub for South Sudan.


1 INGO national staff wounded when sexually assaulted.


1 INGO national staff wounded when sexually assaulted.


1 INGO national staff was the victim of a 'major assault' and hospitalized . Motive deemed 'personal'.


1 INGO national staff abducted for what the INGO deemed a 'likely scam".


1 UN national staff killed in Cap-Haitien allegedly because of a private dispute (investigation continues).


1 UN national staff kidnapped for ransom. Deemed "non-work related" by agency. Released, 23 October 2008.


1 INGO intenational (Canadian) staff medical aid worker kidnapped. Victim was abducted from an upscale Tomasin neighbourhood by suspected kidnapping network that has been working in the area for months. Released by captors shortly before midnight Wednesday night.


1 UN national staff in Ethiopia was shot and injured by armed robbers on the road between Dire Dawa and Addis Ababa, while travelling on private business , 1 July 2008.


Three national staff of a local partner organization of an INGO were killed in a mine incident returning from an area they worked under a sub-grant.

776Aug152008El Salvador010000100100001001UIAU13.692667-89.218216

1 INGO national staff of local partners murdered. Motive deemed 'personal'.

1212Dec102008DR Congo010000010100001001UAmR-1.620560129.1556919

1 INGO national staff attacked by FARDC elements in Nzulo, in Masisi territory, on the road towards Sake, 10 December. The victim was hospitalized and is in critical condition.

665Dec152008DR Congo020000110200002200UAmU-1.200361129.4308888

1 INGO national staff killed and 1 INGO national staff driver injured on Monday, 15 December 2008 in Burai, a few km outside of Rutshuru town. Their vehicle was attacked by a group of unidentified armed men.

663Dec112008DR Congo010000100100001100SIAH-2.50554128.859569

1 INGO national staff shot and killed on Thursday night by his home in the center of Bukavu.

1211Oct292008DR Congo020000000002022020UAmR-1.15766729.4312218

2 INGO international staff wounded when attacked as they sought to flee the town of Kiwanja, two hours north of Goma, October 29. Eight INGO vehicles carrying the three foreigners (there was also a Guinean doctor), all the Congolese staff not originally from the region, and some of their family members (a total of 28 persons), drove a few kilometres toward the Monuc base. There they joined other humanitarian vehicles and formed a "protected" convoy, with UN tanks and Uruguayan peacekeepers in the front and back of the line.

646Oct282008DR Congo010000100100001100UCU1.65850129.220455

1 INGO national staff 'magasinier' (warehouse manager) killed when Goma was almost taken by the CNDP, Oct 28.

640Sep252008DR Congo020000110200002002UROC1.9166730.5

1 INGO national staff cash-for-work worker killed, and 1 INGO national staff wounded. The personnel were attacked by an armed group while repairing a road along the Bunia-Iga-Nioka highway, in the territory of Djugu, 15 September. The attackers also took US$10,000, according to local authorities.


2 INGO national staff guards wounded.


2 INGO national staff guards wounded.


1 NGO national staff driver shot at his home and later died. When the driver opened said, the intruder shot him in the abdomen with a pistol. The driver was transported to hospital where he passed away around 01 h 30.


1 INGO national staff guard bound and beaten at INGO compound.


2 INGO national staff murdered - no further details given.


1 ICRC international staff shot twice by uniformed men in Abeche, Saturday night, 26 July, at 8:20pm. In a two car convoy entering the compound, the ICRC's staff received impact of bullets in the abdomen- was seriously injured and evacuated in Switzerland for further medical care. A laptop has been stolen during the attack. ICRC says that it is an act of banditry, a carjacking that could have been deadly. The staff has been relocated in Abeche and ICRC is not suspending humanitarian activities but will seriously think about the impact of this attack.


1INGO international (French) staff shot and killed while traveling in a three-car convoy of relief agencies near the Sudanese border. The convoy was stopped by a group of armed men who opened fire. The killing took place just 9 km (6 miles) east of Forchana, where French marines serving in the EU force (EUFOR) have set up a base and have been sending out regular patrols in the region.


1 INGO national staff was the victim of an armed robbery on the way home late at night, and was severely beaten in the process.


1 UN national staff shot and injured during a robbery attack at his private residence.


1 INGO international (French) staff killed and 1 INGO international (French) wounded. The two were travelling in a marked vehicle in Ruyigi when the gunman opened fire. The vehicle was not robbed and the reason for the attack was not known.


1 UN national staff shot and injured during an attack while driving in a private vehicle.


1 INGO international staff wounded in Afghanistan hotel bombing.


1 NGO national staff nurse killed when an IED exploded on the road to Shirzad village targeting an Afghan government vehicle. All the other occupants of the vehicle died (not included). The security team consisting of representatives from the various departments were visiting the village in connection with an investigation of a previous homicide.


1 INGO national staff and 2 ANP escorts (not included) killed when their vehicle suffered a remote control IED strike.


1 NGO national staff killed when two armed men wearing masks on motorbike forcefully entered into a Basic Health Clinic belonging to the NGO. Upon entering the compound, they initiated an attack against a national staff member killing her. There was a total of five staff members (including the midwife, Community Supervisor, 2 guards, and the Clinic Supervisor) present at the time of the incident. The perpetrators also stole mobile phones and other valuable belongings. The remaining 4 staff members who were left uninjured are now under investigation by the Government. No one has claimed the responsibility for the incident so far.


1 NGO national staff killed and 5 NGO national staff wounded when their locally run, internationally funded, NGO vehicle was struck by an IED.


1 NGO national staff kidnapped and found dead. The viticm was a NSP related engineer reported missing after attending a private party and dropped off at an office he was staying at. This staff member is reported as being from out of province whose only purpose for being in Nimroz was attending the party. He was subsequently found deceased on the 12th of July in Chakansour District, the victim of knife wounds. At this time it is unclear who the perpetrators were or why he was killed.


3 INGO national staff kidnapped by an AOG element. One of the INGO national staff (who is also reported to have been working with/or having association with a GoA office as well) along with 2 companions were traveling in a local taxi on the Kandahar


3 INGO national staff killed and one wounded when IMF conducted air strikes, against a reported AOG group. 22 civilians had been killed and seven others injured as a result of the strikes (not included).


2 NGO national staff (a guard and doctor) killed by the intruders, who then escaped leaving the facility undamaged. An unconfirmed number of individuals arrived at a clinic run by an INGO with intent to burn it down.


1 INGO national staff killed. The body of the staff member was found in close proximity to the victim


2 NGO national staff killed when their vehicle came under small arms fire attack in Archi District, Wazer Khil area of Kunduz Province. The vehicle was en route from Arich District to Kunduz city.


5 NGO national staff killed and 7 NGO national staff injured when a convoy consisting of four vehicles came under SAF attack in Surkh Tepa area of Faizabad District.


1 INGO national staff driver died from serious injuries when the INGO vehicle traveling from Mazar-e-Sharif to Jawzjan Province came under small arms fire attack by two unknown individuals riding a motorcycle. The other vehicle occupant escaped unharmed.


A NGO national staff shot and killed by unknown armed persons.


4 INGO staff (3 national, 1 intl) were badly shaken and suffered injuries incl whiplash, hearing loss when a two car INGO convoy was attacked by an RCIED.


1 INGO international staff shot and wounded by an Afghan police officer claiming to have mistaken the victim for a suicide bomber as he approached a road block on foot.


2 INGO national staff (doctor and a driver) were kidnapped while travelling between Kabul and Kunduz.


1 INGO national staff killed in Kabul on Sunday, when he was caught in a suicide attack against a passing vehicle. The victim was riding his bicycle in the area when the bomb exploded receiving lethal shrapnel wounds.


1 INGO national staff guard and his brother (not counted) were kidnapped by four armed men on motorbikes. On 30 November, after being questioned by the perpetrators, only the brother was released. The fate of the INGO staff member is currently uncertain; however, the rationale behind the incident appears to stem from a personal dispute between neighbors. 


1 UN national staff contract worker in Surkh Rod district of Nangarhar province in eastern Afghanistan, was shot dead in front of elders at a meeting on 26 November of the local shura at Lower Sheikh Mesri, a temporary settlement for returnees. The murderer has not been identified and reasons for the attack remain unclear. The victim was active on women's causes.


1 INGO international (French) staff kidnapped by gunmen off a neighborhood street Monday; released on 3 December.


1 INGO international (British/South African) staff shot dead by unidentified gunmen on motorcycles in Kabul early Monday. The aid worker was one of a team of women working with a faith-based INGO directing projects for the disabled.


1 INGO international (Bangladeshi) staff abducted by unknown gunmen in Afghanistan.


1 INGO international (Japanese) staff agriculture specialist kidnapped at gunpoint with his driver (not included) in eastern Afghanistan near the city of Jalalabad on Tuesday, and a spokesman for the Taliban has claimed the group was involved. It said the driver was released soon afterward. The Foreign Ministry said victim was the first Japanese to be kidnapped in Afghanistan. The victims body was later found and had been riddled with bullets.


1 INGO national staff found murdered in the region of Kunduz, 19 August. Victim was abducted while driving an INGO vehicle. The motives behind this murder are still unclear.


3 INGO international (1 British-Canadian, 1 Canadian, 1 Trinidadian-American) staff and 1 INGO national staff driver killed and 1 INGO national staff injured when gunmen opened fire on their vehicle near the capital Kabul. The INGO had "suspended its humanitarian aid programmes in Afghanistan indefinitely" following the attack.


2 INGO international (French) staff abducted by unidentified gunmen in Nili, the capital of Daykundi Province in central Afghanistan, 18 July. The INGO temporarily suspended its operations across the country for security reasons.


1 INGO international (American) staff and 1 INGO national staff driver kidnapped in Kandahar. Assumed killed. No group has claimed responsibility for the abductions, and the Taliban insurgents behind many of the recent year's kidnappings have denied involvement.


1 donor agency international staff killed in Taliban bombing of Serena Hotel.


1 UN national staff injured when stabbed by armed robbers at her home.


1 INGO international (Japanese) staff kidnapped by local tribesmen for leverage to have clansmen released; viticim released 7 days later.


15 RCS national staff kidnapped by rebel group.


4 INGO international (German, UK, South Korean) staff kidnapped from Yemen hopsital INGO program (9 in all kidnapped, including 3 children and 1 spouse - German) Government officials on Sunday accused a Shi'ite militant group. Later found dead .


1 INGO national staff injured when physically assaulted by a military office and his colleagues outside a bar.


1 INGO national staff wounded when shot while on a motorbike- no additional details provided.


1 INGO national staff assaulted by a military officer outside a bar- no additional details provided.


One INGO staff member was injured and suffered a mild concussion when a piece of brick was thrown through a window of an INGO guest house.


One INGO national staff was beaten and taken into custody by GoS police for unknown reasons. After arrival at the police station, he was immediately released. The staff member was brought to the clinic after he complained of pain in the head. No reason was given for his arrest despite inquiries.


One driver shot and seriously wounded when an INGO convoy of two vehicles was ambushed. The incident occurred a few hundred metres from a GoS checkpoint. The perpetrators robbed the passengers of cash and fled.


One INGO local staff was ambushed and shot by unknown armed persons while he was traveling on motorcycle. The staff member sustained gunshot wounds on his lower abdomen and was found by passerby, however he died shortly after.


