Security incident data

Last updated: May 23, 2019

Data verified up to: January 31, 2017

The numbers below refer to the number of people affected. Click on a column heading to order incidents according to that column.

IDMonthDayYearCountryUNINGOLNGO and NRCSICRCsort iconIFRCOtherNationals killedNationals woundedNationals kidnappedTotal national staffInternationals killedInternationals woundedInternationals kidnappedTotal international staffTotal victimsGender MaleGender FemaleGender UnknownMeans of attackAttack contextLocationLatitudeLongitudeDetails
1644Jan222014South Sudan000100010100001001BAIAPS4.87313231.589271

A local ICRC staff member was assaulted by IDPs when they reportedly heard the staff member discussing politics over the phone. The staff member was hospitalized. 

1821Sep42014South Sudan000100010100001100SAmR6.53257929.63031

One ICRC-contracted driver was shot and wounded when the convoy he was traveling with was robbed by armed men. 

2315Sep82017South Sudan000100100100001100SAmR5.24475428.299435

One national ICRC staff member was killed when a convoy of nine trucks and a four-wheel-drive vehicle was shot at by unknown assailants in Kotobi. The convoy was returning from a relief operation.

2439Apr232018South Sudan000100010100001100SROC8.29696830.153157

Armed men attacked the ICRC's base in Leer, Unity State, prompting a halt to activities in seed and farming tool equipment distribution. Shots were fired directly into the field base, resulting in an injury to the leg of a guard who received medical attention in Leer for minor injuries. Eight staff members were temporarily evacuated to Juba after the attack. 

412Dec192005South Sudan100000010100001001UCU6.7530

1 UN national staff injured during a clash between two families in Rumbek in Southern Sudan, Dec 19.

406Nov2005South Sudan020000100110012101UAmU7.265386130.05489

1 INGO international (British) staff and 1 national staff killed when ambushed by LRA.

230May2003South Sudan010000100100001100ABAmU7.265386130.05489

1 INGO national staff killed by rocket grenade aimed at car.

181Jul2002South Sudan040000101200224004KKUU7.265386130.05489

1 INGO national staff killed and 2 internationals and 1 national kidnapped in South.

24Sep1997South Sudan100000100100001100SIAU4.82487131.607858

1 UN national staff shot and killed in Juba.

1139Jul152011South Sudan010000010100001100SCU8.07361132.403263

One national staff of an INGO was shot and wounded in his leg when Murle Tribesman attacked Kaikuiny Boma for unknown reasons.

1145Aug182011South Sudan050000500500005005URU8.041819132.0297593

4 national staff of one INGO and at least 1 national staff of a separate INGO were killed during raids that killed hundreds of people and destroyed many houses, an INGO hospital and vehicles.

1147Aug202011South Sudan090000180900009009UCU1032.7

1 INGO national staff killed and 8 INGO national staff wounded during clashes between suspected elements of a rebel militia group and Sudanese armed forces.

1155Sep102011South Sudan010000100100001001UCU7.432.4

One casual worker for an INGO was killed (along with one other person) during an attack by suspected Nuer. The attackers looted 18 heads of cattle.

1166Oct82011South Sudan100000000001011001UUP4.84330331.588554

Two UN international staff were attacked and robbed near Logali House.  One sustained injuries and was treated at hospital.

1185Dec62011South Sudan100000100100001100SIAH4.7531

A national contractor of the UN was shot and killed when an unknown perpetrator broke into his residence.  It is suspected the motive was robbery.

1186Dec162011South Sudan100000010100001001UAmR5.430.25

A national staff member of the UN staff was assaulted when driving in a convoy in Lanyi

1195Jan142012South Sudan010000000010011100SIAOC4.84330331.588554

An international staffer of an INGO was shot and killed leaving his compound.  The unknown culprits escaped with his vehicle. 

1200Jan232012South Sudan010000000010011001BAIAU6.7530

A international staffer of an INGO (a Ugandan cook) was stabbed to death by another staffer in a personal dispute.

1268Dec42011South Sudan010000100100001100SAmR7.78503533.002909

An INGO national staff was ambushed and shot and killed by two military personnel, in a revenge killing.

1287Mar102012South Sudan100000010100001100SAmR4.84330331.588554

A UN national staff member was shot in the head while traveling along Juba - Jebel road, and was hospitalized

1290Feb102012South Sudan100000010100001100BARH4.84330331.588554

A UN staffer was assaulted by two men in SSPS uniform in his residence in Gudele West (Gurei) in Juba. The perpetrators made away with 700 SSP, five (5) mobile phones and a UN VHF hand held radio. The staff member sustained bruises on the left cheek, injury on the left shoulder and dislocated left middle finger; he was treated at UN Level II Hospital in Juba. 

1291Feb122012South Sudan010000100100001100BAUP8.8527

An INGO driver was clubbed to death by a gang near a NGO Compund in Maroul area of Aweil town. 

1292Feb242012South Sudan001000100100001100BAROC4.84330331.588554

A night watchman was killed (from apparent strangulation) when a group of unknown men robbed an NGO compound in Juba.  No other staff were harmed. 

1299May72012South Sudan100000100100001001SUU4.933.8

A national contractor of a UN agency was shot and killed

1302May172012South Sudan000000010100001001SUP6.79984633.126794

A national NGO staffer was shot and wounded by an SPLA soldier.

1304May182012South Sudan100000000001011100BAIAOC7.699926927.9910035

One staffer of a UN agency was attacked and beaten severely with a stick in his office.  The attack was reportedly related to an employment administrative issue.

1309Jun172012South Sudan100000010100001100BADC4.7531

A UN staff member was detained overnight and repeatedly beaten by SPLA soldiers over an alleged land dispute.  He was released on 18 June.

1313Apr132012South Sudan020000001100112200KAmR9.904132.06429

2 INGO staff (1 international and 1 national) were stopped by militia who held them for roughly two weeks before they were released, in poor physical shape, in May. 

1320Apr282012South Sudan310000001100334400KAmR8.92772129.788925

Three internationals and one national  working on a UN demining project were abducted by militia (dressed in SPLA uniforms) from Unity South Sudan, brought to Kahrtoum, and held until 20 May

1321Jun142012South Sudan100000010100001100BAAmR4.84330331.588554

A UN Agency national staffer was stopped, beaten, and robbed by six armed police personnel in uniform near the Doha Fuel Station in Gudele, Four of the policemen were in black uniform and the other two were wearing the brown auxiliary police outfit. The victim was hospitalized. 

1335Jul122012South Sudan100000100100001100SIAH4.7531

UN staff was shot dead in his house in Hai Lokwilili behind Jebel Kujur near the Ministry of Animal Resources.

1361Nov22012South Sudan010000100100001100KKRH6.21755433.438353

A national staffer of an INGO was kidnapped by a group of armed rebels from his home and was later killed.

1398Mar52013South Sudan010000000001011000BAUU9.03531227.76364

An INGO worker was assaulted and robbed, sustaining serious injuries.

1399Mar102013South Sudan020000020200002200SAmR8.59532429.992201

An INGO national staff member and driver were ambushed and shot by armed robbers while riding in a humanitarian relief convoy.

1402Mar152013South Sudan200000020200002200BAAmR4.45622632.426302

A UN-contracted driver and assistant were ambushed and severely wounded by armed robbers.

1407Mar302013South Sudan001000010100001001SROC10.09965233.337104

An employee of a commercial company contracted by the UN was shot and wounded when a group of twenty armed, masked men raided their organization's compound. The unknown perpretrators left without stealing anything after the incident.

1408Apr82013South Sudan100000100100001010UUH4.8491431.510543

A UN agency worker was killed by her husband in a domestic dispute.

1415Apr212013South Sudan500000220410015500SAmR4.68938531.703351

Two UN-contracted employees (driver and assistant) were shot and killed when their convoy was ambushed by two armed men after delivering food to the UN Agency warehouse in Juba; their cash, phones, and other belongings were stolen.  Simultaneously, another convoy was approaching from the opposite direction, and another UN-contracted driver was shot and killed and his two assistants injured. 

1422May42013South Sudan200000110200002200SAmR5.18774931.781709

One UN national contractor was killed and another wounded in a shooting when their vehicle was ambushed on the Bor-Juba road.

1427May112013South Sudan010000010100001100BAAmP4.84985631.59948

One INGO staff member was car-jacked and beaten; his car and other valuables on his person were stolen.

1432May232013South Sudan100000100100001100SIAH6.81083929.675678

One UN staff member was shot in his home by an unknown gunman during the night.  He was hospitalized and received emergency surgery, but later passed away.

