Security incident data

Last updated: April 4, 2019

Data verified up to: January 31, 2017

The numbers below refer to the number of people affected. Click on a column heading to order incidents according to that column.

IDMonthDayYearsort iconCountryUNINGOLNGO and NRCSICRCIFRCOtherNationals killedNationals woundedNationals kidnappedTotal national staffInternationals killedInternationals woundedInternationals kidnappedTotal international staffTotal victimsGender MaleGender FemaleGender UnknownMeans of attackAttack contextLocationLatitudeLongitudeDetails
298May2004DR Congo020000000002022011RSARC-2.981434423.8222636

2 INGO international staff wounded (1 raped, 1 shot) in armed attack by unidentified soldiers.

5922006DR Congo001000010100001010RSAUU-2.981434423.8222636

1 national staff of an NGO (a partner organization of an INGO) raped


1 INGO international staff member attacked and sexually assaulted in Solola while walking home, Jan 16.


2 INGO international staff wounded (1 raped and 1 sexually assaulted) and 1 INGO national staff guard of another organization wounded in coordinated violent attack on Gereida compound. Staff from the latter INGO were among 71 aid workers evacuated from the town as a result. Since then they maintained some basic public health services through local staff in the town, but most operations have been suspended.


1 INGO national staff wounded when sexually assaulted.


1 INGO national staff wounded when sexually assaulted.

806Jan192009DR Congo080000030305058035RSARH1.65850129.220455

5 INGO international staff and 3 INGO national staff attacked and seriously hurt, including one who was raped and two others sexually assaulted, in raid/robbery of their house in Goma.

1551May132009Sri Lanka100000000001011010RSAIAH6.020177480.2474836

One female UN staff member was physically and sexually assaulted while on R&R in country. The motive appears to be political for a number of reasons, including because her belongings were searched during the assault as well as the location where she was treated.


1 NGO national staff raped and killed by gang in implied religious hate crime (Muslim v. Hindu).


One international staff member was robbed and raped.


One female INGO staff member was sexually assaulted and subsequently hospitalized after five masked men broke into the NGO guesthoust and robbed the residents.  Three other staff members were present, but seem to have been unhurt.


A female aid worker was drugged and sexually assaulted by a local businessman.  She subsequently attempted suicide and was hospitalized.   


One female international UN consultant was sexually assaulted at knifepoint at home while sleeping. 

1985Feb2015South Sudan010000000001011010RSAIAOC9.260000 29.8

An INGO worker was reportedly raped by a UN contractor. The incident occured in Bentiu, South Sudan on the UN compound. 

2003Sep62015South Sudan020000000002022020RSAAmOC4.85936331.57125

Two female INGO staff members were robbed and raped when the vehicle that they were in was attacked by an armed group of assailants outside of their residential compound. 

2165Jul112016South Sudan0160000100101501516970RSARP4.85936331.57125

On July 11th in Juba, South Sudanese soldiers invaded Terrain Hotel, a location that was popular with international staff. According to reports, the soldiers raped 5 international staff members and killed one national staff member. Other staff members (10) were also sexually assaulted, assaulted and/or wounded by other means as a direct result of the attack. (Updated: October 2016) 


A female international staff member was jogging in the park in Erbil, Iraq. She followed by a man who physically restrained her and sexually assaulted her. The assailant ran away when the female staff member started shouting.


During a night raid, armed bandits attacked a project team of four aid workers that were spending the night at the site. The team was robbed of valuables and one of the team members was raped.

2630Nov232018El Salvador100000010100001010RSAIAP13.4889.183

One female UN Angecy staff member was robbed and raped by a supposed MS-13 gang member while on her way to the organization office. The assailant threatened the staff member with a knife during the attack. 


Note: 2013 figures are not yet complete and verified.

Key for means of attack

  • AB: Aerial bombardment/missile/mortar/RPG/lobbed grenade
  • BA: Bodily assault/beating/stabbing with non-fire weapons or no weapons
  • B: Bombing (set explosives with a stationary target: building, facility, home)
  • BBIED: Body-borne IED
  • CX: Complex attack (explosives in conjunction with small arms)
  • RIED: Roadside IED
  • VBIED: Vehicle-born IED (unknown whether remote control or suicide)
  • VBIED-RC: Vehicle-borne IED (remote control detonation)
  • VBIED-S : Vehicle-borne IED (suicide)
  • K: Kidnapping (not killed)
  • KK: Kidnap-killing
  • RSA: Rape or serious sexual assault
  • LM: Landmine or UXO detonation
  • S: Shooting (small arms / light weapons, e.g. pistols, rifles, machine guns)
  • U: Unknown

Key for attack context

  • Am: Ambush/attack on road
  • C: Combat (or police operations) / Crossfire
  • IA: Individual attack or assassination
  • MV: Mob violence, rioting
  • R: Raid (armed incursion by group on home, office, or project site)
  • D: Detention (by official government forces or police, where abuse takes place)
  • U: Unknown

Key for location

  • H: Home (private home, not compound)
  • OC: Office or organization compound/residence
  • PS: Project site (village, camp, distribution point, hospital, etc.)
  • P: Other public location (street, market, restaurant, etc.)
  • R: Road (in transit)
  • C: Custody (official forces/police)
  • U: Unknown