One INGO staff member sustained head injuries during an attack that started when five armed men stopped and diverted an INGO rented truck with four national staff on board. The staff members were held for approximately three hours, robbed and beaten by perpetrators.


An INGO contracted driver was taken by two armed persons together with two vehicles and released by perpetrators four days later.


An INGO driver was abducted by eight armed bandits during a carjacking incident. He was released by the bandits and arrived in El Geneina town 3 days later.


One guard was hit on the head with a gun then tied up by perpetrators and later was taken to the hospital after six armed men scaled the INGO office fence and jumped inside.


One security guard beaten up and later treated by a doctor, during an armed robbery by some 19 men who entered the INGO compound. Stole vehicles, chattels and fuel.


Two guards seriously injured when five armed men entered the premises of an INGO clinic. The robbers stole all the medicines and fled. The two guards were treated at the hospital, one for a fractured hand and the other for facial injuries.


One INGO guard was tied up by rope and beaten by unknown armed men who had jumped over the perimeter fence of an INGO office. The men stole radios, tires and chairs, and threatened the guards.


1 UN national staff contracted driver was injured during a convoy attack.


1 UN national staff contracted driver was injured during a convoy attack.


1 UN national staff contracted driver killed.


1 UN national staff injured during an armed robbery in a store.


1 UN national staff shot in the leg while driving to work.


I UN national staff physically assaulted and injured by a military police officer.


1 UN national staff contract driver shot dead by suspected robbers in Al Deain in South Darfur on Tuesday.


1 INGO international staff wounded when armed raiders forced their way into an aid compound belonging to the INGO and opened fire.


1 IFRC international (French/British) staff kidnapped from Darfur by a group of armed men who later demanded $1 million ransom. Released, 18 March 2010.


2 INGO international (1 Irish, 1 Ugandan) staff kidnapped by a gang of armed men near Kutum, northern Darfur; both released 18 October.


2 INGO international (1 French, 1 Canadian) staff kidnapped. 2 INGO national staff kidnapped and released the same day (not included). The internationals (both female) held for 26 days. The workers were snatched on Saturday night from the group's offices south of South Darfur's capital Nyala and around 100 kilometres (65 miles) from the border with Chad. One of the kidnappers, who refused to give his name, named his group as the "Falcons for the Liberation of Africa", saying it was composed of former rebels and members of Arab tribes in Darfur. He said a French group had been targetted to "send a message to the French government to try the people who kidnapped children from Chad."


1 NGO national staff manager shot Monday night in the western Darfur town of Kongo Haraza at home near Sudan's border with Chad.


1 NGO national staff was beaten in ambush - 4 national staff of 2 INGOs were returning to


One UN national staff driver injured when UN agency-hired commercial truck transporting food supplies from El Obeid to Nyala was attacked by two armed bandits. The perpetrators, in an attempt to stop the vehicle, fired one shot which hit the driver on the arm. Though injured, the driver did not stop and continued to Nyala. Upon arrival, he was admitted to the Nyala Teaching hospital.


3 INGO intenational (Canadian nurse, Italian doctor, French coordinator) staff and 2 INGO national staff abducted at gunpoint from their home in Saraf Omra, North Darfur. Another national staff taken was released the same day (not included here). Other two nationals released the next day. Internationals freed March 13, with no ransom paid, according to the organization. Led to withdrawal to Khartoum.


2 NGO national staff killed when bandits opened fire on a passenger bus.

963Mar22009Sri Lanka100000010100001100URU8.759343980.4999646

One UN-contracted security guard was injured during a break-in attack.

1228May132009Sri Lanka010000100100001100ABCU9.1666780.41667

1 INGO national staff died as result of shelling near Mullivaikal, in the coastal area held by LTTE.

1227Apr42009Sri Lanka010000010100001100SCU9.1666780.41667

1 INGO national staff was shot when caught in a crossfire in Mullativu and injured his foot/ankle. Victim recovered after being transferred to Vavuniya hospital and having the bullet removed.

1226Mar302009Sri Lanka010000010100001100ABCU9.1666780.41667

1 INGO national staff was injured in artillery shelling in Mullativeu with a major injury to stomache. Victim was evacuated along with their family. Earlier on 12 January 2009 he was injured in artillery shelling; his head and recovered. Both incidents happened in the area where ongoing combat operations. According to the information he has under gone a surgery and later recovered.

1225Feb22009Sri Lanka010000010100001100ABCU9.1666780.41667

1 INGO national staff was injured in an artillery shelling on his arm and the side of his body. Victim was relocated and arrived in Vavuniye on 23 Feb. He was treated and released from the hospital.

1224Jan142009Sri Lanka010000010100001100ABUU9.1666780.41667

1 INGO national staff was injured in artillery shelling on his left leg and relocated to Vavuniya in April 2009 - now recovered.

1223Jan122009Sri Lanka050000050500005005ABUU9.1666780.41667

5 INGO national staff were injured in artillery shelling in Mullativeu.

850Jun162009Sri Lanka200000002200002002KUU8.759343980.4999646

2 UN national staff missing and presumed kidnapped.

848Jun112009Sri Lanka001000001100001010KUU8.459492481.2309621

1 NGO national staff abducted by unidentified armed men arriving in a white van Thursday morning. The victim is employed by and NGO in Vellaave

845May132009Sri Lanka001000100100001100ABCU7.87880.70382459

1 national RC worker killed along with his mother (not included) during an assault in shelling.

844May82009Sri Lanka010000100100001001ABCU9.26880.815

1 INGO national staff killed in a shell attack at Mullivaikal, Vanni in a No Fire Zone.

843Apr232009Sri Lanka010000010100001100ABCP9.26880.815

1 INGO national staff director gravely wounded after shells hit St. Anthony's Church in Valaignarmadam on Thursday morning, 23 April.

835Apr82009Sri Lanka000100100100001100ABCU7.87880.70382459

1 ICRC national staff hit by a shell while getting water for his family in a coastal area in the north held by Tamil Tiger rebels.

828Mar212009Sri Lanka010000010100001100ABCU7.7580.16667

1 INGO national staff wounded and several of his family members killed (not included) by a shell that hit a shelter Putumattalam last Saturday.

826Mar162009Sri Lanka010000100100001001ABCU9.1666780.41667

1 INGO national staff gravely wounded (leg severed) as a result of shelling in the no fire zone, and later died due to lack of medical care.

823Mar142009Sri Lanka100000001100001001KUU7.87880.70382459

A UN national staffer kidnapped and forcibly conscripted by LTTE along with 3 dependents (not included).

820Mar142009Sri Lanka100000010100001001UCU9.285977680.7161013

1 UN national staff injured: On Saturday (March 14) a UN aid worker who sustained injuries due to LTTE attacks was rescued by security forces in general area Puthukkudiyirippu.

817Mar42009Sri Lanka000100100100001100ABCPS9.1666780.41667

1 ICRC national staff in Vanni was killed by shelling Wednesday around 5:00 p.m. while return from sending some of the seriously wounded patients from Maaththa'lan hospital in ICRC ship.

809Feb22009Sri Lanka020000200200002002KKUU8.759343980.4999646

2 INGO national staff abducted and killed 8 days later


The head of a local NGO was shot and killed by unidentified gunmen in his house overnight. The man had just returned from a trip to Nairobi. Motive unclear.


2 UN national staff contracted drivers shot and killed during an ambush.


1 UN national staff shot and killed.


1 NGO national staff shot by unknown assailants as he sat outside the office of the organization in the IDPs camps on the outskirts of Mogadishu.


1 UN national staff guard wounded in raid on offices.


4 NGO national staff beheaded by al-Shabab militants, allegedly for being Christian.


2 NGO national staff executed by Al Shabaab militias in Raskamboni southern Somalia. The victims were reportedly accused of being spies for foreigners.


1 national RC worker killed in the centre of Mogadishu on Tuesday afternoon, 21 July. Victim was travelling in a public transport vehicle when he was caught in crossfire and hit by a stray bullet and died instantly.


1 INGO national staff driver injured and passenger killed (not included here) when INGO vehcile came under attack, transporting a patient for medical care. Vehicle stolen.


1 INGO national staff director abducted by armed men. Other passengers released unharmed.


2 INGO international staff and 1 INGO national staff driver abducted. Driver was released, along with the vehicle.


3 NGO national staff shot and killed by hooded gunmen in a town near the Ethiopian border. The head of the relief group, which operates in southern Somalia, his colleague and the driver were killed as they were leaving for a field trip in a southwestern town on Thursday.


1 UN national staff contractor shot dead in Mogadishu overnight by unknown gunmen.


1 UN national staff guard injured when an unknown man threw a hand grenade into a UN agency compound in Mogadishu.


3 UN international (1 Azerbaijan, 1 Ghanean, 1 French) staff and 1 UN national staff abducted in Wajid, southern Somalia. They have been abducted by gunmen despite their own armed escort - and with no shots fired - as they prepared to leave the country for Nairobi.


2 INGO international (Belgian doctor, Danish nurse)staff kidnapped on their way back from a project site; released April 28. Their abductors had demanded a ransom.


1 NGO national staff security guard killed and 1 NGO national staff wounded when armed men attacked the home of a local NGO worker.


One UN national staff killed by gunmen on Thursday as his team distributed aid to displaced people in Daynile, 10km NW of Mogadishu. The gunmen put his body in a vehicle and drove away, then pushed the corpse out of the vehicle before driving on.


1 UN national staff shot and killed by three masked gunmen while monitoring school feeding in a UN-supported school in Yubsan village six kilometres from the Gedo region capital of Garbahare.


1 UN national staff shot and later died.


2 ICRC international (1 Swiss, 1 Itallian) staff and 1 ICRC national staff kidnapped on Island of Jolo by Abu Sayyaf rebels. National staffer was freed April 2. Swiss freed on 17 April. Italian freed 11 July.


1 UN national staff injured when physically assaulted.


1 INGO national staff of a partner organization abducted in a local dispute- held one night after the issue was resolved through local jirgas- no additional details provided.


1 INGO national staff kidnapped- no additional details provided.


2 INGO national staff kidnapped- no additional details provided.


Four UN national staff and 1 UN international (Iraqi) staff killed and 4 UN national staff seriously injured in Taliban suicide attack on offices.


2 UN national staff (field officer and a guard) shot and killed and 2 UN national staff wounded at the Kacha Garhi refugee camp outside Peshawar in a botched kidnapping. Victims shot and killed by four to five unidentified gunmen in their car getting ready to leave the camp when gunmen tried to kidnap.

846Jun92009Pakistan100000000002801010110VBIED-S IAP34.012384671.5787458

2 UN interntional (1 Filippino, 1 Serbian) staff killed and 8 UN international (1 British, 1 Somali, 1 German) staff wounded in a suicide bomb attack on the Pearl Continental Hotel in Peshawar, Pakistan. 11 fatalities in all.


1 NGO national staff killed and 1 NGO national staff wounded when bomb ripped through the NGO office in a northern district of Pakistan Thursday morning. A bomb had been planted in the office in a small village near Mardan district by unknown militants


1 INGO national staff killed by suicide bomb while stopped at a police checkpoint.


4 INGO national staff (female aid workers and their male driver) kidnapped and killed after they left Mansehra town to inspect a school for possible funding by a donor agency.


1 UN international (American) staff official kidnapped and 1 UN national staff driver was killed when gunmen working for the Balochistan Liberation United Front stopped their vehicle; released two months later, 4 April.