1448Jun212013South Sudan100000000001011010BAAmR4.84892531.582724

One UN staff member was hospitalized after being physically assaulted by National Security personnel and locked up in the UN vehicle she was driving, allegedly for obstructing the VVIP motorcade at John Garang Mausoleum, Juba.

1449Jun222013South Sudan010000000010011100BAAmR4.4005731.162043

One INGO official was stabbed to death while en route by car between Juba and Yei.

1478Jun62012South Sudan010000010100001010BAIAP4.847201731.5951655

One national staff driver for an INGO was ambushed by unknown persons in town, beaten, and some items stolen.

1499Feb92012South Sudan000001010100001100SAmR6.7530

One national staff truck driver was shot and wounded during an armed robbery.

1501May212012South Sudan100000010100001100BAIAP6.21941531.549315

One UN national staff member was seriously injured when five unknown persons attacked him and his spouse using oaks and wooden sticks.

1502May202012South Sudan100000010100001100BAIAP6.7530

One UN national staff member was assaulted by his in-laws in a domestic dispute and was treated at state hospital.

1530Dec152012South Sudan100000100100001100SAmR6.7530

One contracted employee who was transporting an IO food commodities in a contracted truck was shot and killed in a robbery incident. 

1538Aug42013South Sudan010000010100001100BAIAP4.84877531.508604

One NGO staff member was assaulted and robbed by four young men.

1539Aug52013South Sudan001000100100001001SAmR5.3801531.804769

One NGO staff member was shot and killed when unknown attackers shot at a marked NGO vehicle travelling on the Bor to Juba road.

1540Aug52013South Sudan020000110200002200UAmR4.80932931.633258

One staff member was killed and one wounded when their vehicle was attacked.

1541Jul102012South Sudan010000100100001010SUU4.84892531.582724

One INGO female staff member was shot and killed.

1557Aug172013South Sudan010000100100001001UIAPS10.13074233.327557

One INGO staff member was killed by a staff member of another INGO allegedly over domestic dispute.

1560Aug202013South Sudan100000010100001100SAmR4.51991932.490316

One driver was shot when gunmen opened fire on four UN-contracted trucks.

1567Aug312013South Sudan100000010100001001BAIAP4.85877831.598305

One UN staff member was assaulted by a person suspected to be an SPLA soldier while walking from the Olympic hotel in Juba.

1568Aug312013South Sudan100000010100001100BAIAH4.84937931.508672

One UN staff member was robbed and assaulted by two unknown masked men who entered and robbed his home, then removed him by force from his home and brought him to the forest where they continued to assault him and ask for money.

1572Sep72013South Sudan100000010100001100BAIAH9.25964229.800035

One UN staff member was assaulted by three persons who allegedly disguised themselves as visitors at his residence in Kalibalak, Bentiu. He was evacuated to the hospital.

1573Sep82013South Sudan100000010100001100BAROC4.87330131.589264

Robbers at a UN compound assaulted the UN-contracted guard, who was taken to the hospital for treatment.

1580Sep232013South Sudan100000010100001001BAIAP8.49215427.993158

One UN staff member was assaulted after group of people at the scene of road traffic accident forcibly asked the staff member to transport a non-UN casualty to a hospital - while the injured was being received at the hospital, an unknown person assaulted the staff member. 

1585Oct32013South Sudan100000010100001100BAIAH4.82487131.607858

One UN staff member sustained injuries during a fight with three robbers at his home.

1590Oct62013South Sudan200000000002022002BAIAOC4.83991131.611074

Two UN staff members were severely assaulted and sustained multiple stab wounds at the vicinity of their compound in the evening. They were admitted into a hospital for treatment.  

1591Oct32013South Sudan001000010100001100BAAmR8.95527727.509186

One NGO staff member was assaulted by an SPLA soldier. 

1608Nov252013South Sudan100000010100001100BAUU4.61175531.263156

One national UN staff member was injured when two teenagers attempted to steal his laptop bag. He received medical care at a UN hospital.  

1624Dec72013South Sudan010000010100001100UIAOC4.57731328.39885

A security guard for an INGO compound was attacked by an armed intruder.  The guard was hospitalized and is in stable condition.

1627Dec162013South Sudan010000010100001001SCU6.79984633.126794

One nationally recruited INGO member was injured by a stray bullet when a fight involving the Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA) erupted. 

1630Dec192013South Sudan010000100100001100SROC7.78514533.002922

An INGO staff member was killed by Nuer youth during an attack on a UN base in Akobo, where the staff was taking refuge.  The attack seems to have been ethnically motivated.  

1641Jan172014South Sudan100000010100001100BAIAH8.77013227.39286

A national UN staff member, while in his private residence, was stabbed in the chest by an unknown person. 

1669Jan2014South Sudan003000300300003003URPS7.1819232.356109

Three aid workers were killed by unknown armed elements who looted several UN and NGO properties in Jonglei State.

1677Dec82013South Sudan010000010100001100BAIAPS4.5773628.398834

One security guard at an INGO compound was struck by the butt of a gun when he intervened in a conflict between the assailant and another INGO staff member.  The guard sustained a deep wound and was hospitalized.

1682Apr132014South Sudan100000010100001001BAIAU8.99743828.308152

One UN staff member was assaulted by an SPLA officer in Wunrock. The staff sustained serious injuries and was taken to a clinic, where the perpetrator threatened the doctor not to treat the victim.

1683May152013South Sudan010000010100001100SAmR7.1834.095

One national INGO staff member was injured when Murule tribesmen attacked an aid convoy.  The convoy was traveling with a local leader, who was the target of the attack. 

1686Jun72013South Sudan030000030300003300BAIAU9.93981533.809694

Three INGO staff members were tied up and beaten by drunk SPLA members for refusing to pay a bribe. 

1695Apr172014South Sudan020000200200002110URPS6.21989331.550046

Two INGO staff members were killed during an attack on a UN base in Bor. 

1714Feb52013South Sudan100000000010011100BAAmR7.59730229.700877

One UN-contracted truck driver was severely beaten and killed by unknown armed individuals. The driver's cash and IDs were stolen, but no food from the truck was taken.  The driver's assistant managed to escape and reported the incident to the police.

1716Jun122013South Sudan100000100100001100SAmR8.88366230.045535

One UN-contracted assistant driver was shot in the chest and killed by a group of armed men demanding cash.

1745Dec212013South Sudan010000100100001100SIAP9.94999630.267263

One national INGO worker was targeted and killed by unknown armed assailants.  It is likely that the killing was linked to the employee's Nuer ethnicity. 

1760May292014South Sudan010000100100001001UUU7.78503533.002909

One INGO worker was reportedly killed in an inter-clan dispute.

1773Jun202014South Sudan010000010100001010BAIAPS4.81889731.546674

One pregnant NGO staff member was assaulted and injured by a male IDP patient.  She was hospitalized for further treatment. 

1781Dec192013South Sudan010000100100001100UAmR6.21941531.549315

One INGO security guard was killed while one his way from home to the INGO compound. There are no clear details about how he was killed.

1805Aug42014South Sudan010000100100001100SIAOC9.94535733.809026

One INGO worker was pulled out of the INGO vehicle and shot and killed, allegedly by the Mabanese Defense Forces.  It appears that the killing was related to the individual's ethnicity. 

1816Aug52014South Sudan020000200200002200SAmR9.94524233.809081

Two local INGO staff members were dragged out of their vehicle and shot and killed by the Mabanese Defense Forces.  It appears that the killing was ethnically motivated. A third passenger was also shot and killed (not counted here).

1817Aug52014South Sudan020000101200002200SIAH9.94512233.809215

One INGO staff member was killed by the Mabanese Defense Forces at his home and another staffer, also hiding in the house, was abducted.  It appears that the killing was ethnically motivated. A third staffer, also hiding in the house, managed to get away. 

1828Sep162014South Sudan100000010100001001UUP9.25885329.800177

One UN staff member was assaulted by SPLA soldiers and required medical treatment.  Another UN staff member was also assaulted, but seems to have been unhurt.

1839Oct162014South Sudan100000100100001100KKIAP9.55888931.652222

One national UN staff member was kidnapped at gunpoint from Malakal airport by eight armed men.  Reports made from the organization in August 2015 confirm that the staff member is presumed dead.

1848Oct252014South Sudan010000000001011010BAIAP4.84098531.614001

One INGO international staff member was injured when two individuals on a boda boda stole her purse.  The staff member was hospitalized but released soon thereafter.

1853Nov102014South Sudan010000010100001100BAAmR4.85522431.57988

One INGO driver was carjacked and beaten by three armed men.  He suffered injuries to his face and arm.  The attack occured in the evening.

