Security incident data

Last updated: August 21, 2019

Data verified up to: December 31, 2018

The numbers below refer to the number of people affected. Click on a column heading to order incidents according to that column.

IDMonthDayYearsort iconCountryUNINGOLNGO and NRCSICRCIFRCOtherNationals killedNationals woundedNationals kidnappedTotal national staffInternationals killedInternationals woundedInternationals kidnappedTotal international staffTotal victimsGender MaleGender FemaleGender UnknownMeans of attackAttack contextLocationLatitudeLongitudeDetailsSource

4 INGO international (2 British, 2 Dutch) staff kidnapped by armed tribesmen and later released.


1 INGO international (German) staff and their visiting parents (not included) were kidnapped in Dhamar province, located about 65 miles south of the Yemeni capital, Sanaa, Dec. 15 ; released 19 December. Kidnappers, who belong to the powerful Bani Dhabian tribe, abducted the three as they drove their car outside the historic city of Rada'a, about 130 kilometers south of Sana'a. Tribal sources said five men armed with AK-47 rifles snatched the three Germans from their car as they left Rada'a on the way to Sana'a.

849Jun122009Yemen040000000040044220Kidnap-killingUnknownProject site16.30852843.403557

4 INGO international (German, UK, South Korean) staff kidnapped from Yemen hopsital INGO program (9 in all kidnapped, including 3 children and 1 spouse - German) Government officials on Sunday accused a Shi'ite militant group. Later found dead .


15 RCS national staff kidnapped by rebel group.


1 INGO international (Japanese) staff kidnapped by local tribesmen for leverage to have clansmen released; viticim released 7 days later.


Three French INGO staff (two women, one man) were kidnapped in Hadramout region by what seemed to be an extremist Islamist group. 


A French international staffer and two national staffers were seized from their vehicle near a small village in Lahej (Msaimeer)by gunmen demanding the release of prisoners held by Yemeni authorities in the nearby southern port of Aden.

1483Jan72012Yemen010000001100001100KidnappingIndividual attackPublic location16.347124347.8915271

One national staff member was kidnapped while on public transportation. The motive was personal - they wanted to secure the release of a family member held by a tribal leader. He was released 2 days on 9 January.

Focal Point

An international staff of a UN agency was kidnapped in the capital Sanaa by armed tribesmen who transferred him to central Marabou province. The UN worker was taken hostage by the Abide Marabou tribe, demanding the release of a tribesman who was arrested on charges of killing four soldiers assigned to guarding oil tankers.  He was released unharmed two weeks later.


Three international staff of a UN agency, two INGO and two LNGOs were kidnapped west of Sanaa. They were released approximately 72 hours later. The kidnappers reportedly planned to exchange the hostages for a prisoner being held in the capital.

Official Report

Armed men kidnapped a French international staffer of as he was travelling from north Yemen to the Red Sea port city of Hudaida.  After being held for three months, the victim was released; handed over by a group called Ansar al-Shari'a in Shabwa. Still unclear who was behind the kidnapping.


One national INGO staff member was abducted by a disgruntled vendor who was contracted by the same INGO.  The incident appears to be related to a contract dispute: the vendor was asked to suspend sales over allegations of misconduct.

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Three ICRC staff members were abducted while traveling by car by in the Southern Province of Abyan. They were released unharmed two days later.


A UN international staff member was ambushed and kidnapped by armed men while he was in his vehicle. UPDATE: He was released on 8 November 2014.

Official Report

One UN hired consultant and her translator were kidnapped from their car in Sana'a by armed men who were posing as police officers. After nearly six months in captivity, she was released in August 2015. 


One national male INGO aid worker was kidnapped in Ibb, Yemen. He was held captive for over 24 hours (exact number of days unknown) and later released. 

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One international staff member working for ICRC was abducted at gunpoint in Sana'a. Another ICRC staff member was also abducted but released a few hours later (not counted here because it was under 24 hours). It was reported that she was released in October 2016 after being captive for ten months. 

Official Report

Five aid workers and two contracted drivers were detained in Ibb by rebel forces that raided the hotel that the aid workers were in. They were all released on April 3rd but it is unknown how long they were held. 


A Non-State Armed Actor abducted one male national INGO staff member in Taiz, Yemen. He was released nine days after negotiations on October 9th. 

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A Non-State Armed Group detained one male national INGO aid worker in Taiz on December 12th. He was released after negotiations in early January. 

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One male UN agency staff member was led out of his car at gunpoint and abducted. His wife was in the car at the time of the incident as well but only the staff member was taken. The perpetrator was wearing a mask at the time of the incident. At the time of this report, the staff member's whereabouts were unknown. Reports regarding this incident are currently unconfirmed.

2642Jan282019Yemen010000001100001010KidnappingIndividual attackPublic location15.34833344.206389

One female INGO director was reportedly summoned for questioning by Houthi rebels to their headquarters on January 28 in Sanaa, and after not retruning to the organization was assumed kidnapped by the rebels. She was released on February 16, 2019 after international diplomatic pressure.