2 INGO national staff shot and killed and 1 INGO national staff wounded, in fighting in Swat, as they tried to bring wounded for treatment. The NGO suspended all activities in Swat, including life-saving operations.

954Jan52009Occupied Palestinian Territories100000100100001100UAmU31.28823134.253606

1 UN national staff contracted driver killed.

905Jan152009Occupied Palestinian Territories200000200200002002ABUH31.49118934.444111

2 UN national staff killed at home during a bombardment in Gaza, 15 January.

904Jan82009Occupied Palestinian Territories100000100100001010ABCU31.49118934.444111

1 UN national staff killed in Gaza during a drone strike, 8 January.

875Jan52009Occupied Palestinian Territories100000100100001100UUH31.477287134.3215106

1 UN national staff killed in his house in Gaza, 5 January.

841Apr182009Occupied Palestinian Territories010000000001011001ABCU31.4166734.33333

1 INGO international (Japanese) staff wounded in military action in Gaza.

802Jan82009Occupied Palestinian Territories200000110200002200ABAmR31.477287134.3215106

1 UN national staff driver killed and 1 UN national staff driver injured when UN convoy was hit by tank shell in Gaza. UN suspended all operations.

801Jan42009Occupied Palestinian Territories003000120300003102ABCPS31.5497734.5024697

1 RC national staff volunteer killed and 2 RC national staff medical personnel wounded while on duty, after an air strike hit a location in Jabaliya.

675Jan62009Occupied Palestinian Territories010000100100001100ABUU31.477287134.3215106

1 INGO national staff of a local NGO partner was killed in an aerial bombing in Gaza. Violence halted most of the INGO's aid distribution in Gaza Strip.


3 national Red Cross workers killed by mobs accusing them of deliberately infecting water sources with the agent that causes cholera. They were, in fact, disinfecting the water with chlorine.


3 INGO international (Spanish) staff kidnapped when they became separated from a convoy carrying supplies- one had been shot 3 times in the leg trying to escape. One victim released March 2010, the other two in August 2010.


1 INGO international (American) staff director of working in Mauritania, was shot in the head by unknown gunman on a street in the centre of the usually quiet city. The victim was resisting two men trying to kidnap him on a street when his attackers shot him and drove away, according to law enforcement. Al Queda later claimed responsibility, saying he was trying to convert Muslims to Christianity.


1 INGO International staff kidnapped from hotel by al-Qaeda group looking to exchange for release of 4 prisoners. Released in Feb 2010.


1 UN national staff injured when physically assaulted by police.


1 UN national staff contracted driver was injured during a convoy attack.


1 UN national staff injured when physically assaulted by unknown assailants while traveling home.


1 UN national staff injured when physically assaulted by armed robbers while traveling in Kinungi.


3 INGO international (1 American, 1 Pakistani, 1 Zimbabwean) staff kidnapped and 1 INGO national staff guard injured in northern Kenya and took them across the border into Somalia. Roughly 10 gunmen arrived late Friday night at a house in the border town of Mandera where the workers were staying- wounding the watchman in the head and kidnapped the three workers; released 3 Oct.


1 NGO national staff killed when he was ambushed and shot dead near his home.


1 IFRC international (German) staff wounded in a drive-by shooting. Motivation unclear.


1 INGO international (French) staff was in critical condition after being stabbed by a resident of Rinon Village, Aceh Besar. The victim was stabbed in a camp in the village at 5.30 a.m. by a local Acehnese who had been identified as Edi Miswar.


1 UN national staff injured when physically assaulted in a UN vehicle.


1 UN national staff injured when her vehicle was attacked by civilians thowing stones.

962Dec12009DR Congo100000010100001100UAmR0.124969429.2919545

1 UN national staff contracted driver was injured during a convoy attack.

943May62009DR Congo100000010100001100BADU-11.658034727.4975973

1 UN national staff injured when physically assaulted by army soldiers.

868Sep302009DR Congo020000101200002200BAAmR-3.285076228.18012996

1 INGO national staff killed and 1 INGO national staff kidnapped. Returning from a supervisory visit to a shelter construction site, a vehicle containing two INGO national workers was traveling in a convoy with other civilian vehicles when unidentified gunmen attacked the group. During the attack, the INGO driver was taken and has now been reported safe by the INGO. The other worker was severely beaten and left on the side of the road. The victim was able to crawl for help to the nearby village, and later died while en route to a hospital.

861Jul152009DR Congo010000100100001100SIAR-0.6666728.75

1 INGO national staff shot dead in Musezero, North Kivu, on the way home from work on the afternoon of 15 July. Victim found by colleagues, his pockets had been emptied and his INGO t-shirt removed. Villagers reported seeing the victim stopped by two men wearing Congolese army uniforms before he was killed.

806Jan192009DR Congo080000030305058035RSARH1.65850129.220455

5 INGO international staff and 3 INGO national staff attacked and seriously hurt, including one who was raped and two others sexually assaulted, in raid/robbery of their house in Goma.


1 NGO national staff found murdered after being kidnapped along with her husband by group of armed men who raided their office.


1 INGO female national staff stabbed in arm by unknown attackers.


1 ICRC international (French) staff kidnapped by armed men in eastern Chad in the village of Kawa, near the border with Sudan. Released, 6 February.


1 UN national staff of a NGO partner killed and 1 UN national staff driver wounded in their vehicle by bandits.


1 INGO international (Greek) staff and 1 INGO national staff kidnapped in Chad; national staff released after 2 days; Intl released a month later.

888Nov212009Central African Republic020000000000222200KUU9.742025821.5017241

2 INGO international (French) staff kidnapped- those responsible claim not targetting aid workers but rather the French. Released, 14 March.

881Sep212009Central African Republic080000323800008305UAmR6.349792925.6508738

3 INGO national staff killed and 2 INGO national staff wounded and 3 INGO staff missing when LRA attacked the INGO's vehicle.

847Jun102009Central African Republic000100100100001100UUU10.296196522.7809907

1 ICRC national staff killed in Birao under unknown circumstances, amid escalating violence.


1 NGO international (Canadian) staff on ashort term mission was attacked and beaten into a coma in apparent robbery and later died from the injuries.


1 NGO national staff raped and killed by gang in implied religious hate crime (Muslim v. Hindu).


1 UN national staff contracted driver killed.


1 UN national staff contracted driver killed.


1 UN national staff injured during an IED attack.


1 INGO national staff killed- no additional details provided.


1 ICRC national staff killed at home during a shelling

895Dec242009Afghanistan100000100100001100VBIED-S CU31.61026965.701536

1 UN national staff killed when suicide bomber detonated device as he passed on his motorcycle. UN agency does not believe victim was the intended target of the blast.


1 NGO international staff and 4 NGO national staff killed in explosion at the office of an aid agency.


1 national RC worker in Takhar province of northern Afghanistan shot and killed outside mosque.


3 UN international (1 Filippino, 1 Liberian, 1 Ethiopian) staff killed and 9 UN international staff wounded in a Taliban suicide bomber attack on a guest house in Kabul.


1 INGO national staff killed when their vehicle was caught in crossfire between Taliban and militias.


1 INGO national staff driver in Jalalabad was shot and killed during an apparent neighbourhood dispute. While the exact circumstances surrounding the case are unclear it does not appear that the incident was related to the driver


1 INGO national staff off duty security guard, who lived in the nearby village of Khada Khel, was shot and killed during a fire fight at the funeral of an AOG member that had been killed by the IMF the day before. It is not known what his role if any in the battle was, who shot him or if it was deliberate or accidental.


1 INGO national staff killed when armed men entered his house in the early hours of the morning and fatally shot the individual. Thought to be a personal dispute.


2 INGO national staff kidnapped by unknown forces.


16 UN national staff deminers were seized while travelling between Khost and Paktia provinces late on Saturday.


3 UN national staff of a partner organization of a UN agency were killed by a roadside bomb.


1 INGO national staff abducted at an illegal vehicle checkpoint. Gunmen took the staff member after they questioned him and discovered material on him that indicated he was from an INGO.


1 INGO national staff operating in the district was abducted by four armed men as he dismounted his motorbike; released on 19 April at 1600 in Yaqubi District after the victim


1 NGO national staff district manager of a microfinance project staying overnight at the NGO district office suffered fatal stab wounds. No money or valuables were kept on site and it is understood that there was no evidence of any theft or damage to property. No further details are known.


1 INGO national worker killed: An IMF operation in Tagab Village came under attack from AOG early Friday morning. The ensuing engagement lasted for more than an hour and led to IMF calling in an airstrike on suspected AOG positions. One of the airstrikes hit a civilian compound, killing the INGO worker and injuring several members of his family (not included).


1 NGO national staff driver was abducted with his vehicle in the vicinity of Ghandak village, early evening of 16 March. Following reported negotiations between the ANP and AOG elements, the NGO worker was released the next day. The NGO vehicle is believed to be still in the possession of AOG.


1 INGO national staff injured when stopped by four armed individuals riding motorcycles.The employee was beaten and robbed of his valuables as well as his own motorcycle.After the beating he was released and warned against working with NGOs.


2 NGO national staff physicians kidnapped by unknown armed men in southern Zabul province Thursday.


An INGO national staffer was shot and killed following threatening letters from armed opposition groups warning residents to cease working for the Afghan government and foreign entities. 


1 NGO national staff doctor kidnapped by a group of armed men who attaked an NGO clinic in Kunar. Whereabouts unknown. It is unclear whether the attack and abduction were conducted by AOG or criminal elements.


2 INGO international staff and 1 UN international staff kidnapped: AOG abducted 6 persons

1229Jul202009DR Congo010000100100001100SUH-0.6666728.75

1 INGO national staff shot dead in Buzito quarter, in his house at 7pm on 20 July. 

1270Sep62009DR Congo010000100100001001SUU0.124969429.2919545

1 INGO national staff shot dead in Butembo by unidentified armed men at 10 p.m. on 6 September.

1271Nov272009DR Congo001000100100001100SUU0.493826829.46518612

1 LNGO staff (driver) shot dead in Beni around midnight on 27 November

1274Dec122009DR Congo010000100100001001SIAU-1.250419729.0607175

One INGO national staff shot dead in Kitchanga Centre at 7:45 p.m. on 12 December.

1275Dec172009DR Congo010000100100001100SIAH1.65850129.220455

One INGO national staff shot dead 100 m next to his house on 17 December around 5 a.m.

1551May132009Sri Lanka100000000001011010RSAIAH6.020177480.2474836

One female UN staff member was physically and sexually assaulted while on R&R in country. The motive appears to be political for a number of reasons, including because her belongings were searched during the assault as well as the location where she was treated.


A UN-contracted truck was attacked and food looted. A driver's assistant was injured.


A convoy of contracted trucks was attacked, one driver injured and food looted.


A UN-contracted truck driver was attacked while on the road and seriously injured.


A contracted truck was attacked by armed warriors and the driver's assistant injured.


1 international (American) who was working with an INGO was killed when a bomb exploded on a rugby field in Kampala, during the bombings that took place during the World Cup.


1 INGO national staff driver was injured and 1 international consultant for the INGO (American) was injured when armed men in the Karamoja region opened fire on a group of vehicles (an INGO vehicle and a rented vehicle). The rental car driver, a police officer and a local official in the second vehicle were killed after their vehicle did not exit the ambush area (deaths not included in the database).