1856Nov122014South Sudan010000010100001100SIAPS9.98333333.5875

One INGO security guard was shot and wounded by unknown persons while on duty at Batil camp.  He sustained serious injuries and was hospitalized.

1871Jan72015South Sudan010000010100001100BAAmR9.35727428.582716

A local driver for an INGO was assaulted by two SPLA soldiers when stopped at a roundabout while driving in Agok. The soliders, who had stopped behind him in their own vehicle, forced him out of his car. UNISFA soliders intervened to stop the attack.

1875Nov302014South Sudan100000010100001001BAIAU9.94535733.809026

 A UN staff member was assaulted by an INGO security guard. The UN staff member was taken to the hospital as a result of the attack.

1892Jan62015South Sudan100000001100001100KAmU9.78891128.412623

Five armed men attacked a team of 8 UN contractors that were working on a demining project and hijacked their vehicle. The driver was kidnapped and found unharmed on 8th January.

1896Feb172015South Sudan010000000010011100SIAOC4.86939431.581437

A British aid worker was shot in his car by someone in a secondary vehicle that had pulled up behind him while he was returning to the organizational compound.

1902Mar122015South Sudan020000010101012200SAmOC4.8531.6

One INGO international aid worker and one national staff person were injured when their car was carjacked by a group of armed men. The aid worker was returning to his compound when the attack occurred at the gate of the compound. As the armed men were fleeing in the vehicle they stole, they indiscrimantly shot rounds at the compound, hitting the INGO worker in the leg and the driver in the neck, both who have received medical attention for their wounds and will recover.

1960Dec282014South Sudan010000001100001100KIAU11.8332.8

A national staff member (security guard) of an INGO was abducted by unknown armed men. He was beaten and released on 30 December 2014. The reason for the abduction and assault was in revenge for a work related decision that affected another contracted employee. 

1963Mar152015South Sudan100000001100001100KAmR9.9229.98

A UN contracted truck traveling as part of a convoy was ambushed on Pariang road. The truck was burnt and the driver of the truck is missing. 

1964Apr12015South Sudan300000300300003300KKAmR10.3824832.2563

A UN contracted truck was commandered by the SPLA in Khor Adar with demands to transport troops to Akoka. The location of the truck, two staff members and a contracted driver is unknown, but they were on-route to a relief distribution site in Melut with supplies when intercommunal fighting occurred along the road. Update (August 24, 2015): The organization made a statement confirming that the staff members have been presumed dead.

1965Apr52015South Sudan010000010100001100SUU6.418669932.8450649

One INGO national staff member was shot in the Kassengor area along the border of Eastern Equatoria and Jonglei. 

1974Jun42015South Sudan110000020200002200SAmR7.27393028.688049

A health mission was ambused on-route to Manyang Ngok Primary Health Care Unit. The armed men shot and killed the driver. One INGO and one UN team member were severly injured and had to be hospitalized. 

1975Jun32015South Sudan200000020200002200BAAmR5.38223430.426636

A UN contracted truck was ambushed in Lui area. The armed assailants robbed provisions off the truck and took the drivers' personal belongings. The driver and his assistant were seriously injured in the attack. 

1981May222015South Sudan100000010100001100BAIAP4.85391731.584234

A UN staff member was assaulted by soldiers while walking to work along Airport Road in Juba. They accused him of spying. The staff member suffered injuries to his face and bruised ribs.

1984Jul42015South Sudan100000100100001100SIAU6.87699231.306979

A UN contracted truck driver was shot in Wullu while showering. The driver had to stop in Wullu for a few days because of bad local road conditions. He died as a result of his injuries.

1985Feb2015South Sudan010000000001011010RSAIAOC9.260000 29.8

An INGO worker was reportedly raped by a UN contractor. The incident occured in Bentiu, South Sudan on the UN compound. 

1990Jun132015South Sudan010000100100001100SCPS7.1834.1

One INGO national staff member was shot and killed when gunmen attacked a food distribution point in Pochalla town, Jonglei. 

1997Aug2015South Sudan010000100100001100UUU9.88942032.718138

An national INGO staff member was killed during an attack on the village of Wulu. The circumstances surrounding his death are unknown.

1998Aug2015South Sudan010000100100001100UUU8.29696830.153157

An national INGO staff member was killed. The circumstances surrounding his death are unknown.

1999Aug222015South Sudan020000020200002200SROC4.85936331.57125

One guard was wounded with a machete and another shot, when perpetrators broke into an INGO compound at night. The suspects stole two AK-47s before fleeing. 

2002Sep22015South Sudan010000100100001100UAmR5.13333330.916667

An INGO convoy was attacked between Rokon and Luri. The driver was killed.

2003Sep62015South Sudan020000000002022020RSAAmOC4.85936331.57125

Two female INGO staff members were robbed and raped when the vehicle that they were in was attacked by an armed group of assailants outside of their residential compound. 

2004May142015South Sudan100000010100001100LMAmR9.23486129.212306

An UN contracted truck hit a landmine north of Bentiu, near Torabeith. The driver sustained injuries to the leg as a result of the blast. 

2005Sep102015South Sudan010000100100001100SROC4.87159231.572769

One local INGO staff member was killed during a raid on the INGO's compound. Reportedly, the event was a robbery which occurred in broad daylight. The assailants used the staff member as a hostage. He was shot and killed although circumstances leading up to the event are unclear. 

2015Apr162015South Sudan020000110200002200SAmR7.40757731.420469

A truck driver and his assistant, contracted by an INGO, were attacked on the road between Mabior and Poktap by armed assailants, who shot them. The driver's assistant was killed and the driver, who was shot multiple times, had to be airlifted to a medical facility for treatment.

2016Sep292015South Sudan100000010100001100BAIAP4.86778231.546404

A UN national staff member was assaulted when he was returning to his residence in his vehicle. He noticed that his car was being closely followed by men on a motorcycle. When he got out of the car, money was demanded from him and he was assualted by sticks and stones. 

2023Oct72015South Sudan100000010100001100SIAR3.59719632.059253

One national UN staff member was shot at while driving home in his personal vehicle. He was with a relative at the time and both managed to escape. He was taken to the hospital where he recieved treatment for an injury resulting from the car's glass window that broke on impact with the bullet.

2031Dec62015South Sudan010000100100001100SIAP4.85936331.57125

An INGO was killed by a stray bullet when coming out of his residence to investigate the sounds of gunfire, which were being fired at a motorist.

2032Dec42015South Sudan200000020200002110BARH4.85190531.554888

Two UN agency staff members were attacked in their home by approximately 5 men. The assailants were reportedly armed with clubs and rifles. One staff member was beaten and the other sustained stab wounds to the palm of their hand. The robbers fled with money, personal items and a UN vehicle. The two staff members were treated in the hospital for their injuries. 

2049Jan132016South Sudan100000010100001100BAIAPS9.27833629.807987

One UN national staff member was assaulted in the Protection of Civilian (PoC) camp in Bentiu with machetes and spears. 

2051Dec222015South Sudan030000000012033300SAmR4.61749133.035889

An INGO partner group was ambushed on the Torit-Kapoeta Road in Budi County. One of the passengers was shot and killed. Two were injured and required medical attention. 

2052Dec182015South Sudan100000100100001100SAmR5.0733525.073352

A UN contracted security guard was shot and killed when traveling with four other passengers to Ezo. They were ambushed while traveling to the town to pay local salaries. The assailants did not steal the cash. 

2053Nov42015South Sudan010000010100001100BAIAR4.85936331.57125

A national staff driver for an INGO was assaulted by local security forces because they believed that he was carrying supplies for opposition forces. He was detained but released on the same day. 

2056Jan312016South Sudan200000020200002200SAmR8.34195327.949219

Two UN contracted drivers were injured in a shooting when perpetrators ambushed the convoy and fired at the truck. The gunmen fled after robbing the driver. Both the driver and his assistant recieved medical care. 

2058Aug222015South Sudan010000010100001100BAROC9.28015129.780241

One INGO security guard was injured when assaulted by robbers that raided an INGO clinic and stole supplies. Reportedly, there were 15 robbers present. The security guard is in stable condition after the attack. 

2061Feb72016South Sudan010000100100001100SIAR8.80432.6906

A health worker for an INGO was shot and killed while traveling between Ying and Rirnyang in Ulang County.

2065Feb182016South Sudan020000200200002200SRPS9.52798831.668235

Two national INGO staff members were killed at their project site as a result of ethnic violence that broke out in the Malakal Protection of Civilian site. About 18 people were killed, inclusive of the two aid workers. 