A contracted truck was attacked when it broke down and the driver's assistant was killed. The driver was injured.


A contracted truck was attacked on the road and the driver's assistant killed.


A contracted truck was attacked by armed men. One escort detail was killed; driver and truck owner injured.


1 guard for an INGO was shot in the hand and shoulder while guarding a child-friendly space in an IDP camp. The perpetrator had tried to steal chairs.


1 UN agency national staff (driver) shot at in the right hand during an ambush of two vehicles carrying INGO and UN agency staff.


An international technical expert for a demining INGO was killed during an explosion while working at a mine clearance site. An investigation is underway as to the exact cause of the incident.


At least two staffers from an INGO were reportedly beaten and detained by SPLA soldiers sometime in June. A spokesman for the southern army said they believed one of the beaten staff members was supplying food and medicine to elements of the opposition party.


3 Latvians working for an air service company contracted by a UN agency were abducted by a group of armed men as they were travelling in a mini-bus to their residence in Nyala. They were released on 8 Dec.


2 INGO international (German) staff kidnapped along with a national staff driver (not counted) who was released shortly after. Germans Released 5 weeks later, in late July. The victims were kidnapped from their Nyala office by seven armed men in civilian clothes.


One INGO international (American) staff and two national staff, while traveling in a two-car convoy, were stopped and kidnapped by eight armed men. Local security sources believed the abduction was financially motivated. The two national staff were released relatively quickly, while the international staff member was released on 30 August 2010. 


One INGO national staff wounded.  No additional details provided.


A driver contracted by a UN agency was shot and killed and food aid was looted. The incident was apparently linked to a clan dispute.


A local NGO officer was shot and killed by unidentified gunmen. The NGO supplied water for displaced people. The deceased man was also a former administrator of a telecommunications company.


A vehicle hired by a UN agency was shot at and the driver was injured while picking up staff from the airport.


One national staff (a security guard) killed and another national staff (a community mobilizer) wounded when their vehicle stumbled upon an ambush. The INGO they worked for was distributing cash and the money was being delivered by a local money transfer company, known as hawala. The two staff were travelling 70 km behind the hawala and came across the bandits, who had been holding the money transfer staff for almost an hour.


A British national working for an INGO was kidnapped in Somalia near the border with Ethiopia. Released on Oct 19. A Somali co-worker was also taken but was released hours later.


1 UN national staff member kidnapped by masked armed men while traveling to Terdishe from Mogadishu. Driver was released a short time later.


1 national staff of a company contracted by a UN agency was killed when a gunman fired with an automatic weapon. The staff member was not conducting services related to the UN agency at the time.


3 local staff of a local NGO were kidnapped (2 others were also taken but for less than 24 hrs); the body of one, a long time security guard for the organisation, was found abandoned in Mogadishu with hands tied and shot. The other two were tortured and released after negotiations on Jan 18.

1054Oct172010Sierra Leone010000010100001010BAAmR8.4631769-10.7846261

1 local employee of an INGO was attacked at night while she traveled in a commercial vehicle. Men attacked her with knives and sticks, stole valuables, and took her to an isolated location for around 3 hours. She was hospitalised for injuries.


A gunman shot dead a Filipino driver (employee of a contractor) delivering aid for the UN. Motive not established.


2 national staff became unconscious when they were hit on their heads with batons during a riot that broke out with around 1000 people in an attempt to loot food items, during a food distribution.


1 doctor who heads a national NGO was attacked and killed in his office. Motivation unknown. Date is approximate only.


1 night watchman attacked during an incursion on an INGO office at night.


A staff member of a local NGO was kidnapped by people who initially indicated that they were anti-corruption officers. They later said they were a Taliban group and asked for 10 million rupees ransom.


The head of an NGO for disabled people was gunned down outside his home or office (reports differ). Two men on a motorbike came and stopped outside the building where the man was sitting. One of the assailants pulled out a pistol and fired multiple shots at him. Motive unclear.


2 national INGO staff were injured and their vehicles damaged by a group of people while making door-to-door registry to be issued local cards issued by their organisation.


1 national NGO director kidnapped. Released August 3.


3 NGO national staff killed in a suicide bomb explosion at a checkpoint. Up to 13 others killed and 53 injured. Local Taliban claimed responsibility.


7 INGO national staff killed and 5 INGO national staff injured when militants stormed their office in the Mansehra district opened fire and detonated a bomb. It is believed the attack was made by Muslims, who often target Christian organizations in Pakistan, but an attack to retaliate against an increase in drone attacks on the Taliban in the northwest region has not been ruled out. 1 of the victims killed died 5 days later as a result of injuries.


4 INGO national staff including one driver kidnapped after their vehicle was stopped on the road by armed men. 1 INGO national staff driver reported killed 15 June by Taliban after not receiving ransom. Three remaining staff released on 14 July.


1 NGO international (French) staff kidnapped by Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) and held hostage in Mali. Killed by beheading on 13 July. The group claimed it was retaliation after a raid of the group by French and Mauritanian forces resulted the death of some of their members.


1 INGO national staff wounded- no additional details provided.


1 national staff beaten and tied up during an attack on an INGO office that involved robbery.


2 national staff beaten and injured during a raid on an INGO compound. Attack may have been related to a robbery.


A national INGO staff was attacked at his home, located in Analapatsy, by six armed bandits armed with guns, swords and an axe. He has beaten and some money was stolen by the bandits.


A national INGO staff member working in the area of Ifotaka-Ebelo was attacked with knives. The attackers failed to steal his bag, but he was beaten violently on his head and face.


1 INGO staff member (American) was physically assaulted and wounded while returning home late in the evening with another international staff. Both were robbed, but it is not clear if this was the only motive for the incident.


1 guard for an INGO was hospitalised after being hacked with machetes by a gang of thieves when they attacked the organisation's office at night during a black out. They demanded to be shown where the motorbikes were, and attacked the guard when they could not find them immediately.


1 INGO international staff (Canadian) kidnapped after dropping off their child at school. Victim held for ransom and later resuced on 20 Feb. by police in a undercover operation.


3 national staff of an INGO were killed by a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device outside the main entrance to the Government Center in Ramadi. INGO victims were not considered the target rather of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.


Two NNGO's staff members were kidnapped on June 18th. Their families received messages saying that they were killed for working for the "infidels"; the bodies had not been found as of 6 July 2010.


1 UN national staff injured during a VBIED explosion.


5 people shot at the offices of a local NGO in Baghdad. Three of them appear to have been staff employed by the organisation; the other two were visiting relatives. Of these three, two were killed and one (the head of the organisation) was wounded. Two security guards who were member of the Iraqi security forces were also wounded; they are not included here.


A contracted truck was attacked by 12 unidentified perpetrators. Food stolen and driver injured.


A convoy of contracted trucks was attacked. Two drivers were shot and injured.


A national employee of an INGO was killed when he was shot by unknown assailants in his car shortly after cashing a check for $2000.


1 national staff of an international organization shot and killed as he boarded a collective taxi shortly after cashing his first paycheck. Suspected motive was robbery. The organization suspended work at the site where the staff member was supervising.


1 INGO national staff driver kidnapped and killed and 1 INGO international (British) contracted staff kidnapped. The international staff member was released four days later and the body of the national staff victim was found the next day.


2 INGO international (Belgian, Czech) staff kidnnaped and held for five days. The two were grabbed, with their Haitian driver (not included), in the Petionville area of the city, but the driver was released a short time later.


1 NGO national staff shot while delivering corpses to a cemetary.


2 INGO international staff (Dominican) staff shot and wounded while distributing aid.


A convoy of contracted trucks was attacked with rudimentary weapons by the Oromo clan and food looted while on the road through Oromo territory; two drivers were slightly injured.


Staff member (driver) was shot and injured in a cross fire between rebel Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) fighters and Ethiopian Defence Forces (EDF).


1 UN national staff injured when physically assaulted by EDF military forces for carrying a VHF radio.

1052Dec172010DR Congo020000020200002200BAAmU-0.6666728.75

2 drivers from an INGO beaten and threatened with death during an attack on their organisation's vehicle, in which goods and money were stolen.

1048Sep232010DR Congo010000010100001100SAmR-0.6666728.75

1 national staff (driver) wounded when the INGO vehicle he was driving was shot at on the road.

1044Oct152010DR Congo010000010100001100BAIAU-4.321705515.3125974

An INGO local employee, accompanied by his siblings, was attacked by a group armed with knives, and robbed. The employee was hit with a machete on his hand and his fingers suffered major injuries.

923Feb112010DR Congo010000010100001001UAmR-1.6391729.07806

One INGO national staff wounded during ambush while in convoy with another (UN) vehicle.

917Apr132010DR Congo000800007700118008KUU-3.285076228.18012996

7 ICRC national staff and 1 ICRC international (Swiss) staff kidnapped by a group called the Mai Mai Yakutumba in Uvira region; released 16 April.


1 national staff (driver) of an INGO was severely beaten during an ambush on the road.


1 INGO international (Swiss/British) staff kidnapped while leaving a restaurant in Abeche. Also taken were a Congolese colleague and national staff driver, who were released shortly after (so not counted here) east of Abeche. The international staff was released 9 days later.


Staff member (driver) was injured in an ambush.


1 local employee of an INGO was given food to eat by criminals traveling in the guise of passengers while on a bus. He became unconscious and had to be hospitalised. His mobile phone and cash were stolen.


Two UN-contracted staff members were abducted by a group of militants while returning from a mission. One employee was released on 28 Oct while the other was released on 4 Nov; both unharmed.


A convoy of contracted trucks came under attack and two drivers were injured.


A driver of a contracted truck was killed in an ambush


A local national employed by an NGO was shot in the head while in his vehicle. The victim received medical attention. There are no indications that this shooting was carried out by AOG, or is related to the victim's status as an NGO employee. The true motive for this shooting, as yet unconfirmed, may be related to personal disputes.


1 INGO national staff member was critically injured when suspected members of armed opposition groups launched an attack on the Noor Guest House, Park Residence Guest House and Safi Landmark Hotel in Kabul


1 national staff of an INGO killed. Information suggests he was killed by Taliban, due to his involvement in a project for local militia, which is a government project established to empower the local community to look after their own security.


3 national staff of an INGO were kidnapped and held for eight days.


Two members of armed opposition groups riding on a motorbike opened fire at a local national working with an INGO that has a profile and conducts activities that differ from typical NGO's as an interpreter. The victim later died of his wounds in the hospital.


Armed groups occupied a governmental clinic, which is supported by an NGO, and abducted the guard on duty. They appear to have used the clinic as a base.


A private vehicle was ambushed by small arms fire from unknown assailants. Of the total 6 passengers in the vehicle, 2 were NGO national staff members (1 male, 1 female). While all passengers were injured in the incident, only 1 (the female staff member) was confirmed to have been wounded by the weapons fire with the remainder suspected to have suffered various degrees of injury by the subsequent vehicle crash.


One NGO staff injured when an NGO vehicle came under small arms fire while driving. No further details known.


A local employee of an INGO and his driver were kidnapped while driving in a low profile vehicle and taken to an unknown location. The driver was released the next day (so not counted here). The other employee was released on Dec 5 following the intervention of local elders and religious authorities.


The corpse of a female national INGO staff member was found, after she went missing during work. Reportedly, she was physically assaulted and killed by an unknown number of perpetrators. A criminal motive such as robbery or a personal dispute is assumed to be the reason for the killing.


A verbal argument between three NGO staff members and local community over the transportation construction materials degenerated into violence and the NGO staff were physically assaulted.


AOG under the command of a prominent mullah abducted an INGO national staff member, while on a home visit. 2 days later, on 20 November, the staff member was released unharmed through negotiation. During the captivity, the staff member was question as to the identity of the organization, his position, programming and donors.


Three INGO staff members were taken from the main road while driving a marked white truck transporting heavy equipment.


A white marked vehicle from a local de-mining NGO narrowly missed the detonation of an IED placed under a culvert, only to be struck by a second IED placed under a second culvert in the immediate area. As a result, one local NGO staffmember was killed in the explosion, while a colleague was injured. The attack appears not to have been targeted at the NGO, but rather incidental.


An INGO staff member was abducted from in front of his private residence by unknown armed men. The abductors demanded a ransom from his family in exchange for his release, and did not indicate that they were politically or ideologically motivated. The man was released on 6 November. It is suspected, but not confirmed, that the family paid some form of ransom for his release.


1 national employee of an NGO was injured when a rocket was fired in the direction of the district administrative centre and hit a guest house where the staff member was staying (2 other guests also injured).


2 female nationals working on a women's microeconomic development project (jam production and/or a tailoring cooperative), funded through a USAID initiative, were shot and beheaded. Motive unclear.


An armed opposition group hijacked an NGO vehicle while staff were on their way back from a project and abducted 3 staff members. A few hours later, the group released unharmed one of the NGO staff who was from local area. The remaining 2 individuals (an engineer and a driver) were taken by the group; the next day, one of the abducted NGO staff managed to escape; the armed groups attempted to take him back but the community interfered (there are reports that a brief fire fight ensued between the AOG and the locals). Three days later, on 30 October, due to the negotiation and support of local elders the last NGO staff was released unharmed. (Note: only 1 individual was confirmed as abducted for more than 24 hrs.) There are indications that the motive for this hijacking and abduction was financial.


A national staff member of a demining NGO was shot and wounded. The same organization had been approached by persons claiming to be AOG several weeks ago and told to cease operations in the area.


An international staff member (Dutch) and driver of an INGO that helps disabled people were abducted when armed men hijacked their vehicle. Both were released on 2 December 2010.


1 national INGO staff wounded (another only slightly wounded) when they were fired upon by an armed individual while riding a motorcycle. The incident resulted from a long standing personal dispute and is unrelated to the INGO.


1 national employee of an INGO was among those killed during an operation between international forces with Afghan forces against a shadow govt and armed opposition groups.


1 national staff killed and 3 national staff wounded, all from an intl demining NGO, when their vehicle was attacked by an RPG fired from a distance. Motive unclear.


1 national staff (driver) of an INGO wounded and 3 others abducted while in a convoy of INGO vehicles. The 3 abducted staff were released on Sept 30.


4 national INGO staff abducted and held until Sept 18.


1 national staff driver of demining NGO shot and killed


1 female national staffer of an NGO shot and wounded by small arms fire while travelling with other stafers in a vehcile nrelated ot NGO business.


3 local personnel of an INGO (2 employees one community volunteer) were killed and two others (one staff and one community volunteer) wounded when their vehicle was struck by a roadside bomb. Suspected target was government vehicle, not the INGO. Only staff, not community volunteers are included in the count here.


5 local NGO staff - 4 female aid workers and their driver - were abducted by unknown gunmen. The AOGs held the group in various locations until they were released on 9 September from Langar Village of Almar District.


1 international (German) and 1 national staff were kidnapped after their car was stopped on the road by a group of armed men firing in the air. There were 6 staffers in the car, of which two were abducted. Released Aug 29 after negotiation. Attack appeared planned in advance.


2 local INGO staffers kidnapped in front of a private house in Aq Mazar village by armed opposition groups. Released 6 September.


1 female national staffer of an INGO attacked and stabbed with knife. Motive unclear


2 national NGO workers kidnapped and released the following day after intervention by elders. Motive unclear


4 staff members of a medical NGO (one woman and three men) and a child were abducted while they were travelling to provide health services in a private vehicle. The female staff member, her husband and the child were released the same day. The abductors later released the two remaining staff at approximately 1530 hrs on 27 July, after local elders negotiated with the abductors. Victims were interrogated on their knoweldge of Islam, and accused of spreading Christianity.


Two INGO staff members were kidnapped by Pashtun and Uzbek anti-government forces while on the road in Qara Shekhi Village. One released on 28 July, and the other on 31 July, following intervention by local elders.


4 national NGO workers kidnapped by anti-government elements. Released four days later after community mediation


3 INGO national staffers kidnapped by armed opposition forces who searched their vehicle "for material relating them to GOA, ANSF or NGOs." Held for 6 days, then released "unharmed due to the staff members


1 UN national staffer killed along with two ANP personnel by IED strike on a convoy. Target presumed to be ANP, not UN.


2 INGO national staff kidnapped during ambush by Taliban gunmen. Released on 14 July after the intervention of elders and ransom payments by victims' families.


1 national staff of INGO killed by IED while on his way home from the office on his motorcycle.


10 INGO staff (2 nationals, 8 internationals: 6 US, 1 Briton, 1 German) executed by Taliban gunmen while on trek through forest.


1 UN national staff sustained gunshot injuries when he was caught up in a shooting incident that involved two families drawn in a land dispute.


1 INGO national staff killed when AOG fired six mortars towards JAF. At least two projectiles impacted in a residential area west of JAF, killing the INGO national staff member in his residence and injuring two civilians (not counted).


1 INGO national staff riding on a motorcycle was wounded by two unknown armed men, believed to be ACGs. They stopped the staffer who was en route to visit program recipients. The armed men beat the staff member and he attempted to escape; subsequently, the perpetrators shot and injured him.


Four local staff of an INGO were kidnapped by unknown armed men while they were on the way from Marja District to Lashkar Gah City. The abductors demanded a ransom for their safe release.  Two were killed, two were freed on August 17 when NATO and Afghan army forces discovered and attacked a Taliban prison 


1 UN international staff shot while driving a UN vehicle and later died from the injuries. Another UN staff (not counted) was in the vehicle but did not sustain injuries.


1 UN national staff injured during a VBIED explosion.


5 UN national staff kidnapped from their vehicle while en route from visiting a project site. Police say they are being held by the Taliban.


1 INGO national staff killed- no additional details provided.


1 national RC national staff kidnapped by Taliban; released 2 days later.


1 INGO national staff killed, 2 INGO national staff injured and 1 INGO international (German) staff injured when a gunman attacked a group of aid workers inspecting a high school under renovation in eastern Afghanistan. 3 Afghan police also injured (not included).


A convoy of contract transporter's trucks was attacked while parked overnight at an Aghan National Police checkpoint. One driver was injured, three trucks damaged and one truck seized by attackers.


Three INGO national staff were killed and two INGO national staff injured when their vehicle ran over a land mine in Uruzgan province.


1 INGO national staff killed by unknown gunmen on the way home.

1276Jun292010DR Congo001000100100001100SIAH0.4911329.47306

One LNGO  staff shot dead in his house at 11 p.m. on 29 June.

1277Oct212010DR Congo001000100100001100SUU0.493826829.46518612

The president of a LNGO was shot and killed at 9 p.m. on 21 October

1766Nov112010Libyan Arab Jamahiriya090000000000999900KAmP32.76605522.65182

Nine aid workers (British, Algerian, and Irish) who were delivering aid to Gaza via ship were kidnapped by the ship's owner and captain, who were subsequently detained by Greek police.  One Irish journalist and seven Libyan police officers were also on board and kidnapped.


Two national staff (drivers) of a UN agency went missing after their vehicle was comandeered by SPLA and were forced to drive, carrying SPLA soldiers, into an area of active conflict.


A national staff of a UN agency was killed during an attack by armed assailants while traveling on duty.


A national staff of a UN agency was wounded when the convoy he was traveling with was ambushed by unknown armed elements wearing military uniforms.


Three Bulgarian air crew members working for a private company contracted by a UN humanitarian agency were abducted upon landing on the helipad. There were released six months later on 6 June 2012.


An INGO national staff member was attacked, stabbed and killed by an unknown group at his boarding place.


A national staff from an INGO was abducted by pirates at his residence in the evening. The abduction is reportedly related to private matters.


A local staff of an INGO was injured when an RCIED exploded near a hotel, injuring 4 people. The attack was thought to be targeted at the Governor. The injured local staff was arrested under suspicion of involvement in the attack.


Two workers for a local NGO (a driver and a female staff) were shot and killed on the spot while traveling 50 km from the provincial metropolois.


Three national staff of a local NGO (an implementing partner of a UN agency) were kidnapped by unidentified armed men. They were released several days later.


An international staff (French) of an INGO was killed along with another French man (not employed by the INGO) less than 24 hours after being kidnapped by suspected members of Al Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb. The two men were dining in a restaurant when they were approached at their table by four armed men. Niger's national guard and a French surveillance plane followed the vehicle and launched an attack, but the kidnapped men were killed.


One UN driver was killed, another staff wounded, and two staff captured when their UN agency vehicle was attacked by gunmen, in an area where pro-government forces are engaged in counter-insurgency operations against the ONLF. Each side blamed the other for the attack. UPDATE: the 2 kidnapped individuals were released on 30 June. 

1096Apr102011DR Congo020000010101012002UAmU-3.3953429.13779

Two staff (one national, one international) were wounded when unidentified armed men in military uniforms attacked and looted an INGO vehicle.

1103Mar282011Cote D'Ivoire010000100100001100UUU4.5897813-7.3887946

A national staff of an INGO was killed in unknown circumstances, during violence in the western part of the country, while on leave to attend to family matters.

1099Mar292011Cote D'Ivoire010000001100001100KUR5.30966-4.01266

A local staff, the head of an INGO, was kidnapped by an armed group while he was headed to a suburb of Abidjan to evacuate staff after violent clashes in that area. He was released two days later.


A local staff member of a local NGO was shot and killed by unknown armed men as he was exiting his home.


Three NGO staff received moderate to severe gunshot wounds when their vehicle was stopped by a group of gunmen who quickly opened fire on their vehicle.


A national staff of a local NGO was killed most likely as a result of a confrontation with individuals with whom he was involved in a personal dispute. The death is not thought to be linked to his affiliation with an NGO.


A local employee of an INGO was wounded when he was shot by two members of an armed opposition group riding on motorcycle. The attack is thought to be related to the type of activity the INGO undertakes.


A local employee of an INGO was among those killed during a sustained firefight between armed opposition groups and ANP and IMF forces. Several dozen people were killed during the attack at Kabul Bank, where the INGO employee had gone to collect his salary.


At least two guards were beaten and left in a ditch when three armed men broke into an INGO communications center.


Two days after the attack, the body of an NGO staff member was found by local villagers. It appears that the staff member was traveling on his motorcycle towards his home village when he was abducted and killed execution-style. Motivation for the killing was not established.


A local female staff of an INGO engaged in education and microfinance was approached by two men on motorcycles, and killed on her way to a project location. The attackers fled the scene immediately afterwards. The victim was a 12th grade student in a local high-school, employed part-time as the INGO teacher trainer for a longer-term training program. The attackers targeted the said INGO staff member, possibly because of her involvement with women's programming.