2066Mar12016South Sudan010000000001011001BAIAOC8.76708727.399837

An INGO international staff member was assaulted by a national colleague with a metal object. The staff member's wounds required medical attention at the UN military hospital. 

2067Feb262016South Sudan100000100100001100SAmR9.24360129.796982

A convoy of UN trucks was travelling north of Bentiu Camp after delivering goods and were attacked by armed assailants. One of trucks was fired upon when trying to escape and the assistant driver was killed as a result. 

2073Jan312016South Sudan200000020200002200SAmR7.68292328.080368

A UN driver and his assistant were injured when they were shot at as part of a larger convoy. The armed men shot at them after trying to extort money from the driver.  

2074Jan292016South Sudan010000010100001100SUU5.17910333.975002

An INGO national male staff member was shot and injured in the Kapoeta North area. Reportedly, a cattle raid may have been occurring in the area at the time. 

2075Jan172016South Sudan010000100100001100SRP7.18196232.356095

A number of civilians were attacked by SPLA soldiers that had deserted. Four were killed in the violence, including a locally contracted guard for an INGO.

2077Feb172016South Sudan010000100100001100BAMVP9.56934631.674335

One INGO security guard was assaulted and killed in the fighting that erupted between Dinka, Shilluk and Nuer communities in the Malakal Protection of Civilians site. 

2078Mar102016South Sudan010000100100001100SIAP7.78048533.00291

A male national INGO worker was shot and killed in Akobo Town while he was walking on the street. The reason for the shooting is unknown and the perpetrator was not caught. 

2080Mar212016South Sudan200000020200002200LMIAR9.23148729.800503

Two contracted UN employees were injured when they drove over a anti-tank mine, which exploded. They were medevac'd to an UNMISS hospital and are in stable condition. 

2081Apr122016South Sudan020000200200002200SAmR3.68411430.776658

An INGO demining convoy was ambushed on Yei- Morobo road in Central Equatoria. Two national staff members were shot and killed in the attack. The attack was reported to have been motivated by ethnic tensions.

2084Apr282016South Sudan010000010100001100SAmR6.04070031.624146

A INGO vehicle was targeted in a roadside ambush by an armed man while it was part of a UN agency convoy. A man appeared from the bush and fired a single shot at the car that went through the window. While the shot missed the driver, he was injured by the shattered glass and required medical attention. 

2089May72016South Sudan010000100100001100SIAH4.86458631.558421

An INGO male staff member was shot and killed in his residence at night by unknown assailants. Another person, female, that was present at the residence, was also killed in the attack.

2090May102016South Sudan100000100100001100SAmR4.31316132.426147

A UN contracted truck driver was ambushed and killed by gunmen along the Magwi-Torit road in Eastern Equatoria, South Sudan. The gunmen stole money, phones and other items. Two other people in the truck managed to escape unharmed. 

2093May252016South Sudan020000000002022002BAUU9.52798831.668235

Two INGO contractors were physically assaulted by six unidentified persons during an attempted robbery. The victims sustained injuries were referred to an NGO clinic in order to receive medical treatment. 

2095Jun72016South Sudan020000000002022110BAROC4.85936331.57125

Armed men entered an INGO compound through a perimeter fence and tricked the staff into opening the door. The men were armed with machetes and assaulted the staff and guards. Two international aid workers had to medically evacuated to South Africa for treatment. 

2286Jul62016South Sudan100000100100001100SIAP5.425930.3858

On 06th July 2016 at Mundri Centre a UN-contracted truck driver was shot dead for an unknown reason while his truck had been parked overnight. The truck was transporting food commodities from Uganda to Wunrok but the cargo remained intact.

2105Jul52016South Sudan010000100100001001SAmR4.41067032.576909

One INGO national staff member was killed by armed men who ambushed a private vehicle on the Torit-Kapoeta road in Eastern Equatoria. Other passengers in the car were robbed of their belongings, including cash, but were otherwise unharmed. The circumstances surrounding the killing of the INGO staff member are currently unknown. 

2127Aug132015South Sudan001000100100001001UUP8.29696830.153157

On August 13, a volunteer in Leer County was killed in Wor Juot village, Gandor payam. An investigation into the details of this incident is still ongoing as of July 2016. 

2133Aug112015South Sudan010000010100001100SCOC10.06577733.031683

One INGO contracted off-duty guard was shot in Mabon when shooting started outside of the compound. The wound was severe and required medical attention. 

2146Jul142016South Sudan010000100100001001SUU6.80724929.678888

An INGO national staff member was shot and killed in Barpakeny, Rumbek East. The incident appears to have been related to a personal matter and not because the victim was an aid worker. 

2153Aug92016South Sudan010000100100001001SUP8.72368730.164704

The remains of 47 people were found on the outskirts of Rubkway in Mayendit County on August 9th by a UNMISS patrol. Increased fighting has been reported in the area since August 7th between the SPLA and a currently unidentified group. One NGO staff member was extracted from the area with gunshot wounds and treated at the UNMISS base.

2157Aug172016South Sudan100000100100001100SIAH4.57756928.398784

A contractor for a UN agency was shot and killed in his home in Yambio on August 17th. No further information is currently available about the incident. 

2158Sep12016South Sudan010000100100001100SAmR4.61124628.466949

Two people were shot and killed while travelling between Baambaru and Yambio town. One of the victims (male) was a driver for an INGO and the other (female) was part of a church group (not counted here). Reportedly, the perpetrators did not take anything from the victims.

2161Sep62016South Sudan010000100100001100SIAH4.57756928.398784

An INGO national staff member and his family were shot and killed by an armed perpetrator who had broken into their home in Yambio town. 

2162Sep22016South Sudan010000010100001100SAmR4.41859232.510519

A commercial vehicle contracted by an INGO to deliver supplies came under fire while on the Magwi-Torit road close to Torit town in Eastern Equatoria. The driver and a passenger (not currently counted in this incident) were shot and had to receive medical attention. 

2165Jul112016South Sudan0160000100101501516970RSARP4.85936331.57125

On July 11th in Juba, South Sudanese soldiers invaded Terrain Hotel, a location that was popular with international staff. According to reports, the soldiers raped 5 international staff members and killed one national staff member. Other staff members (10) were also sexually assaulted, assaulted and/or wounded by other means as a direct result of the attack. (Updated: October 2016) 

2169Sep212016South Sudan010000100100001100BAIAU8.53239928.0991

A local security guard for an INGO was stabbed to death in a dispute in Alek, Gogrial West. It is currently unknown whether the dispute was personal or whether it occurred in the line of duty. 

2172Oct82016South Sudan010000100100001001UIAU7.78048533.00291

A national staff member working for an INGO was reportedly killed in the evening hours. The incident is believed to be a result of a family dispute and not related to the staff member's work for the INGO. 

2176Oct102016South Sudan010000100100001001UROC4.23166933.494397

Armed men attacked an INGO in Chukudum in Budi county, Eastern Equatoria. One INGO national staff member was killed in the attack.

2177Oct142016South Sudan010000100100001100SAmR4.40398332.574120

Gunmen jumped in front of a moving INGO vehicle and shot a number of rounds that hit the front, rear, and passenger's side of the car. Although the driver was able to drive away from the scene, the passenger, a national staff member for an INGO, was fatally shot in the incident. They were driving on the Torit-Katire road, south of  Torit town. 

2179Oct162016South Sudan100000010100001100BAIAP8.76708727.399837

A UN national male staff member was assaulted with metal objects by a group of three men in Aweil town. The assailants had targeted this particular staff member and had asked other civilians to point him out. While the attack does not appear to be the result of the victim being an aid worker, it was ethnically motivated. Other staff members came to his aid and he received medical attention at a clinic for injuries to his face, head, and back.

2180Oct172016South Sudan002000020200002002BAAmR4.84629531.607173

Two national staff members for a local NGO were hurt during a scuffle with a perpetrator that tried to rob them of their valuables while they were travelling on a boda-boda between Hai Malakal and Munuki in the afternoon. Although their injuries were minor, they did require medical attention at a nearby clinic.  

2186Nov132016South Sudan02000000019190011201730KRPS9.28015129.780241

A total of 20 staff members from three separate INGOs were kidnapped and held by the SPLA-IO in Nhialdu, Rubkona, after clashes with government forces. They were made to walk to Jazeera where they were held. The INGO staff members were extracted by the UN on the 16th of November. One Guinean staff member was also reportedly beaten while he was held captive because he was believed to be a Kenyan national. 