The driver of a private car with five NGO staff was lightly wounded when their vehicle did not stop at an illegal checkpoint. He managed to drive away from the scene.


A national staff of an INGO was shot and wounded by two uknown individuals riding on a motorcycle. The perpetrators approached a group of 5-6 people, including the staff member, as they were walking, and fired a single shot.


A UN national staff member was struck and injured by a stray bullet in crossfire between Al-Houthi and Mujalli militias in Sa’ada (Yemen). 


Three French INGO staff (two women, one man) were kidnapped in Hadramout region by what seemed to be an extremist Islamist group. 


A driver contracted by an INGO to transport supplies was killed when his vehicle was struck by a landmine. Several other people were also killed, but they were not working for the contractor or the INGO.


One national NGO staff member (an assistant doctor) was stabbed and killed by armed men who entered his house. The men also beat his wife into unconsciousness. It is thought that this incident was the result of a personal dispute. 


While on his way from his home to the office, a locally hired NGO employee was shot and injured.


A second employee from the NGO office was targeted by gunmen as he was walking in the DAC area, suffering gunshots wounds to his body.


A security guard for an INGO was murdered when someone entered the INGO compound and looted cash and valuables from the office. 


Two NGO staff were abducted while traveling through the area with a group of 9 NGO employees (from an INGO and a national partner NGO). Four staff managed to escape while three others were not targeted. The two employees were released unharmed sometime before 14 July 2011. 


2 national staff of a national NGO were injured when a VBIED detonated remotely near two NGO offices. It is not known if and why the NGOs may have been targeted. 


The head of an NGO clinic was physically assaulted and wounded when two armed men entered the clinic and requested that he accompany them to a patient, who was reportedly in a house in the vicinity of the clinic. The head of the clinic refused to go with him because he had to take care of other patients. Afterwards the men left the clinic reportedly without further demands or threats.


1 NGO deminer was abducted and later beheaded by a group of four members of an armed opposition group. He was employed by the NGO and was spending his leave in his home village. 


A national staff member of an NGO was abducted and later released due to the interventions of local elders.  


A national staff member of an NGO was stopped and beaten by soldiers while travelling in his private vehicle.  


A UN national staff member was shot and wounded by Sudanese Armed Forces (PDF), near PDF HQ.


A contractor hired by a UN agency to provide stationery for schools was physically attacked by the District Governor after refusing to seek his approval for the distribution. 


Two national staff of a demining NGO were abducted on 6 July and released on 10 July. Four national NGO staff were also killed during this incident (three shot and one beheaded). 


3 NGO national staff remained in captivity after a group of 13 persons, including 10 NGO workers, were stopped by 10 armed men thought to be AOG while traveling in a rented vehicle. Some of the group was not abducted, while local elders negotiated the release of 5 of the NGO staff the next day (not counted here). The remaining 3 were still in captivity several days later. 


The driver of an INGO vehicle was injured when an IED detonated.


One UN-contracted truck driver was seriously beaten and injured on his left hand when unknown armed persons robbed the trucks at a checkpoint near Juba town. The perpetrators stole a number of items. The trucks were carrying non-food items.


At least two office managers of an INGO were physically assaulted when a group of 40-45 people forcibly entered the INGO office and held them hostage for two hours. The offenders accused the INGO of not paying invoices.


A staff member of a national demining NGO was wounded, and later died of his injuries, when he was shot by international military forces (IMF) in what appears to have been a force protection shooting. The victim was operating in the vicinity of an IMF facility, in civilian clothes and utilizing a GPS, at the time of the incident. 


A national staff of an international organisation was praying near the scene of attempted kidnapping when he was shot and injured. The perpetrators were attempting to kidnap the son of a petrol pump station. 


A UN worker and his (pregnant) wife were beaten when three intruders broke into their residence in the middle of the night. They were hospitalized for their injuries. Nothing was stolen and the reason for the attack is unclear. 


One de-miner was killed and two others were injured when a RCIED hit a local de-mining NGO unmarked Land Cruiser vehicle. 


One deminer of a demining NGO was injured while working on mine clearnace in the area, when armed opposition group members attacked a convoy of international military forces with small arms fire. 

1139Jul152011South Sudan010000010100001100SCU8.07361132.403263

One national staff of an INGO was shot and wounded in his leg when Murle Tribesman attacked Kaikuiny Boma for unknown reasons.


Eight national staff of an American INGO were kidnapped late on 18 July while on their way back from delivering relief items near the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan. 


An NGO employee was killed during a night-time operation carried out by international military forces, which killed 3 local residents / suspected armed opposition group members.


A female national NGO staff member was shot and killed in the vicinity of her residence while she was on the way home from the office, by two unknown armed men riding on a motorcycle. 


2 staff members of a national demining NGO were abducted by a large group of armed men while driving in a rented vehicle to survey a project area. 1 managed to escape two days later, while the other was rescued during an IMF/ANSF operation three days following the abduction.


An Italian staff member of an INGO was kidnapped by four armed men while driving with two Sudanese colleagues. 

1145Aug182011South Sudan050000500500005005URU8.041819132.0297593

4 national staff of one INGO and at least 1 national staff of a separate INGO were killed during raids that killed hundreds of people and destroyed many houses, an INGO hospital and vehicles.


Two German INGO workers were found dead in the Hindu Kush mountains. The men, who had gone hiking along the Salang Pass, had been beaten and robbed, presumably by local nomadic people.

1147Aug202011South Sudan090000180900009009UCU1032.7

1 INGO national staff killed and 8 INGO national staff wounded during clashes between suspected elements of a rebel militia group and Sudanese armed forces.

1148Aug262011Nigeria46000009370460000468038VBIED-S ROC108

Nine national UN staff (those included within the parameters of AWSD) were among those killed by an attack by a suicide bomber on the UN House in Abuja. Around 37 UN staff (those included within the parameters of AWSD) were among those injured; they are presumed here to be all national staff, pending verification.


One female national staff of an NGO was kidnapped and also shot by Al Shabab militants. 


Two INGO national staff (a driver and another staff member) were killed when an IED (thought to be a RCIED) detonated their vehicle on the road. 


A national ICRC staff was shot several times in the head and chest by Al Shabab militants. The incident caused escalating tensions between Al Shabab rebels and local clan elders, who demanded a retaliatory killing.


One national staff of an NGO was injured and subsequently died when he was shot by two armed men who entered his house and tried to steal a vehicle at gunpoint. 

1153Sep92011DR Congo010000001100001100KUU-1.4304928.07519

The driver of an NGO vehicle was kidnapped by members of the Mayi-Mayi Cheka group near Kigoma, Mpofi, in the Walikale part of North Kivu, DRC. Following an engagment between MONUSCO forces and the Mayi Mayi Cheka, and subsequent negotiations, he was released on 18 September. 

1154Sep102011DR Congo060000006600006006KUU-0.1626528.13031

Six national staff of an INGO were kidnapped by members of the Conseil des Révolutionaires Congolais (CRC), a splinter group of Mayi-Mayi PARECO. They were released on 18 September following negotiations.  

1155Sep102011South Sudan010000100100001001UCU7.432.4

One casual worker for an INGO was killed (along with one other person) during an attack by suspected Nuer. The attackers looted 18 heads of cattle.


A national staff of a UN agency was injured (along with his father) by a sharp object when three armed men broke into their home. The men also burglarized the home. The men were subsequently treated in the hospital.   


An INGO national staffer was abducted by Al Shabaab in the middle of the day after being held up at gunpoint at Hagadera refugee camp. UPDATE: He was rescued on 10 April 2014 by Kenyan troops who are part of the AU Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) during an operation on the outskirts of the Somali town of Dhobley. 


A national staff of an INGO was shot and killed while on his way to work. Motive is unknown, but it may have been a personal dispute.


Three drivers from two transport companies contracted by two different INGOs were abducted after an armed group hijacked their vehicles, which were carrying food items. The stole the goods and have requested a ransom for the release of the drivers.   


One national INGO staff was badly beaten and treated for head injuries when four INGO staff were stopped by SPLA at a checkpoint. The staff members were brought to the military barracks and one was badly beaten.


A driver for an international aid agency was hit with a pistol on the forehead by armed Somalis who attacked him as he was coming out of his hotel. The attackers stole the vehice and fled across the Kenya-Somali border. 


A local staff (polio specialist) was taken from his home in late June by Al Shabaab members. The office computer was also confiscated for investigations. His relative has said that she expects him to be released once the investigation is complete.


An unknown assailant shot and killed a local UN staff member

1165Oct42011DR Congo005000500500005401UAmR-4.302168828.9428526

Five staff members of a Congolese NGO were killed when rebels, reportedly the Mai Mai Yakutumba, targeted their vehicle.  It appears to be ethnically motivated, as perpetrators were targeting members of the Banyamulenge ethnic group, and sparing others.

1166Oct82011South Sudan100000000001011001UUP4.84330331.588554

Two UN international staff were attacked and robbed near Logali House.  One sustained injuries and was treated at hospital.


A staffer of a local NGO (a partner of a UN agency) was abducted by militants in Safidan Village, Pashtun Zarghun district in Herat province He was released on 11 October 2011.


4 INGO national staff members (3 trainers and a driver) were kidnapped by an armed group and released just over 24 hours later following negotiations by local elders.  


Two female international staff working for an INGO were kidnapped, and their driver injured. UPDATE: The two staff members were released after 644 days, on 18 July 2013.

1170Oct232011Western Sahara040000010100334220KROC27.67111-8.14744

Three international INGO workers were kidnapped from a guesthouse in the Rabuni refugee camp by armed men. A Sahrawi national driver was injured during the incident and was hospitalised. The Polisario movement, which is seeking independence for Western Sahara and runs the camp, blamed local al-Qaeda militants for the kidnappings, but no one has claimed responsibility. The kidnappers arrived from Mali in a SUV. 


A national staffer of an INGO was killed in mob violence and arson during tribal clashes.


An INGO local staff driver was shot in the leg when his vehicle was carjacked in Nyala by two armed men. The driver was hospitalised.    


Two international staffers and their Somali driver were kidnapped by unknown assailants near Galkayo town.  Al-Shabab has denied involvement.  UPDATE: The two international staffers were rescued about three months later by a team of U.S. special forces.  


A national staff member of an INGO and his driver were stopped and detained by Taliban forces while on the main road in Day Mirdad. Both were released on 24 October after organized community intervention and negotiations.


Three staffers of a national NGO (2 engineers and a driver) were hijacked on 30 October by an armed opposition group.   The driver was released alive, but the bodies of the other two staff members were found on 12 November near Qasaba Qala village of Khawaja Namusa area (Pashtun Kot District).  


An attack on a UN facility in Kandahar caused numerous casualites, including 4 national NGO staff (1 killed and 3 wounded) and 5 UN guards (3 killed and 2 wounded).  The attack began with a vehicle-borne suicide bomb, detonated outside a UN guesthouse, close to the main gate of a local NGO compound, followed by an armed raid and fire fight that lasted for 7 hours and ended in the deaths of all the attackers. 


Two national employees of an NGO were kidnapped by armed men while riding in a mobile clinic.  The kidnappers immediately released the 2 female nurses in the clinic, but abducted the 2 male NGO employees.  The victims were released November 8 following negotiations conducted by local elders. 