2191Dec22016South Sudan002000011200002200SAmR3.99539530.547485

An ambulance that was driving on the Yei-Lasu road through Lunguru was tailed by an SPLA patrol, which resulted in both the SPLA and the ambulance being shot at by anti-government forces. Reports state that the SPLA soldiers were killed in the attack. The driver of the NGO ambulance was shot in the leg and one of the NGO staff members was kidnapped in the attack.  

2193Dec102016South Sudan001000010100001010SAmR5.13794230.914154

Armed gunmen ambushed a local NGO vehicle on the Juba-Maridi road and hijacked their car, stole their belongings and shot one of the female national staff members who was later med-evac'd to a hospital in order to receive medical treatment. 

2195Sep262016South Sudan100000010100001100BAIAH4.86271531.508446

One national staff member of a UN agency was physically assaulted at his residence in the Gudele area by unknown persons. The motive for the attack is unknown. One of the attackers has been apprehended and handed over to the police. The staff member sustained some injuries and was treated at a clinic.

2197Sep202016South Sudan010000000001011100BAMVOC9.88963233.412170

One male international staff member was wounded when aid recipients staged a demonstration to protest against delays in food distribution which resulted in the intrusion into an INGO compound. Five INGO staff were slightly wounded but only one required medical attention. 

2199Jul112016South Sudan010000000001011100BAUU6.60308029.974053

One international staff member was seriously beaten by local youth in Mingkaman, South Sudan. Due to the severity of the injuries, the staff member had to be medically evacuated to another hospital. The incident was reportedly the result of a local contractual dispute. 

2200Jul112016South Sudan040000120301014103SAmR4.560732.4972

An INGO vehicle was ambushed on the Lyria, Nesitu Junction road in Central Equatoria, South Sudan. The unknown armed assailants killed one local INGO worker (medic) and seriously wounded an additional international and two national staff members while they were travelling in Nesitu on their way to Nimule. The motive and perpetrators of the attack are unknown but it was reported that the team was withdrawing from anti-government forces that were approaching the area.

2210Nov52016South Sudan100000100100001100SIAP4.85936331.57125

One UN staff member was killed when a gunman opened fire at a club where patrons were watching a football game. Media reports state that the assailant may have been inebriated and initially turned away from the club because he could not pay the entry fee. Other civilians were also killed in the attack (not counted here). 

2220Jan82017South Sudan010000100100001100SIAH8.06247629.88152

A national staff member was shot and killed at night while visiting family members. The motive of the attack is suspected to be robbery.

2221Jan62017South Sudan010000010100001100SROC6.80724929.678888

Four armed men broke in an INGO compound and were spotted by the site security guards. One of the guards was injured by a shot fired by one of the assailants. The security guard was taken to the hospital and then medically evacuated to another facility for further treatment.  

2228Jan282017South Sudan030000120300003300SAmR9.273529.79322

Four trucks contracted by an INGO were attacked by gunmen on their way to Mayom in the morning. The driver was killed and two others were wounded and required medical attention at a clinic in Bentiu. One driver was unaccounted for after he fled the area. Further details on his whereabouts were not available during follow-up with the reporting agency. 

2231Feb92017South Sudan100000100100001100SIAR4.41024032.574038

A contractor for a UN agency was shot and killed by SPLA soldiers at a checkpoint in Torit. The circumstances that culminated in the shooting are unknown at this time. 

2235Mar142017South Sudan100000000001011001UAmR7.07694830.739403

One international staff member of a UN agency was wounded in Yirol East during a medical mission. Their car was ambushed along the Shambe-Karair road by unidentified men. There were two fatalities as a result of this incident and three others were wounded (not aid workers as defined by the AWSD). The injured staff member was MEDEVACed from Yirol West in order to receive medical attention for a gunshot wound. 

2236Mar252017South Sudan006000300330036600SAmR5.14419331.818123

Six aid workers (3 South Sudanese and 3 Kenyan nationals) were shot and killed in an ambush while they were traveling on the Juba-Pibor road at Magri (south of Mangalla) on March 25th. This includes the driver. The circumstances leading to the attack are currently under investigation and the perpetrators are unknown. The government and the SPLA-IO are blaming one another for the attack. 

2244Nov42016South Sudan010000010100001100BAIAOC4.85936331.57125

One contracted guard for an INGO was beaten and taken to hospital after an armed incursion on the office compound. The perpetrator was trying to break into the finance office. Some cellphones and cash were stolen. 

2249Mar282016South Sudan010000100100001100SIAH4.85936331.57125

One contracted INGO staff member was shot and killed in his home as a result of a personal dispute.

2250Jul82016South Sudan010000010100001100SCR4.85936331.57125

On INGO driver was shot in the foot during a crossfire incident at a checkpoint in Juba. He was hospitalized as a result of his injury. 

2251Jul102016South Sudan010000010100001100BADR4.85936331.57125

One INGO driver was detained at a security checkpoint in Juba and physically assaulted. He had to be hospitalized as a result of his injuries. 

2258Dec42016South Sudan010000010100001100BAIAP8.20165632.157575

One male national staff member was assaulted and beaten with sticks by his brother while at the market as a result of a personal dispute. 

2260Mar12016South Sudan010000010100001100BAIAP7.78048533.00291

One national INGO staff member was physically assaulted by an unknown number of boys who beat him and another family member (not counted here) with sticks. The family member died a few days later and the staff member was admitted to the hospital for chest pain. The incident was reported to be a result of a personal dispute.

2265Jan72016South Sudan010000010100001100SIAOC6.80724929.678888

An armed robber broke into an INGO's office and was met by a security guard that was patrolling the facility. The guard was shot in the leg and had to be evacuated to Juba for further treatment. 

2267Jun92016South Sudan010000010100001010BAIAPS3.59158532.063859

One INGO national staff member was assaulted on her way to work for her night shift. The perpetrator was reportedly a repeat criminal offender. He assaulted her with a wire lock that he fashioned into a weapon. She managed to run away with the assistance of some locals who took her to the hospital. 

2271Apr102017South Sudan300000300300003300SAmP7.70918827.983474

Three national porters contracted by a UN agency were killed in the violence that spread through Wau, South Sudan, during the week of April 10th. One was found shot and two died from machete wounds. They were on their way to work when the incident occurred.  

2272Sep292016South Sudan010000001100001100KUU9.89407332.109307

One national INGO staff member was held by SPLA-IO forces for over 24 hours in Kodok, South Sudan. They were later released and had not been harmed. 

2276Mar132017South Sudan080000008800008008KRPS8.06247629.88152

Eight INGO national aid workers were kidnapped by armed rebels near Mayendit, South Sudan. Reports give different accounts of the incident. Most recent reports say that the aid workers were kidnapped in order to pressure the organization for aid deliveries to specific areas but in a statement, the organization said that this wasn't the case. The aid workers were released after two days. 

2282May22017South Sudan001000010100001100SUU9.88942032.718138

An INGO driver was shot by armed men when a UN-contracted NGO aid convoy delivering humanitarian supplies was attacked in Wulu, Rumbek. He was treated at the hospital. Another UN staff member was slightly injured in the attack (not counted here). 

2284May242016South Sudan010000001100001100KAmR4.41024032.574038

A driver from an INGO (implementing partner to a UN agency) was carjacked near Torit town by anti-government elements. The driver was kidnapped and badly beaten. He was released after 48 hours. 

2285Jul92016South Sudan010000010100001100SCP4.85936331.57125

A driver for an INGO (UN implementing partner) was shot during crossfire between anti-government forces and government forces in Juba city. The driver, badly wounded, needed to be MEDIVACED to Uganda for treatment.

2289May142017South Sudan100000100100001100SAmR4.42539032.614117

Armed men ambushed two contracted trucks that were returning from Kapoeta to Torit at Idolu. One the contracted truck drivers was killed and the other managed to escape. 

2296Jun72017South Sudan001000010100001100SAmR4.21965130.964966

One national aid worker was injured and taken to the hospital when his vehicle was shot at by armed men, 9 miles/15 kilometres from Lainya in Central Equatoria. He was shot when he decided not to stop his car for the two men. The aid worker was taken to Juba for medical treatment. 

2493Aug172017South Sudan010000010100001001BAUU7.88590632.691324

One INGO aid worker was assaulted in al-Mabien, South Sudan. Further details are not available.

2303Jul92017South Sudan010000010100001100BAROC6.21755433.438353

An INGO security guard was assaulted when a group of men forcibly entered an INGO compound. The guard was treated at the hospital and discharged. 

2320Sep72017South Sudan001000100100001100UUP4.57756928.398784

An NGO worker was found dead in Western Equatoria on September 7th after being reported missing since the weekend. His body was retrieved from the Uze River outside of Yambio Town. There are no further details available at this time.