Three national staffers (an engineer, a labourer, and a driver) monitoring a road construction project were abducted.  The project was funded by an IGO and the workers had been hired by the local Shura—who were working with a CBSG (Community Based Stabilization Grants) program via an NGO—and the project involved was being monitored by that NGO.  The three were released after negotiations by community elders and their family members 


A national staff member of an international NGO was shot and killed by unknown masked gunment upon leaving a mosque in Galkayo.  The INGO suspended activities while Puntland authorities investigated the murder.


A national staffer working for an INGO was detained and severely assualted by Kenyan police at a checkpoint during operations against al Shaabab militias in Garissa

1181Nov202011DR Congo010000000001011100SRH-1.396950528.8123772

An international staff member working for a medical INGO suffered a gunshot wound to the shoulder when armed men forced their way in to the INGO's residential compound and opened fire. He was treated by his colleagues.  The mobile medical activities in the area were suspended, but the INGO continued limited support to the area hospital.


One local NGO staffer was killed and two wounded when a single 107mm rocket fired from the East of the DAC area impacted a Kamaz truck used by the demining NGO. The vehicle was parked inside the compound of the Department of Agriculture where the de-miners are accommodated over-night. An NGO driver sleeping in the Kamaz was killed on the spot while an additional two de-miners sustained injuries due to the glass debris propelled by the blast. The IEA claimed the attack implying that the DAC was the intended target.


A French international staffer and two national staffers were seized from their vehicle near a small village in Lahej (Msaimeer)by gunmen demanding the release of prisoners held by Yemeni authorities in the nearby southern port of Aden.


An international staffer of a medical INGO was kidnapped and killed when he responded to a disturbance at the neighboring religious mission.  A Croatian nun was also killed in the incident, and another escaped with minor wounds.  Authorities determined the motive was most likely robbery.

1185Dec62011South Sudan100000100100001100SIAH4.7531

A national contractor of the UN was shot and killed when an unknown perpetrator broke into his residence.  It is suspected the motive was robbery.

1186Dec162011South Sudan100000010100001001UAmR5.430.25

A national staff member of the UN staff was assaulted when driving in a convoy in Lanyi

1187Dec182011Central African Republic010000100100001001SIAU3.870515717.9950755

A staff member of an international NGO based in M’boki (south-east) was shot dead following  a dispute with a group who had been drinking  heavily.  


Two UN national staffers and one staffer of a local NGO were shot and killed by a refugee camp resident in Matabaan during an aid distribution. According to reports, the shooting appeared to have been over a personal matter


A nurse working for a local NGO was ambushed and kidnapped by an armed group while driving in a private vehicle from Khaki Safed to Farah City.  The perpetrators physically abused the victim and accused him of cooperating with the government of Afghanistan. He was released 24 hours later after intervention by local elders.


Two international staffers of an INGO were shot and killed by a disgruntled national staff member while working in a hospital in Mogadishu.


One INGO (a UN partner) staff member and two UN contractor employees were killed when an IED exploded in the vicinity of contracted trucks carrying food in Chinarto District.


Three national staff of an INGO were kidnapped by rebels and held for nine days before being released


An employee of a UN-contracted company was struck and injured by a stray bullet while waiting for his truck to be loaded at a warehouse in Peshawar


Following threats, a Pakistani NGO working on polio eradication was abducted and killed a day later killed, The incident occurred while traveling from mir ali to mir anshah in South Wazirstan.


1 INGO natl staff (male) was captured (held less than 24 hrs) while on the road, and severely beaten. 

1235Jan302011Central African Republic080000000000222100KUU7.692079918.6243422

Two international staff of an INGO were kidnapped and later relased. Six national staff were taken and held briefly (not counted here because detention was less than 24 hours)


A staff member of an INGO was killed in Tnazania.  No other information is available


A national staff driver of a foreign Red Cross organization sustained a gunshot wound to the arm when his vehicle came under fire from bandits attempting to rob a convoy.


An INGO driver was abducted by the Taliban along with two patients. The patients were released after an hour, and the driver was released after 2 hours.  About 15 minutes down the road the driver was abducted again by another group of Taliban and was held until 2100hrs on 22  Feb.

1239Feb152011DR Congo010000010100001100SAmR-1.18362329.448832

An INGO driver was wounded in both his arms after unidentified armed men in military clothing at the side of the road shot at his vehicle, 


Three drivers of UN contracted trucks were abducted by Taliban fighters who looted the food, and burnt the trucks 


An national employee of a transport company contracted by a UN agency (together with his two sons) was abducted by armed men in Barangay Dalaun, Lumbayanague (Mindanao, Philippines) -allegedly in relation to perceived unfair distribution of  rice transported by the company. The driver and his two sons were eventually released unconditionally


A national staff of an INGO was kidnapped in Port au Prince and held for two days

1244Mar102011Libyan Arab Jamahiriya002000020200002200SCPS32.378785815.0918851

Two national Red Crescent medics were injured by a ricochet of bullets that hit a wall while they were trying to clear a corpse.


The driver of a INGO-water tanker was shot and injured during an ambush that appeared directed at a commercial vehicle travelling in front of the INGO water truck in Torit (southern Sudan).


An INGO staff number was wounded when she (and her two children) were attacked by a man with a sword in their home.  The attacker was a guard from a neighboring house. 


An ambulance driver was shot and wounded when the ambulance was attacked.  Survived with a head wound.


One national staff of na INGO was assaulted and robbed while returning home at around 23:00, in Kitgum. He was hospitalized. 


An INGO ambulance driver was abducted by Taliban, released unharmed six days later.

1250May42011Central African Republic040000004400004004KAmR9.558749522.1340055

Four INGO national staff were ambushed, abducted and robbed, and held for three days.  They were released unharmed


A national staffer of an INGO was shot and seriously wounded while traveling to his home town on annual leave. It is believed that he was caught in the crossfire. 


An INGO national staff member was shot and killed by the relative of another staff member of the organization in what appears to be a personal revenge killing.

1253May182011El Salvador002000110200002200SIAP13.87694-89.17306

Two young volunteer EMTs shot while walking to their office.  One survived.


INGO driver was caught up in some fighting between ISAF and AOG.  An AOG fired rocket impacted near the vehicle and he was wounded in the leg and hospitalized.


A national staffer of an INGO (and his adult son) were attacked about an hour from Nairobi on the road. They were both injured and robbed; hospitalized. 


One national staff of INGO kidnapped whilst in vehicle on N5 motorway.  His vehicle was recovered from Taluka hospital. Ransom requested.


Two INGO international staff were robbed by men armed with knives while walking back to their residence.  Once resisted and recieved stab wounds to the arm/shoulder


A staff member of  a local NGO (a UN implementing partner) was killed an operation by militia forces allied with the Transitional Federal Government in an operation to recover two trucks carrying UN food which had been carjacked by militias of another clan.

1259Sep72011Syrian Arab Republic003000030300003300SUR34.73083336.709444

Three volunteer EMTs were wounded by bullets when their ambulance came under fire during hostilities in Homs.  Not clear if it was targeted or hit by crossfire.


A local staff member attacked by multiple assailantson his way to the office.  His arm was injured.


One INGO national staff member killed in Somalia.

1262Oct112011Central African Republic300000030300003300SAmR5.734306819.0862484

Three crew members of a UN contracted truck returning to Bangui from delivering fuel in Bangassou were seriously injured when their truck was ambushed by unknown armed men between Sibut and Grimari

1263Nov12011DR Congo010000001100001001KAmR-1.18362329.448832

An INGO national staffer was kidnapped in an ambush by armed men.


An INGO local staffer was kidnapped while traveling from Khuzdar to Totak area


An INGO national staff was robbed while transporting money.  He was staying overnight at a hotel when two armed men came to his hotel door, forced their way in and shot him once in the shoulder, then took the money and fled


A local staff doctor was kidnapped by five armed men from his home.  The family was bound and robbed.  The doctor was released a few days later


A nurse working for an INGO was knocked off his motorcycle and beatne.  He suffered fractured ribs and a concussion.

1268Dec42011South Sudan010000100100001100SAmR7.78503533.002909

An INGO national staff was ambushed and shot and killed by two military personnel, in a revenge killing.


An INGO national staff member was stabbed by her husband (also a staff member) and wounded.

1272Feb42011Papua New Guinea100000010100001100BAAmR-9.4790411147.1498139

A national staffer of a UN agency was injured in a car-jacking.


 A national staffer of a UN agency was injured in an armed attack.


A UN national staff memberstaff was injured by a stray bullet during an exchange of gunfire between police and bank robbers in Kabkabiya, North Darfur in Sudan 


A UN national staff member was injured by blows to the head with a bottle in a non-work-related incident


A UN national staff member was injured in a grenade attack in a restaurant in Kebridehar.


A UN international staff member on leave from Sudan was assaulted and injured together with her boyfriend during a robbery in Kampala.


Six staff of a national NGO were abducted at gun point by unknown assailants in Pishin, Baluchistan. Unconfirmed reporting suggests that the abductees have been moved to a neighbouring district in KPK or Afghanistan. The identity and motives of the abductors remains unclear, yet the details of the incident suggest it was a well planned and professionally executed operation. Due to its close proximity to current conflict zones in Afghanistan and KPK, it is likely that politically motivated groups operate in the vicinity of Pishin and are most likely involved in the abduction. 


A security guard for an INGO was injured when a and grenade was lobbed into the organization's compound.


An acting director of a LNGO was killed by unknown gunmen in Garsoor village near hotel Guure. Circumstances unclear.


A national staff  working as protection officer with an INGO was shot and killed by unknown gunmen when leaving a local mosque after evening prayers. 


A national staff working with an INGO was shot and wounded by unknown gunmen in his hotel room.   


An LNGO national staffer was wounded when a convoy of Kenyan military and anti-AS militias was ambushed by AS militants on the main road between Dhoobley and Tabta in the vicinity of Hawinha. The LNGO's vehicle was in the convoy.  


One INGO contractor, accused of being a spy, was abducted by Al Shabaab while transporting supplies from Kenya to Somalia. UPDATE: He was rescued on 10 April 2014 by Kenyan troops who are part of the AU Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) during an operation on the outskirts of the Somali town of Dhobley. 


One INGO incentive worker guard was injured when a Police vehicle escorting the INGO team was targeted by an IED.


An international staff doctor working for ICRC was kidnapped while returning to the office after visiting a physical rehabilitation centre in Quetta. Armed men abducted him when he reached the front of his office and took him at gunpoint with them in their own vehicle.  Kidnappers left the driver unharmed near the organisation’s office. The international staff doctor was found dead in April 2012.


An INGO staffer was killed during a firefight between rival ANP officers(when a group associated with one prominent local commander in Shahrak and Tulak reportedly insulted a second rival ANP commander).  The off-duty NGO staffer, who was providing bodyguard services to the second commander, was killed in the engagement. 


The head of a Somali NGO and his driver were killed by Shabab militants who fired an RPG at their car. It is very likely that this car was mistaken for Ethiopian National Defence Forces.

1195Jan142012South Sudan010000000010011100SIAOC4.84330331.588554

An international staffer of an INGO was shot and killed leaving his compound.  The unknown culprits escaped with his vehicle. 


An international staff of a UN agency was kidnapped in the capital Sanaa by armed tribesmen who transferred him to central Marabou province. The UN worker was taken hostage by the Abide Marabou tribe, demanding the release of a tribesman who was arrested on charges of killing four soldiers assigned to guarding oil tankers.  He was released unharmed two weeks later.


A female NGO staff member was shot and seriously injured by two armed men riding a motorcycle while she was enroute to her office by foot.  The victim was a candidate for the 2010 Provincial Council election and worked for an NGO that had gender-related programs.


Two international staffers (German and Italian) of an INGO were kidnapped by four armed men who entered their residence (within walking distance from their regional office) and led them out at gunpoint.  UPDATE: The German aid worker was released in Kabul, Afghanistan more than two years later, in October 2014. UPDATE 2: The Italian aid worker was accidentally killed by a U.S. counter terrorism drone strike against al-Qaeda in January 2015, while still held as a prisoner. An American hostage who was working for a private contractor funded by USAID was also killed in the attack. The drone attack occurred along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.


An international staffer and national staff driver of an INGO were reported missing during a road trip in Sindh.  Their vehicle was found abandoned in Naushahro Feroz. UPDATE: Staff were released/recovered after 86 days. They were not the intended targets of this incident.

1200Jan232012South Sudan010000000010011001BAIAU6.7530

A international staffer of an INGO (a Ugandan cook) was stabbed to death by another staffer in a personal dispute.

1201Jan252012Syrian Arab Republic001000100100001100SAmR33.50914736.306485

The head of the Idlib branch of the Syrian Red Crescent was  shot and killed in his vehicle returning from meetings in Damascus.


A national NGO staffer was kidnapped from his vehicle while driving from kandahar to Panjawayi District.  The kidnappers identified themselves as opposition forces and asked questions about staffers employemnet and called his recent contacts from his cell phone.  No further reports.


Two national NGO staffers went missing with their vehicle on January 31 and are presumed kidnapped.  They were released on February 4after interventions by local elders


Three international staff of a UN agency, two INGO and two LNGOs were kidnapped west of Sanaa. They were released approximately 72 hours later. The kidnappers reportedly planned to exchange the hostages for a prisoner being held in the capital.


One refugee male day worker was severely assaulted during a riot at the INGO's compound.


Armed men kidnapped a French international staffer of as he was travelling from north Yemen to the Red Sea port city of Hudaida.  After being held for three months, the victim was released; handed over by a group called Ansar al-Shari'a in Shabwa. Still unclear who was behind the kidnapping.


An armed group abducted a female NGO national staff member on duty along with her son while they were travelling to Chaghcharan City by motorcycle. On the 17th of April, both of them were released unharmed in the said area in Shahrak following the negotiation held by a member of parliament. 


A national staffer of an INGO was inured when a BBIED detonated against a pro-government Militia commander. The blast killed 2 people--including the commander--and injured an additional 16 (including one of the commander’s bodyguards, 1 ANP and 1 local employee of an INGO)


Three national staff members of a demining NGO were abducted along with their marked vehicle while they were in transit to their project site. Information has surfaced that one of the three abductees was released on the 11th of April, and two days later (i.e. the 13th of April), the remaining two were released.  

1287Mar102012South Sudan100000010100001100SAmR4.84330331.588554

A UN national staff member was shot in the head while traveling along Juba - Jebel road, and was hospitalized


A UN international staffer was kidnapped along with his Sudanese driver as they headed towards the office near Al-Hilal stadium in downtown Nyala. The two were kidnapped by unknown armed men driving a Land Cruiser vehicle. UPDATE: The driver was released shortly after the abduction, and the international staffer was released 86 days later following concerted negotiations.


Masked gunmen broke into the home of a man working as a cook in the local NGO-run Khogyani district hospital, and shot the man, leaving him with one bullet wound to the stomach. The man was taken injured to the Nangarhar public health hospital where his condition is stable.

1290Feb102012South Sudan100000010100001100BARH4.84330331.588554

A UN staffer was assaulted by two men in SSPS uniform in his residence in Gudele West (Gurei) in Juba. The perpetrators made away with 700 SSP, five (5) mobile phones and a UN VHF hand held radio. The staff member sustained bruises on the left cheek, injury on the left shoulder and dislocated left middle finger; he was treated at UN Level II Hospital in Juba. 

1291Feb122012South Sudan010000100100001100BAUP8.8527

An INGO driver was clubbed to death by a gang near a NGO Compund in Maroul area of Aweil town. 

1292Feb242012South Sudan001000100100001100BAROC4.84330331.588554

A night watchman was killed (from apparent strangulation) when a group of unknown men robbed an NGO compound in Juba.  No other staff were harmed. 


Two national staffers of a UN agency were shot dead when unidentified gunmen attacked a vehicle. Another employee of the UN agency sustained serious injuries in the attack.

1294Apr242012Syrian Arab Republic001000130400004103SUR33.5717536.4027

A local Red Crescnet volunteer was killed and three others woulded when their vehicle, clearly markd withthe Red Crescent emblem, was fired upon. Circumstances and perpetrators were unclear.


An INGO national staff guard was found murdered by unknown perpetrators in the INGO compound guard quarters. The killing is suspected to have been related to personal issues.


An NGO staff member was killed at his private residence by an armed intruder who he discovered in the midst of a robbery.


An INGO international staff membre was killed in his room and another wounded when a group of four armed men raided the INGO compound.  Internationals were clearly targeted.

1299May72012South Sudan100000100100001001SUU4.933.8

A national contractor of a UN agency was shot and killed


An INGO Project Coordinator was shot and killed while leaving a mosque after evening prayers.


Six national NGO demining staff wree abducted from a field camp.  The youngest was released a few hours later (hence not counted)

1302May172012South Sudan000000010100001001SUP6.79984633.126794

A national NGO staffer was shot and wounded by an SPLA soldier.

1303May182012DR Congo100000100100001100SRH1.65850129.220455

A national staffer of a UN agency was shot and killed in his home in Goma by unknown assailants.

1304May182012South Sudan100000000001011100BAIAOC7.699926927.9910035

One staffer of a UN agency was attacked and beaten severely with a stick in his office.  The attack was reportedly related to an employment administrative issue.


Two female international staff of an INGO and two male national staff were kidnapped on the road (where they were on horseback) by anti-government forces.  Their two hired guides were also briefly held then released; an additional national staff was held but released in less than 24 hours.  UPDATE: International Security Assistance Force rescued all four kidnapped staff on 2 June 2012.


A driver of an NGO was wounded when unidentified people opened fire on the vehicle he was driving in Khuzdar District. 


A national NGO ambulance driver was killed by an IED, along with two relatives of the patient they were transporting.  The patient and one other relative were injured. 

1309Jun172012South Sudan100000010100001100BADC4.7531

A UN staff member was detained overnight and repeatedly beaten by SPLA soldiers over an alleged land dispute.  He was released on 18 June.


A INGO staff member was wounded when their vehicle was fired on at a road block in a suspected roadside robbery attempt. 


A national staffer of the ICRC was killed in a government airstrike while on the road with three colleagues

1312Jun222012Syrian Arab Republic001000100100001100SUU35.333333540.1499999

A Syrian Red Crescent volunteer on first aid duty was shot in the head and killed by an unknown shooter.

1313Apr132012South Sudan020000001100112200KAmR9.904132.06429

2 INGO staff (1 international and 1 national) were stopped by militia who held them for roughly two weeks before they were released, in poor physical shape, in May. 

15192012Syrian Arab Republic001000100100001001UUU33.50914736.306485

Note: This incident was verified by the IFRC based on an official list of names provided by the Secretary General of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent of the Syrian staff and volunteers killed in 2012. Further details were not available.

1320Apr282012South Sudan310000001100334400KAmR8.92772129.788925

Three internationals and one national  working on a UN demining project were abducted by militia (dressed in SPLA uniforms) from Unity South Sudan, brought to Kahrtoum, and held until 20 May

1321Jun142012South Sudan100000010100001100BAAmR4.84330331.588554

A UN Agency national staffer was stopped, beaten, and robbed by six armed police personnel in uniform near the Doha Fuel Station in Gudele, Four of the policemen were in black uniform and the other two were wearing the brown auxiliary police outfit. The victim was hospitalized. 


Four international staff of an INGO were kidnapped, two national staff wounded, and a national staff driver killed when Somalia militants ambushed their two-car convoy driving through the Dadaab refugee camp.  The internationals were released three days later.


A Dutch national working for a local NGO was shot and killed by morotrcylce riding gunment in front of his office.


Two national NGO vaccinators of a local NGO were approached by two armed men, who severely assaulted one of the vaccinators, leaving him with severe but non-life threatening injuries. The motive is reportedly a personal dispute between the victim and the perpetrators.


Armed groups stopped two trucks carrying food aid, kidnapped the drivers and burned the vehicles. One driver was released on 10 July, following negotiations with local elders. The other driver escaped on 14 July.

1326Jul102012Syrian Arab Republic001000100100001100SIAPS35.33640.145

A Syrian Red Cross worker was shot and killed while on duty on an ambulance


Two Kenyan aid workers and a Somali doctor working for an international NGO were kidnapped by Somali pirates, and their driver was wounded. UPDATE: After nearly two years, the three kidnapped staff were released on 5 June 2014.


An unknown group lobbed a grenade into an INGO compound, induring three: 2 international and 1national staff.  Suspected motive was intimidation, but details are unknown.


An NGO staff member was stopped and forcibly detained by armed opposition members on his way to his home village.  He was released two days later after intervention by village elders, paying a fine, and promising to cease work for the NGO which the opposition group said was not properly "registered"

1335Jul122012South Sudan100000100100001100SIAH4.7531

UN staff was shot dead in his house in Hai Lokwilili behind Jebel Kujur near the Ministry of Animal Resources.


A nurse working for an NGO-run clinic was kidnapped by a dozen armed opposition members on motorcycles and held for three days.  He was interrogated to determine whether he had any government affiliation, and when it was determined he did not he was allowed to call his family and village elders for a negotiated release.


A UN local staff member working on the polio eradication campaign was shot and killled in a targeted attack.


An NGO staffer was wounded in a cross fire between the Afghan National Army and armed opposition.


Two staffers of a local NGO were injured when unknown assailants lobbed a grenade over the wall in their newly established compound


One UN staffer was killed and one wounded when traveling in a marked UN vehicle, fired upon by two unknown assailants.


A national staff member of an NGO was abducted and beaten by four armed men who knew of his NGO affiliation and demanded ransom. He was released folowing intervention from local community leaders.

1342Jul312012Libyan Arab Jamahiriya007000000000777700KAmR32.11707620.0670036

Seven staffers of a foreign Red Cross society were kidnapped after their vehicle was ambushed in Benghazi.


A doctor working for a national NGO was kidnapped while traveling on public transportation.  He was released following negotiations by community leaders.


A UN national staffer was shot and killed in Marka. The reasons behind the killing are unknown.


A remote control IED detonated near an international organization's vehicle, injuring two national staff members.


An national NGO staffer was wounded by small arms fire at an illegal checkpoint


An RCIED attached to a bike detonated next to the entrance to the Department of Information and Culture, injuring 7 local civilians (including 1 IO and 1 NGO staff member)

1348Sep62012Syrian Arab Republic100000100100001100ABCH33.47037636.30053

A UN national staffer was killed, along with his son, when shells hit their home.

1349Sep92012Syrian Arab Republic100000100100001100SUP33.513069536.3095814

A UN national staffer was shot and killed on his way to work.  It is unknown if it was a targeted attack or a stray bullet.

1533Mar212012Syrian Arab Republic