2321Sep92017South Sudan010000100100001100SIAP9.88942032.718138

In an act of revenge, an SPLA soldier escaped from detention and opened fire at a housing complex for SPLA officers, killing one soldier and one INGO national staff member.  He had been incarcerated by his commanding officer since September 8th (reasons unknown). The soldier fled after the shooting and has not been apprehended.  . 

2325Oct162017South Sudan010000010100001100SAmR4.82120131.542647

On 16 October in Juba, an INGO vehicle carrying refugees from Juba to Gorom was fired upon by armed men on Yei Road not far from a SPLA checkpoint. The driver was shot in the arm and one of the refugees suffered a gunshot wound to the leg. Cash and other personal items were stolen by the perpetrators. 

2326Oct122017South Sudan100000100100001100SRH4.86458631.558421

Armed men raided the home of a UN aid worker in Gudele, Juba. The aid worker was shot and killed during the robbery along with his brother (not counted here). 

2328Jun282017South Sudan001000010100001001BAROC10.14714930.157471

A number of aid workers required medical attention after their office compound was forcefully entered by local youth who physically assaulted both international and national staff. They were reportedly angered by the lack of employment opportunities available to the local community. Exactly how many staff members required medical attention and whether they were national or international staff is currently unknown.

2329Nov72017South Sudan100000100100001100SRH4.41024032.574038

A UN national staff member was killed in Torit, Eastern Equatoria when armed men shot him while attempting to gain entry into his home. Robbery is the suspected motive.

2330Nov132017South Sudan010000100100001100SRP4.41024032.574038

A national staff member, a driver for an INGO, was shot while eating supper with his colleagues. According to media reports, armed assailants opened fire on the center where they were eating, wounding the driver. On their way to the health clinic, they were ambushed by armed men. The wounded man's colleagues ran into the bush and found their colleague dead the next morning. The details of the report are still preliminary and likely to change. 

2333Nov182017South Sudan001000100100001100SIAU6.56098030.502

A male guard working for an NGO was shot and killed in Yirol, Lakes. According to reports, the incident was the result of a personal dispute.

2334Nov282017South Sudan006000600600006006URP7.47795931.519872

Six NGO workers were killed in a raid on Duk Payuel village. Reportedly, around 44 people were killed and dozens wounded when assailants launched a coordinated attack the village. Houses and huts were destroyed in the attack and around 50 women and children were abducted. An NGO warehouse was looted and around 1,000 cattle were stolen. 

2338Dec42017South Sudan002000020200002200BAAmP5.65267331.05127

A demining team contracted by an INGO was attacked by 15 armed men while the team was camped in Kowari Village between Rokon and Tindalo. Three vehicles and personal property were stolen. The vehicles were later recovered after being abandoned not far from the site. Two of the staff members sustained fractures and bruises. 

2340Dec92017South Sudan200000020200002200SAmR9.28015129.780241

A convoy of vehicles belonging to a UN-contracted demining company was ambushed at Dobor about ten miles from Rubkona. Six people were wounded in the attack, two with critical gunshot injuries (the extent of the injuries of the other four victims is unknown). 

2346Jan212018South Sudan004000040400004004BAAmP10.11489429.967957

On the morning of January 21st, youths attacked a group of national NGO staff members in Ajuong Thok. Four were seriously injured and had to be taken to the hospital. Reports suggest that the motive for this attack may have been the result of grievances about the perceived lack of employment opportunities.

2348Jan252018South Sudan100000010100001100SIAR9.48991129.012146

A UN agency contracted driver was shot on Kuajok-Mayom road. The vehicle was part of a convoy and was reportedly stopped by SPLA soldiers between Ajakuac and Abiemnom.The soldiers demanded a lift and were refused which prompted one of the soldiers to fire his weapon and wound the driver's assistant. The soldier was later arrested and the contractor was taken to a clinic for medical treatment. 

2352Feb102018South Sudan001000100100001100UROC4.85936331.57125

An NGO security guard was killed during a compound robbery of the organization's office in Juba. 

2353Feb112018South Sudan000000000000000000UUP7.78048533.00291

One casual NGO worker was killed during an attack in Akobo, Jonglei, that was reported to be caused by a local dispute. Another NGO staff member was hurt as well (not counted here as severity of his injuries could not be verified). 

2354Feb82018South Sudan010000010100001100BAAmR4.77131633.592394

One national INGO driver was assaulted when the vehicle he was travelling in was ambushed by a group of armed men between Kapoeta South and Camp 15. There were two other staff members in the vehicle for a total of two international staff members and one local staff member. They were all robbed of their valuables and money. The international staff members were robbed of their passports as well. After the attack, the group traveled to Kapoeta so that their colleague could receive medical attention at the hospital for a head injury. 

2362Feb272018South Sudan001000010100001100BARH9.24034529.799546

One NGO aid worker was assaulted at home in Bentiu protection of civilian (PoC) site. His injuries required medical treatment. Three other people were also hurt in the attack but they sustained minor injuries. Nothing was taken from the household. 

2368Jul112017South Sudan300000003300003300KCP7.47138930.415

Three contractors for a UN agency were detained by Sudan People's Liberation Movement-in-Opposition (SPLA-IO) upon their arrival in Pagak after fleeing heavy fighting in Mathiang on July 6th. According to some reports, they are still being held by the group. 

2371Jul152017South Sudan010000100100001100SUU4.57756928.398784

An INGO national staff member was shot and killed by unknown armed perpetrators. There is no further information about this incident. 

2372Sep162017South Sudan001000001100001100KUU5.06697030.733558

An NGO national staff member was abducted by armed men in Jambo, Mundri East County. He has not been released and the reason for his abduction is unknown. This follows earlier violence in the county that prompted the relocation of other staff.

2373Sep232017South Sudan002000020200002200BAROC5.34368830.450165

Two national staff members were assaulted during a robbery on an NGO compound in Lui, Mundri East County, and required medical attention. Valuables were stolen during the compound robbery. 

2374Aug212017South Sudan001000100100001100SIAH6.77736729.713220

One NGO staff member was killed at home in Cuei Cok in Rumbek East. This incident is not considered to be due to his work as an aid worker but to inter-communal fighting in the town. 

2375Aug222017South Sudan001000100100001100SUP4.41024032.574038

The South Sudan National Police Service (SSNPS) discovered the body of an NGO driver when they responded to the sounds of gunfire in Torit, near the UNMISS base. It is unknown whether the incident is related and a police investigation was underway during the time that this incident was reported. The NGO driver had been shot. 

2376Oct202017South Sudan020000020200002200BAROC6.21326631.565542

There was an armed robbery of an INGO compound on October 20th, 2017 in Bor town. A group of men robbed the compound and assaulted two INGO staff members that required medical treatment after being badly beaten. 

2377Mar142018South Sudan100000010100001100BAIAP9.23148729.800503

A UN agency contracted truck driver received a head injury during an assault in Bentiu on March 14th. Local youths threw stones at the truck which broke the windscreen and caused the injury. The driver was treated at an INGO clinic. 

23782018South Sudan100000010100001100BAIAH9.23148729.800503

 A UN agency national staff member was assaulted by two unknown men at his shelter inside the Protection of Civilians site at around midnight in Bentiu. The motive for the attack is unknown and the victim was treated at an INGO clinic for his injuries. 

2394Mar252018South Sudan007000007700007007KAmU4.10790030.964542

On March 25th, seven NGO workers were abducted by SPLA-IO opposition forces outside Yei, Central Equatoria. The aid workers were part of a convoy that was delivering supplies to health centers in Kupera, Limuro, Wuji, and Koyoko. Along with their three vehicles, they were all released on April 15th and were reported to be in good health. 

2395Apr72018South Sudan001000100100001100SAmR9.02360829.675991

One NGO worker was shot and killed during an ambush on his vehicle by armed men when he was traveling between Nhialgiu and Bentiu. According to media reports, the aid worker was returning to base from field training. 

2398Apr82018South Sudan001000100100001001SCP8.72368730.164704

One national NGO aid worker was killed in a crossfire incident during clashes in Mayendit between local youths.

2403Apr242018South Sudan010000100100001100SAmR5.637231.7153

Armed assailants shot at a private vehicle that was travelling from Terekeka to Tali. Overtaking the vehicle in Lwoki, they fired, killing the driver and one of the passengers, who worked for an INGO and was reporting back to his duty station. 

2404Apr252018South Sudan361000001010000010208KAmR4.09527130.677505

Ten aid workers were abducted from a mixed-agency convoy that was travelling just outside Yei town in Central Equatoria. They were on their way to Tore to conduct a humanitarian needs assessment. Three of the aid workers are from two different UN agencies, one from a national NGO and six from three different INGOs. The team was reportedly being held in Minyori by an armed group. All ten aid workers were detained for more than five days before being released on April 30th.

2405Apr262018South Sudan010000100100001100SUU6.87699231.306979

An INGO community-based volunteer, working in Gandor clinic in Southern Lietch, was killed by gunfire in Nyandong. Further details are not available but this incident has been verified. 

2406Apr262018South Sudan010000100100001100SIAP6.87699231.306979

An INGO staff member was killed returning to the NGO clinic in Padeah after having to evacuate the town earlier in the day due to armed conflict between SPLA and armed opposition groups. He was shot on his way back to the village to check on the facility. It is not known who shot him.

2412May142018South Sudan01200000010100022120012KAmR5.17881727.956335

Twelve NGO members went missing in Western Equatoria, near Yangiri, while en route from Tambura to Yambio in a mixed-agency marked convoy. One staff member was able to escape, ten were released on May 18th after negotiations. The last two aid workers, one national and one international, were released on, or around, May 24th. 

2415May222018South Sudan070000007700007007KAmR4.95984731.210376

Seven INGO staff members traveling in and INGO vehicle convoy were ambushed and held by the unknown assailants in Western Equatoria between Lanyi and Gado. Reports indicate the motive was likely economic and the kidnapping was simply a result of an unplanned ambush. There is no followup information available at this time. 

2417May302018South Sudan001000100100001001UAmR4.08904530.681738

A commercial vehicle carrying 15 passengers was attacked by armed men on the Yei-Kaya road about 9 miles (16 km) from Yei. Two people were killed during the ambush, one of which was a reportedly a local NGO aid worker. 

2418May302018South Sudan001000010100001100BAROC4.87466131.589626

Two security guards and a driver were assaulted by robbers that broke into an NGO compound around the Tomping area in Juba. They stole personal items and computers. One of the security guards was seriously hurt and required medical attention at the local hospital. 

2419Jun22018South Sudan100000010100001100BAIAOC6.03820631.51063

One UN national staff member was stabbed in the neck with a knife by a security guard that may have been inebriated. The staff member had to be medically evacuated to Juba and is reportedly recovering from the attack. The security guard has been arrested.  

2425Apr272017South Sudan010000100100001100BARH7.78048533.00291

One national staff member was killed during tribal clashes with a conflicting village.

2431Sep282017South Sudan010000010100001100SCU8.29696830.153157

A male national staff member was shot during a fight between from conflicting villages, which started at the airstrip while an ICRC distribution was taking place. It is not know if he was shot at the distribution site or somewhere else.

2436Jan72017South Sudan010000100100001100BARP8.92772129.788925

One national aid worker was taken into the bush and hacked to death during tribal violence. The attack was not the result of his employment as an aid worker.

2438Dec172017South Sudan033000004400226600KAmR8.46116125.680587

Six aid workers were missing after an ambush on the road between Raga and Deim Zubier. It was reported that they may have been caught up in an attack on SPLA forces by the SPLA-IO. It was later confirmed that they (and their vehicles) were taken by opposition forces and held in Raj for approximately three days before being released. 

2440Dec262017South Sudan010000010100001100BAAmPS9.23148729.800503

A group of internally displaced persons (IDPs) reportedly attacked a male national truck driver that was driving aid supplies into Bentiu POC camp. He was assaulted with spears in the buffer zone for unknown reasons. It should be noted that it is unclear whether the driver was contracted by a UN agency or an INGO (noted in the ASWD database as an INGO contractor with the information currently made available). He was referred to an INGO for treatment for the wounds that he sustained. 

2441Feb62017South Sudan010000001100001100KAmR6.87699231.306979

An INGO contracted driver was kidnapped in the Ajira area in Kajo Keji. Approximately eight men approached the vehicle when it was stopped due to a flat tire. It was a private vehicle but clearly marked with the INGO's flag. Other staff members were in the vehicle as well during the attack but they were released in the Bori area with their valuables intact. The vehicle and the driver were still missing when this was reported and their whereabouts were not able to be confirmed upon verification a year later. 

2453Jul142017South Sudan020000020200002200UROC6.80016933.126717

On July 14th, six to ten armed men broke into an INGO's compound, injuring two staff members and threatening others. According to a report, the organization partially withdrew its team after the violent attack while they were re-evaluating the security situation. How the injured staff received their injuries is not known at this time. Although they are listed as being national staff in the AWSD, that could not be verified. Computers, phones and other office equipment were stolen. 

2443Apr252017South Sudan010000010100001100BADC6.87699231.306979

One INGO male aid worker was seriously assaulted in detention by security services in Maban. He was released shortly thereafter. 

2454Sep12017South Sudan100000010100001010BAIA7.70918827.983474

One female UN national staff member walking to the office in Deraja Wau town in the morning and was attacked by two men. She was grabbed by the neck and forced to the ground in an effort to control her while they attempted to steal her bag. The woman was unable to call for help because she was being choked as she the man held her down. A passerby saw the incident and intervened. The female staff member sustained injuries during the attack. 

2456Sep222017South Sudan100000010100001100BAIAPS9.23148729.800503

One UN male staff member was assaulted by armed men and had his personal items (laptop and money) stolen in Bentiu POC camp. He was taken to an INGO medical clinic for treatment. 

2466Apr182017South Sudan010000100100001100SCU7.965131.9574

One national staff member working for an INGO was shot and killed by government troops in the course of an offensive on the community. 

2475Dec82017South Sudan100000010100001100SAmR8.08862428.641064

A contracted truck heading to Abyei was ambushed by unknown gunmen in Madou village, Warrap state. The driver was shot in the left pelvic area and had to be medically evacuated to Wau for further medical treatment. 

2483Apr242017South Sudan010000100100001100SUU6.80724929.678888

Oe national male INGO staff member was shot and killed in Rumbek county during an ethnically motivated incident. The aid worker was also robbed.

2487Nov52017South Sudan010000010100001100BAIAP10.01692129.974053

One male national INGO aid worker in Ajoung Thok was assaulted by a robber armed with a machete just outside the organization's compound. His personal items were stolen from him during the attack. 

2496Jun62018South Sudan001000010100001010BAIAP6.80724929.678888

One female national NGO staff member was assaulted by two men after she had inquired whether he was a boda-boda driver available for hire. She was beaten and left unconscious on the side of the road. Some passerby assisted her and she was admitted to the hospital.  

2512Aug12018South Sudan002000020200002020BAAmR5.34813330.326254

Three armed men stopped NGO staff members traveling from a field exercise in Mudri West and robbed the team. Two female staff members received minor injuries during the attack and were treated at Mudri. Personal belongings, programme related items, and cash were stolen. 

2515Jul162018South Sudan001000010100001100BAROC4.84720231.595166

One NGO security guard was hurt when several armed men stormed the NGO's compound. The assailants initially opened fire on the team of guards, who were able to flee the gunfire. However, they caught up with the one guard and assaulted him. Although the injuries were reported to be minor, he did require medical attention. The assailants fled without taking anything from the compound. 

2516Aug112018South Sudan010000010100001001SUU9.53082031.659550

One INGO national staff member was shot and wounded in Malakal on August 11th. The staff member was initially treated at an INGO clinic in Malakal before being evacuated to Juba for surgery. Allegedly, the shooter was an SPLA soldier. 

2518Jul42018South Sudan100000100100001100SAmR5.19729031.769860

One assistant driver was killed when gunmen attacked a two-truck humanitarian UN agency convoy near Mongalla town in Jubek state. 

2522Aug312018South Sudan003000030300003102BAAmR8.46817925.677397

Three national staff members (including one male driver) were physically assaulted when their vehicle was stopped by soldiers in Raja. The soldier's said that they stopped the vehicle because they refused to stop earlier when they passed through the town. Money was also taken from them. All three required medical attention for their wounds.  

2523Sep22018South Sudan001000100100001100UAmR7.17080330.109512

One national staff member was killed when an armed group ambushed their vehicle south of Limbe on the Lainya-Yei road in Central Equatoria. The driver was able to get away and alert authorities in Limbe. SPLA soldiers recovered the victim's body and the vehicle at the scene. 

2524Sep242018South Sudan0010001001000010014.87286431.551515

An NGO staff member was reportedly killed in Juba by gunmen during the night in the Gudele area of the city. Reportedly, the staff member was not the intended target of the shooting and the death was accidental.

2525Sep192018South Sudan001000010100001100SCP7.05063733.008586

One national staff member was caught between inter-communal violence in Likuangole, Pibor County. The staff member sustained a non-fatal gunshot wound in the crossfire. 

2528Oct172018South Sudan001000000001011001SIAH4.77109933.588230

An international NGO staff member was shot by armed assailants in Hai Malakal, Kapoeta in Eastern Equatoria. The victim, who was at home at the time, was admitted to a hospital in Kapoeta and later evacuated to Nairobi for further medical treatment. The motive for the incident is unknown.

2529Oct162018South Sudan001000010100001100SIAOC4.77109933.588230

One local NGO staff member in Kapoeta was shot in the abdomen when armed assailants broke into the organization's compound. The staff member was taken to the hospital, but there is no further information about his prognosis. The motive for the attack is unknown at this time. 

2531Oct282018South Sudan011000010910001111920KKAmR4.34307031.07268

An INGO convoy was attacked traveling on the Juba-Lainya road by several armed men at Kwerjik. One INGO national staff member was killed and ten other staff members were abducted. Seventeen staff members that were part of the convoy were able to flee and reach the South Sudan People’s Defence Force (SSPDF) camp. All the abducted staff members were later released. 

2533Oct312018South Sudan010000010100001100BAIAP8.30491330.141992

An INGO security guard was attacked in Leer while he was off-duty and standing behind the INGO's compound. He sustained serious injuries and was taken to a medical facility for treatment. The suspects escaped. 

2534Nov22018South Sudan001000010100001100SAmR9.29502029.964754

An NGO vehicle was ambushed by armed men while travelling from Koch at the Nimni road junction. Two people were hurt in the attack, one was an NGO staff member. They were admitted to the hospital in Bentiu to have their gunshot wounds treated.

2535Oct242018South Sudan001000100100001100SIAU9.40732331.162239

An NGO national staff member was shot dead in the line of duty in what was a revenge killing in Fangak, Jonglei.

2537Nov202018South Sudan001000010100001100BAIAP4.83762931.548639

One national NGO contracted driver was heading home (most likely on foot) when he was attacked by a criminal gang that brandished machetes. This was a violent assault which led to the hospitalization of the driver. The incident occurred in the Hai Loklili residential area, close to Jebek Kujur in Central Equatoria. The motive for the attack is unknown. 

2546Dec72018South Sudan100000010100001100BAAmR4.40998032.574711

A male UN agency national staff member was assaulted and robbed of his cellphone and cash by two unknown perpetrators in the street while travelling home from town at 8:30pm in Torit. The staff member suffered minor injuries and was treated locally for them. 

2560May162018South Sudan500000050500005500BAAmR9.25584829.803550

On May 16 a UN mission convoy of 4 trucks arriving at the UNMISS compound were reportedly ambushed by approximately 30 men, who physically assulated 5 UN drivers with makeshift weapons (ie. stones) and robbed them. The five drivers were treated for their injuries at an INGO medical clinic. 

2564Oct252018South Sudan100000010100001100BAIAOC9.53082031.659550

One male security guard reportedly sustained injuries that required medical attention after a group of three males assaulted him at the PoC gate in Malakal. A UN contractor was also involved in the assualt, but did not sustain injuries (not counted here).

2567Dec172018South Sudan001000010100001100BARH4.09267330.677393

One male national NGO staff was assaulted and had his fingers broken by the husband of another female staff member at the husbands home in Yei. Due to a personal greivance the female staff and the male staff member where detained and reportedly tortured by the female staff members husband. The female staff member did not require medical attention, but both staff members were suspended during the investigation.

2574Feb22019South Sudan100000000001011100BAMVP6.19676331.624554

One male UN national staff was assaulted by a group of four perpetrators near the University in Bor. According to reports, the assailants harassed and attacked the staff member because of percieved foreign ties and this link to 'stealing' jobs from nationals. The staff's minor injuries were treated at the UNMISS medical facility. 

2585Feb212019South Sudan010000010100001001BAIAPS6.20399331.558729

One INGO staff member distributing food in the morning inside the PoC site was assaulted by an IDP. The reason for the assault is unknown, and the staff member's minor injuries were treated locally. 

2594Apr182018South Sudan010000010100001100SCU9.30661730.029697

One INGO male staff member sustained a gunshot wound during clashes between government troops and SPLA opposition fighters in Nimni, Guit county. The aid worker was in the wrong place at the wrong time and was not targeted for being an aid worker. 

2627Mar22018South Sudan010000010100001100SAmR4.2290231.43816

One INGO national staff was assaulted by criminals after the car that he was traveling in was ambushed on the road in Mayom. Robbery was reported as the most likely motive for the incident. 

2632May222018South Sudan200000110200002200SAmR9.22404229.166706

Two male UN contracted staff members were attacked while transporting goods 40km from the town of Rupakona. During the attack the assistant driver was shot and killed, and the driver was severely injured. 

2633Jun302018South Sudan200000110200002200SRPS9.79956833.552246

Two male UN contracted drivers were attacked and shot after delivering food to a village in Maban District, Upper Nile. One staff member, the driver assistant, died from his wounds two days after the attack. The driver survived although was severly wounded. 

2635Jul302018South Sudan100000100100001100SAmR6.58452229.952998

One male national UN contracted driver was shot and killed by unknown assailants when his truck was ambushed between Atibab and Thon Aduel in Lakes District. 

2638Oct172018South Sudan110000010101012200SRPS4.77533.59

Two aid workers were attacked and seriously injured when they were attacked after stopping their aid convoy in a camp in Kapoeta for the night. The international staff member was evacuated to Juba and later to Nairobi for further treatment. The national UN contracted driver received medical treatment at a local hospital. 

2649Jan222018South Sudan010000010100001100BAAmR9.3140229.07999

One national staff member was wounded when the car he was travelling in was ambushed in a road attack. The perpetrators robbed the occupants. 

2665Aug232018South Sudan010000001100001100KDC7.1834.1

One national INGO staff driver was abducted when reportedly forced to transport government authorities on official business. On August 23 at 9:00LT, the staff member was requested at a local government office where his services were demanded. After his refusal was allegedly rejected, the INGO staff member transported authorities for three days where he was forced to cover his own living costs and was not allowed to contact his family. After completion of the request the staff member was released unharmed, but not compensated. 

2670Jan252018South Sudan010000010100001100SIAR6.833.133333

One male national INGO staff member was wounded when shot in the abdomen on a road in Lekuangole, Pibor district, Jonglei State. The staff member reportedly saw an 8 year old child playing with a rifle, attempted to take it away, and was shot by the child. It is unknown whether or not the weapons discharge was intentional.

2672Apr282018South Sudan010000010100001100BADC4.8531.6

Two national INGO staff members were detained by police after being falsely accused of trying to rob a motorcycle taxi driver in Juba. While in custody, one of the male national staff members was severly beaten. 

2675Oct172018South Sudan010000001100001100KDU8.36691731.136611

One male national INGO staff member was taken by an opposition group after a dispute regarding the INGO project's drilling equipment in Jiech, Jonglei state. The staff member was released after 2 weeks, but had injuries to various parts of his body. 


Note: 2013 figures are not yet complete and verified.

Key for means of attack

  • AB: Aerial bombardment/missile/mortar/RPG/lobbed grenade
  • BA: Bodily assault/beating/stabbing with non-fire weapons or no weapons
  • B: Bombing (set explosives with a stationary target: building, facility, home)
  • BBIED: Body-borne IED
  • CX: Complex attack (explosives in conjunction with small arms)
  • RIED: Roadside IED
  • VBIED: Vehicle-born IED (unknown whether remote control or suicide)
  • VBIED-RC: Vehicle-borne IED (remote control detonation)
  • VBIED-S : Vehicle-borne IED (suicide)
  • K: Kidnapping (not killed)
  • KK: Kidnap-killing
  • RSA: Rape or serious sexual assault
  • LM: Landmine or UXO detonation
  • S: Shooting (small arms / light weapons, e.g. pistols, rifles, machine guns)
  • U: Unknown

Key for attack context

  • Am: Ambush/attack on road
  • C: Combat (or police operations) / Crossfire
  • IA: Individual attack or assassination
  • MV: Mob violence, rioting
  • R: Raid (armed incursion by group on home, office, or project site)
  • D: Detention (by official government forces or police, where abuse takes place)
  • U: Unknown

Key for location

  • H: Home (private home, not compound)
  • OC: Office or organization compound/residence
  • PS: Project site (village, camp, distribution point, hospital, etc.)
  • P: Other public location (street, market, restaurant, etc.)
  • R: Road (in transit)
  • C: Custody (official forces/police)
  • U: Unknown